Unconditional Offer 

January 30 [Sun], 2011, 19:09
Just now, i got the email that i received the unconditional offer from UCL!
i WAS so happy!
As well, i finished the instruction list for my cousin, and i would see him the day after tomorrow
Music Japan is on going now!
the pictures are great!
and GOING! would be shown later.

New Single 

January 30 [Sun], 2011, 11:23
KAT-TUN's new single Ultimate Wheels was so great! recommanding.......
Since I changed my cell phone to Anycall, iPhone would be abandoned.
So!Dad decided to give it to my cousine.
NOW i need to make a instruction list for him, because i lost them.,...
The Music Station was wonderful!
the conbination of light and shadow was a great idea!


January 22 [Sat], 2011, 19:52
Even thought i don't know what i am panic about
i am so panic
Today i received the AIF from U of W
but i didn't hear anything from Imperial College or London College.....
i could not imagine what will i do if i failed...
Besides, i need to go buy some stuff to celebrate my SP~
(which might make me a little bit happy?)

Midterm Exam 

January 19 [Wed], 2011, 13:43
i did terrible
really terrible in final exam
my english score experienced the worse
since i got in High School!
I might not be able to get into ICU anymore.....

Quick note for these days 

January 09 [Sun], 2011, 12:35
I am gonna have the final exam next week....
and i am not even start to review yet!
the school internet speed is soooooooooooo slow that i could not download anything completely.
i hope i could do well on the exam, but i could see the toughness!
yesterday evening, i dreamed about the life in England...
HAHAHA i was sooooo funny!
Kazu's birthday is coming soon
i hope i could get time to celebrate for him~
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