Rockets lose consecutive defensive rebounds

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 15:30
Rockets lose consecutive defensive rebounds, coach reuse Arsic hoping to turn things around. Perhaps the cause of playing back-to-back, Arsic this service first half the energy is less adequate, attacking side keliwushou, defending side protection nor to force under the basket, two only grab the 3 rebounds, no rebounding beast style in any way. After the first half of "sleeping" after Arsic to jordan son of mars uk return to inside HANJIANG ROM fans in section III, and under single grab 5 rebounds, offensive end also have 8 minutes of gains. Arsic offensive was decisive, sect 6 minutes and 28 seconds before the end, he lit out of the fantasy footsteps under the basket, with fake after the turn and made defenders dizzy easily hook shot hit. After you complete this in mind beautiful hook, Arsic under empty basket Lin Shuhao passing dunk before succeeding. Arsic state recovery helped the rockets for the third section making offensive run in the race lead.

The whole game, spurs break the ball let the Lakers prevented Parker speed rip the Lakers ' defense more than once, three less than the time, Gino Billy cut off 22 minutes and 6 assists. Lakers are not the dominant on the attacking side, defending side interception of the Lakers has repeatedly been nike blazers men the Spurs. Duncan before game three players contributed to the Lakers 3-pot, respectively to the Tsu WPI, Bryant (micro-blogging) and replace the Frenchman Robert Howard Thackeray. Lakers three ext cannot play, team strength becomes very weak on the inside, first three sections at the end of the Lakers ' inside to score 32 points, spurs for 36 points rebounds the Lakers were 28, spurs are 36; 2 in blocked shots the Lakers, the Spurs are 5 times.

Opening, Tsu WPI fabulous, 7 minutes before the three minutes and the bothering dribblers and swept the Lakers. 4 shooting before Bryant, the Spurs seized the opportunity, Parker and Duncan together kick 14 points, to score one. Since then, Bryant free throw and break through the 4 points of attack, but Spurs outside and play, and Neil Jackson hit two of three points. First the Spurs leading 24-17 the Lakers. Section split storm under the basket, to extend the advantage to double digits. But Nash led a rotating lineup with his CIC and Dunks in a row, the Lakers complete 18-10 attack waves, narrow the difference. But before the end of halftime, Gino Billy three minutes, three minutes, foul and storm button h 10 points in one breath. Bryant also recorded 4 min, but unable to stop the Lakers ' halftime to 45-54 behind the Spurs.
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