All Star starting a storm compared to the outside world

January 16 [Wed], 2013, 11:36
All Star starting a storm compared to the outside world, was relatively calm in the rockets. Yesterday, Lin Shuhao accidentally sprained his ankle in training, they are more concerned about whether Lin Shuhao in appearances in the match today against the clippers, but regular-season itself. Rocket replacement Defender Douglas lightly said, "he's our teammate, at any time, teammates elected jordan son of mars uk to the all star, our team and the whole club will be very happy. "But Douglas did not know how the results of the vote, also asked how defender in Western journalists vote results, Lin Shuhao ordinal row. Another rockets player Parsons said: "we do not care about this, energy was placed above the competition. ”

NBA players not only to avoid bodily injury, in the spirit of a lot of effort to stay healthy. Examples of NBA players suffer from psychological problems in recent years, under competitive pressure, on the media "magnifying glass" type of "monitoring", if not have a strong heart, it is difficult to withstand. Effect maikeer·bisili of the Sun had suddenly nervous breakdown in 2009, he was smoking nike blazers men marijuana, netizens words also reveal risk of suicide, have to enter the rehabilitation centre for mental patients after receiving psychological treatment. "Commissar" Marbury has had similar problems in the 2009, was working in the NBA could not find his dancing in the network broadcast live on their bare upper body and burst into tears before the lens, also own cannabis videos on the net.

General, weld can be said to have established the first position, if Pos is entered first, then this will be since 1990 after the Lakers (Magic Johnson, James-woxi, and A.C.-Green) appeared for the first time a team has 3 players while winning with a session of the all star lineup. Pos career is made by the only time all star in 2007, when he was still a fierce Dragon effect for their own elected to the all star made his first shot a lot of funny videos to their popularity. "In the Dragon, I have more free time," Pos smiled and said, "here, it would have been very different. "" Obviously, you want to be voted into the all-star first, I believe myself to be an all-star first, of course, when a supporting team-mate is not a bad thing. Whether they are first hair or replacement, I will do my own tasks, I will contribute my stable performance, contribution to my efforts, every day a footsteps, I will once again be an all star. ”
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