rs 07 gold the brightest star 11 forwards

June 17 [Tue], 2014, 11:27
Last season, rs 07 gold after joining, dzeko had once been suspected parallel imports. But after the arrival of the new season, scored an empty Big Mac has let United Kingdom media tracks. Facing enemies Tottenham Hotspur, dzeko contributed at White Hart Lane in crazy foursome's performance. In the Premier League in the sky killer, Edin dzeko has become the brightest star 11 forwards: Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich)

In the Bundesliga games, Gomez continued his fabulous condition. And the battle of Kaiserslautern, Gomes dominated Bayern Munich all scored, sending a hat-trick to help the team win three in a row and got on top of the Bundesliga. Although calf Gomez will miss the rest of the national team games, but this might make his return from injury after more good 12 subs: Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Mesut ozil (Real Madrid), Soldado (Valencia), Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid)

In the UEFA Super Cup, smart for Barcelona Messi opened the door to victory. No Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona is just gorgeous, with Lionel Messi, Barcelona opened the invincible mode. First game of the new season of La Liga, Messi and send out a brace of performances, players hold the win as tannangquwu as Real Madrid's midfield Dynamo, ozil's attack organizing team attack full flowering. Maybe Ronaldo should count themselves lucky because Mesut ozil, who many more scoring opportunities in Valencia send this 4:3 adventure out of reversing, Solda number of 90 minutes of ups and downs, his rival out of the Black Dragon Ball, but also performing for bat Regiment contributed a hat-trick in Real Madrid's midfield, Alonso almost is the most trusted players Mourinho. Whether it is new or old, can't seem to shake the Spain International's Spanish League season opener, Alonso gave a goal, Real Madrid midfielder scheduling order, highlighting the General style PS: Lottery lottery to enjoy the entertainment at the same time, has also championed the development of charity in China. Many Lottery players go to some website check Lottery information, they also refer to the experts recommend the number on your Web site, do you believe in what experts call the recommended awards in it?? Do you want to know about the accuracy of these experts recommend the number? Members of the China social work Association Lottery official site take a look at it?