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September 19 [Wed], 2012, 10:46
Louis Vuitton handbags have a long and intriguing historical record. Started in 1854 by a a 33-year-old French luggage manufacturer, Louis Vuitton Z0307U Sunglasses Lily p18026the brand of Louis Vuitton is considered to be the oldest maker of haute couture luggage and accessories. As described in the text The Riches of Paris by Maribeth Clemente, researcher and author, Louis Vuitton's travel goods were some of the first ones that simplified travel pursuits. Fashioned to be easily stored for vacationing and travel, Vuitton's products offered convenience as well as style. Louis Vuitton purses are recognized by their famous beige-on-brown checkerboard pattern named the Damier Pattern along with the classic LV initials that appears on each piece. From its humble beginnings, Louis Vuitton luggage and travel accessories have forever been crafted by hand. This sign of care in its luggage is what magnetizes so many customers to Louis Vuitton merchandise. Those who desire this type of quality craftsmanship, really must think about buying wholesale handbags for an inexpensive approach to fashion.
Louis Vuitton bags are quite praised around the globe. After success from its Paris shop, the company started to start away from its hometown of Paris. By, the mid-1885s the Louis Vuitton and his company began a new boutique in London. By 1914, stores had begun to appear worldwide. America, Argentina, Alexandria, Egypt and India were locations of Louis Vuitton boutiques. In wanting to distribute to the global consumer marketplace had emerged. The late 1970s saw the introduction of a Louis Vuitton shop in Japan, which started the corporation's growth throughout the globe. During 1984, South Korea saw its first Louis Vuitton location. In 1992, the Louis Vuitton brand opened a first boutique in China. According to The Cult of the Luxury Brand written by Chadha and Husband, this brand has since emerged as a leading brand in China.
Along with the growth of the brand's status, fear of fake products is a key problem for the company. The LV symbol was produced to discourage counterfeiters from recreating the brand's unique appearance. Yet, this pattern is still forged by so many individuals wanting to profit on the back of the brand's achievements. Many of these imitation Louis Vuitton handbags are quite costly to the mischance of those unfortunate enough to been tricked into buying one. The company is so concerned about the issue of counterfeiting that it has taken extreme measures to address this problem. According to a 2006 story printed by the UK newspaper, The Times, there are approximately 60 or so staff members whose primary goal is to look into counterfeiting rings. This company does not want to get swindled out of money or watch its clientele duped by money-hungry counterfeiters.
And yet, the corporation is not in danger of bankruptcy as it is valued at billions and billions of dollars. Its recognition and long record continually impress fashion lovers, famous faces and fashion-conscious ladies throughout the world. With fresh designs, modernized established pieces and familiar standard pieces, the Louis Vuitton corporation continues to hold itLouis Vuitton Z0308U Sunglasses Lily p18027s rank as a top seller ofin the high fashion world. Its luxury products, luggage collections and purses continue their ascent. Today, from runways to designer shops to the dressing rooms of ladies from all walks of life, Louis Vuitton bags are a fundamental of those who appreciate the company's practical and trendy take on fashion. And if you want a Louis Vuitton handbag, at a bargain charge, look into a wholesale handbag, so you can possess a small piece of high fashion.
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