Christmas is coming~ 

2005年12月20日(火) 22時10分
Tomorrow is gonna be an exetremely cold day! I wish I can stay in the dorm without taking classes, and enjoy the warmth. That's my only wish. I don't want to sit in the frezzing classroom, listining to the idle lecture. However, I would probably go to the class because I don't think is proper to skip class at the end of a semester. Christmas is coming and it's time to say "Merry Christmas". "Merry Christmas" seems a best wish and everybody says it, but where do your merriness come from? Does it come from a big meal, a wonderful party, or a spendid christmas present? Neither. Merriness comes from your inner thought. You wanna be happy, then you'll be happy. Very simple, isn't it?That's my opinion. In the end, may all of you be haunted by a merry spirit!


2005年12月02日(金) 17時49分
ちょっと...Gosh! I can only input 日本語 or 英語 here - that means MY DIARY'LL BE EITHER IN JANPANESE OR ENGLISH!!! Well, I'd better use English cos my 日本語 is terribly poor.
The day after tomorrow I'm gonna take The Janpanese - Language Proficiency Test, Level 4. Here's slight joke: When one of my classmate learned that, she asked, "Are you gonna take the Level 2?" Gosh I began learning Janpanese just since this summer. How is that possible?
After the test, I'll take up the book 「 A Christmas Carol 」 and preparae for クリスマス(Christmas)!
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