or will take the initiative to deal with them

December 19 [Wed], 2012, 17:21

Power breakthrough into the realm of days off, the Han Shuo refining immortality speed not only. Connected immortality efficacy than before, a good many. A plume refreshing scent medicine by DNT Pharmacy flowing out many gods near smell it a wonderful flavor, over one asked, they all heard the news of Han Shuo are mixing drugs. Those people well-informed, the Pharmacy of the Han Shuo personally refining magical thing many people know from the domain of God, heard currently refining DNT Pharmacy Pharmacy actually Han Shuo, they swarmed, ready the purchase the Han Shuo hands of the first Pharmacy. Messy place, a variety of poisons agent division delve into many evils areas, developed a a creepy vicious Pharmacy, just those agents is almost all used to harm their practice to promote pharmaceutical did not. Pharmaceutical the Han Shuo personally refining them to view the message came from twelve large domain of God, the Han Shuo personally refining Pharmacy mostly for their own use, not only speed up the recovery of the injured, but also be able to practice stable state of mind, to help take faster to comprehend the power of esoteric. For many people, this pharmacy is their most scarce, so I heard that the the Han Shuo is personally refining Pharmacy, a driven over from all regions, in the hands of black crystal prepared enough coins trying Han Shuo hands in exchange for Pharmacy. These people are confusing all regions of the vicious, but when gathered in front of DNT Pharmacy is a very friendly attitude, no one dare presumptuous to break into the inside, even the loud noises of people are very few. They know the Han Shuo addition to being a talented pharmacist, or strength terrorist ruthless top players, in such a strong site, they have made every effort to restrain himself and his fear will cause the Han Shuo displeasure. Out of the drug refining the Chamber of Secrets, Han Shuo your breath a look found that many people were gathered within the DNT Pharmacy of the shops, a see Han Shuo out, these people are cautiously toward Han Shuo, an attitude of respectful and friendly, showed that its own intention to buy Pharmacy attitude. Han Shuo himself did not expect these people smells come, but for him this is not a bad thing, immediately the speaker said: the time whoever came first purchase ...... . To his reputation in the land of confusion now, no one dares to say anything, some words account down personally refining Pharmacy distributed to those responsible for the men placed himself away from those people. Many the poison agents' come here, one look weird, to say something, then not daring to speak, watched the Han Shuo disappeared whispered hum: so amazing! see in the end who is mixing drugs amazing!, Messy place poison the pharmacist a Xingaoqiao, see Han Shuo over began mixing drugs, there are many people desperate influx of DNT Pharmacy make their businesses adversely affected, there is naturally a very unhappy. However, the the Han Shuo strength out there, of these poisons agent division full of complaints even did not dare in front of Han Shuo say what more dare find DNT Pharmacy trouble. echoed. Ground in special areas of research the poison agent division, are odd temper very, either because of fear of Han Shuo hands to kill, may now begin to look for flaws. Han Shuo Canada Goose Constable, though left, but the induction force covering the entire DNT Pharmacy, the of those poisons agent division then listen to a crystal clear, his face with a smile call a clerk came up and said: purchase of pharmaceutical products, even if they never made it onto the team can also sell them. our ill, our refining agent surprisingly at! Before Han Shuo did DNT Pharmacy did not beat Salas to prove that they have with how terrible force of these poisons agent division is not afraid of the Han Shuo, secretly malicious slander DNT Pharmacy, so DNT pharmaceutical business greatly affected. Han Shuo not clear immediately guessed their intention but to listen to this clerk is to say, smile and do not have too much to explain, just told: the quirky temperament But above capacity in the pharmaceutical is still there, I'd like to see if they get back to the pharmaceutical can see what clues! it down. After the departure of the clerk, Han Shuo Oh smile to himself: long ago playing of those poisons agent division idea, ready to snare them all into their own hands, even if those poison agent division not to Han Shuo, or will take the initiative to deal with them, no matter what way, Han Shuo should allow them for the day chi Pharmacy things. ... Han Shuo reason to come to this side of the chamber, is waiting for the visit of Los Gansu refining completed his immortality, felt the arrival of the Los Gansu, this guy Aosuo Ai loyal, come days chi Pharmacy behalf the Ao Suoai, Han Shuo want to hear what he would say. Los Gansu look flattered appearance, does not seem to expect to the Han Shuo treat He also sloppy as before, in his opinion, Salas beat Han Shuo has been able to equal footing and the top five monarchs, such a character acting style should not, will never again be so treat yourself. So, Los Gansu come prepared to be treated in accordance with the etiquette and attitude to treat Aosuo Ai Han Shuo, but also did not wait for him to show yourself to pay tribute to the Han Shuo was surprised to find that the point is not so much care about, it's still the same enthusiasm and good and original get along, which makes him feel very strange. when you not within the ravine, so not been able to get the benefits. Aosuo Ai adults that you have full strength stationed deep valley, the most recent being and their representations, I hope the other three monarchs ceded some of the interests of the hands to come out, so you replace Salas in the position of the ravine, but this thing is not easy, and also made little progress ... so he spared no effort to help me, I do not know what to do. the Salas things Aosuo Ai adults that you are fully capable to replace Salas in the ravine, you want to gain a foothold in the valleys in the hands not something naturally not. Han Shuo, stunned, did not expect the the that Ao Suoai order and lay a good relationship really is willing to lower capital Salas left after the Han Shuo view that things are supposed to belong to him Canada Goose Jackets, cheap is not accounted for is not his style, face overjoyed, Han Shuo hastily: Continue take me acting as a proxy? Face full of smile, heart he secretly Fufei Canada Goose Kensington Outlet. to become ravine another master, adults sent me over, let me tell you that. Smiled and nodded and the Han Shuo said: within the shops masters not what the force is too strong, the face of the Han Shuo vicious they really dared argue strange if! But Los Gansu so said Han Shuo know there must have tricky, maybe another three monarch directs the master of those shops to oppose him. In this case, the other immediately three monarch avoid and Han Shuo against each other, allows Han Shuo temporarily can not enter the ravine. Those masters of the ravine shops inside the ravine, Han Shuo unhappy to bring the owner of these shops surgery, this is the enemy and the ravine the four monarch, that way at least Theil Rogge, the Wa Xisi can find an excuse to join forces to tackle him. A series of ideas in mind over again, Han Shuo knew the those monarchs mind, heart sneer cope secretly pondered payable. ()

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