Wildwood was the senior week place to go for Catholic High Schools in Delaware County

May 14 [Mon], 2012, 12:53
Growing up I was a Jersey Shore kid from Pennsylvania. I Always went to south jersey for vacation. Never any where else. Wildwood was custom team jerseys my parent's hot spot. Cozy Morley's is where we stayed every summer for as long as I can remember.

I loved the Jersey shore, there was nothing else like it. There was a boardwalk, a beach, pools, fun in the sun, gift shops, ice cream shops and rides and games. What more could a kid ask for. I knew no other place but the this one. Ocean City, Wildwood, Sea Isle City, Margate, Longport and Atlantic City. Everyone I knew went to these places for their vacations.

I knew of no other shores growing up, did not think there even was any other shores in the United States. Our goal was to get there every summer whether it was for a day, weekend, and week or for the summer. You were not cool unless you went to the to this shore. Everyone wanted a tan and only the shore gives you the tropical tan.

My aunt lived in Ocean City, NJ. as her permanent residence. I went and spent the summers with her during my grade school years. I would make a friend for the summer and we would hang out and sunbathe every day. We did not have to work, just fun and sun all day every day. Who could ask for more than that? What kid would not say yes to every summer down the shore until school started back up again? I said yes and so did many other kids.

Wildwood was the senior week place to go for Catholic High Schools in Delaware County Pennsylvania. Everyone went to Wildwood for their personalized jerseys senior week. Pack up the car, some food and a bathing suit and towel. We were off for the week. 4 of us in a hotel room with two beds to share. A week of no parents and a week of no school, no rules and no discipline. Who could ask for more?

There was the Bolero Hotel and Bar. The Drinking age was 18 back then so we all went into the bars. How much fun is that? Graduate high school, not old enough for the Pennsylvania bars but can drive 2 hours and walk into a bar and drink alcohol. Again, what teenager would turn that down?