I'm alive! I swear! 

2005年09月24日(土) 6時42分
Here I am...
I'm posting from the college (;_;) How happy I am, because this site is not forbidden on college's computer! If I don't appear in my house, at least I appear here in photoshop's class.
Well then, I think I have so may things to tell you... some months that I didn't come here... ごめん ね >__<
In July happened the event that I was expecting. At the end, everything got ok with my Toshiya and Aoi costumes (*_*) And everything go ok with my sister's cosplay too. She got soooo cute as Kyo (o^_^o). Then, in the final of july, me and Reita-kun got "The Anti Social Riot Machine"s jacket (*___*) So coooolll, too >_ After July, my classes get back. Now I have photography in the college (*_*) and paiting in photoshop too. I did my first work with the draw of Lucy Monostone, from MPD Psycho manga, and I liked (;_;) There's nothing special in the paiting, but I really really liked it, 'cause was the first of too many that I plan to do. And photography is harder than I thought, but I love it anyway...
What else...? Oh, yes... September's 13 was Miwa-chan birthday! おめでとうごさいます Miwa-chan (o^____________^o)
Now I'm going to do my work (>_<) It was cool post here (^_^) I want to post more times, but I forget (//>__<\\)
See ya, honey (^____^) Sayoooou ~~~~~~~~

New layout (^.^) 

2005年07月01日(金) 15時46分
I changed the layout \(^_^)/ What did you think? Pretty gay, isn't it? Hahahahaha...I saw that Miwa-chan and Reita-kun changed their layouts and I thought to see the another ones. I just couldn't resist to these littles bees \(T_T)/ Dear god, how cute bees! With theses littles wings and...and...awhn (T_T) Hahahaha...anyways....
I have no news today...my days hadn't been the best, but I hope that everything gets better soon. So many things to do in so few days....holy god, I really need luck. Besides, everything seems to be ok with my lessons... a college friend of mine came to my house to help me with mathematics and for my surprise, I understood everything! Proud of me...bloody hell, I always was terrible with numbers. Perhaps a miracle? Hahaha, I hope so....perhaps the only one thing that I needed was a reason to try be better with math...I always hated this thing...but now I got a really really lovely reason for understand it. And to be honest, I liked too much and the things got clear in my mind. I hope that go on in this way ^^
Well, my cosplays are a mistery. I don't wanna even talk about that (-_-) My dressmaker is driving me mad. Just forget about this for a while \(=_=)/My mind are full.
That's it for today (^_^) I'm anxious for these next 10 days... let's pray for everything gets better and be really ok.
Love you all, guys...~~ *haato*

(And thanks for visit Mitsu~ º^^º)


2005年06月22日(水) 14時45分
I don't like these ugly codes in my title (u.u) And I don't know change this thing...yaplog is too complicated...gah...I need to learn more nihongo and a computer that SHOWS the nihongo (u.u)...oh, dear...


2005年06月22日(水) 14時15分
Hiii, minna!
Vacation (*__________*) Hell yeah!!!
I mean...it's ALMOST a vacation, 'cause I'm still studying for a test that I'll take in july...pray for me (^_^) If I pass, my whole life will change for really really better (^^). Anyway... I haven't to go to the college anymore, so I'm considerating myself in vacation, hahahahahaha.
I'm kinda worried about my cosplays and I hope that I can resolve everything tomorrow @_@ I'm also resolving the problem with my sister's cosplay....she'll make Kyo Cage.

Oh, hai...past friday was my birthday (^__^) Thanks to everyone...I got so many lovely surprises... thanks (^.^) Aoi-san is really happy and love you all...

Kisses and Kisses, I'm going to sleep right now...


2005年06月13日(月) 12時48分
Hiiiiiiiii everybody (^^)
So sorry for doesn't post here in these days...but I was soooo occupied and so tired (==) I had too many works in my college and this past week was very very hard. But now my vacation is coming (^^) Thank god...
By the way....this month I had no time to my hoobies or my cosplays, but soon I'll have news about them . There's just some details for buy to my Toshiya costume...(^^)

Ah, I'm very proud of Miwa-chan, Reita-kun and everybody who helped Mitsu~ The site is too cute (^____^) Please, visit us always, guys (^^)
Kisses and kisses


Just Testing 

2005年05月28日(土) 14時24分
Hiiii, minna! (^^)
Just testing this thing...god, it's complicated, you know?! (u.u) But i'll learn!
And so sorry if my english is wrong (=_=)"
Byebyeee ^^ I'll be back soon


2005年05月28日(土) 13時28分

Nobu testing a_AV
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