3rd & 4th Appt w Dr Chua

January 11 [Wed], 2012, 14:45
the third appt (27 dec 10) came n went, we got to hear baby's heartbeat, and saw tiny hands n feet (well, I saw one hand n a foot.. but hubby saw both..>.<) and all in all it felt like a routine checkup.. we went home, and happily scanned baby's pics n put them into our iPhone..the next appt was slated for 3 weeks time.

then 2 things happened a day apart.. I started feeling a scratchy throat on Sunday night.. and it developed into a full blown sore throat n runny nose the following day: I had caught a cold.. and while I thought that was bad, with me feeling miserable and groggy.. that night something scarier happened.

at 4am on 10 jan 11, I felt something warm, like menses.. wide awake with fear, I ran into the bathroom and saw that there was a tinge of reddish-brown, but to my relief when I wiped myself off there was no more of that coming out. stricken with worry, I had to endure the next 11 hours till the clinic opened n I consulted the nurses who urged me to come down for a check. that we did, and that turned out to be our 4th appt. doctor said there isn't any further bleeding, tho the cervix did have blood when pressed (I assume she pressed?) and did a swab test. next she checked the baby, and pronounced him fine and also that the amniotic fluid looks plenty enough and intact. then she started taking measurements of the neck thickness to run the blood test for down syndrome. and after that was draw blood time.. urgh.. 4vials!

heaving a sigh of relief, we left n were told to visit her in 4 weeks time.. but to always call I there's any problem in between.. till 7 Feb!
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