Yet another Apple supplier reports falli

May 13 [Mon], 2013, 19:23
iPad Mini Manufacturer Demand FallingThe iPhone 5 has come under a lot of scrutiny lately,andthat theyve seen disappointing demand for the device, but now it seems that demand for themay be falling as well. Bloomberg reports that iPad mini manufacturerPegatron is projecting that its second-quarter revenue will drop 25% to 30% from the previous three months, which marks the biggest drop since a 37% decline in the fourth quarter of 2011. Pegatron CEOJason Cheng said that falling demand forsmaller tablet was a significant part of the plunge in revenues, while adding that its notjust tablets, also e-books and games consoles, almost every item is moving in a negative direction. Bloomberg says that the iPad mini accounts than more than 50% of Pegatrons revenue.

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UPDATE: Pegatron CEO Jason Cheng has sent an email to Fortune refuting aspects of Bloombergs original report. In particular, Cheng says that he clearly refused to comment on specific products, nor customers, even though he continued with other questions, so its not clear now whether falling demand at Pegatron is due to iPad mini demand or not.

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