with him about his estates and on

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dogma,could not but commend his devotion to the saints; and one day
hisgrandmother, to reward him for some act of piety, informed him
withtears of joy that he was destined for holy orders, and that she had
goodhopes of living to see him a bishop. This news had hardly the
intendedeffect; for Odo's dream was of the saint's halo rather than the
bishop'smitre; and throwing himself on his knees before the old
Marquess, whowas Scott Gomez Jersey
present, he besought that he might be allowed to join the
Franciscanorder. The Marquess at this flew into so furious a rage,
cursing themeddlesomeness of women and the chaplain's bigotry, that the
ladiesburst into tears and Odo's swelling zeal turned
small. There was indeedbut one person in the castle who seemed not to
regard its master'sviolences, and that was the dark-faced
chaplain, who, when the Marquesshad paused out of breath, tranquilly
returned that nothing could makehim repent of having brought a soul to
Christ, and that, as to thecavaliere Odo, if his maker designed him for a
religious, the Popehimself could not cross his vocation."Ay, ay! Ryan Callahan Stanley Cup Jersey
vocation," snarled the Marquess. "You and the women here
shutthe child up between you and stuff his ears full of monkish stories
andmiracles and the Lord knows what, and then talk of the
simpleton'svocation. His vocation, nom de Dieu, is to be an abbot first,
and then amonsignore, and then a bishop, if he can--and to the devil
with yourcowls and cloisters!" And he gave orders that Odo should hunt
with himnext morning.The chaplain Marian Gaborik Stanley Cup Jersey
smiled. "Hubert was a huntsman," said he, "and yet he dieda
saint."From that time forth the old Marquess kept Odo oftener at his
side,making his grandson ride with him about his estates and on
suchhunting-parties as were not beyond the boy's strength. The domain
ofDonnaz included many a mile of vine and forest, over which, till
thefifteenth century, its lords had ruled as sovereign Marquesses.
Theystill retained a part of their feudal privileges, and Odo's
grandfather,tenacious of these dwindling rights, was for ever engaged in
vaincontests with his peasantry. To see these poor creatures cursed
andbrow-beaten, their least offences punished, their few claims
disputed,must have turned Odo's fear of his grandfather to hatred, had
he notobserved that the old man gave with one hand what he took with
theother, so that, in his dealings with his people, he resembled one
ofthose torrents which now devastate and Mark Messier Stanley Cup Jersey
now enrich their banks. TheMarquess, in fact, while he held
obstinately to his fishing rights,prosecuted poachers, enforced the
corvee and took toll at every ford,yet laboured to improve his lands,
exterminated the wild beasts thatpreyed on them, helped his peasants in
sickness, nourished Brian Leetch Stanley Cup Jersey
them in oldage and governed them with a paternal tyranny
doubtless lessinsufferable than the negligence of the great land-owners
who lived atcourt.To Odo, however, these rides among the tenantry were
less agreeable thanthe hunting-expeditions which carried them up the
mountain in thesolitude of morning.

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