How to import turbocharger sufficient lubrication?

March 02 [Mon], 2015, 16:29

With technology upgrades imported vehicle has not deliberately turbocharger hot car a few minutes, but in various parts of the oil has not been adequately lubricated, high-speed operation will result in excessive wear of some parts , even the situation of failure. Therefore , turbocharged engine models after startup, do not rush the throttle should be idling for 3-5 minutes , so there is plenty of time to pump the oil transported to various parts of the imported turbocharger , standby oil temperature slowly rises after importing the turbocharger will be fully lubricated , then the speed will be a duck. Connecting Rod
Import turbocharger is actually an air compressor, compressed air to increase the intake air quantity . It is the use of engine emissions inertia momentum to drive the turbine room of the turbine , the turbine has led coaxial impeller, the impeller send sent by the air filter duct air into the cylinder so that the booster . When the engine speed increases quickly, and the speed of the turbine exhaust gases are synchronized faster speed , impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, pressure and density of the air increases to burn more fuel and adjusting the amount of fuel corresponding increase in engine speed , can increase the output power of the engine . racing coilovers
Before importing turbo supercharged engine involved is actually very low efficiency, and the speed of intervention can be judged by the minimum speed in which the maximum torque. If the maximum torque at 2100 rev / min appeared then you can be seen as a turbine at 2100 rpm / min before entering the normal working condition. So, when you need a larger force, should try to make the speed is maintained at 2100 rev / min or more, do not like to open with a naturally aspirated engine models such as low speed driving. Because the turbine before intervention, the supercharged engine compression ratio is low , the efficiency of the engine is low , not only to accelerate enough power , economy deteriorates .
During the import supercharged engine , since the exhaust gases drive the turbine by the working cylinder of the engine , the temperature up to 600 ℃, under high load conditions the temperature can reach 1000 ℃. Therefore imported models of turbocharger technology and lubrication oil consumption requirements are particularly high , we proposed to shorten the factory specified 7,500 km service intervals of 5,000 km , and try to use the original oil.