November 24 [Sat], 2012, 11:44
     Than a lot of ambition. Korea has a lot of ambition. It wants to be the largest hightech country in the world, Pusan wants to be the largest hub, Asian harbor in Asia, Inchon wants to be the biggest North-Asian hub for air transportation. And it is a big ambition, right? Seoul is looking to become a major, if not the biggest, financial center in Asia. Singapore and Hong Kong are streets ahead, but Seoul, it got it in its mind that it should be realistic. I mean, no one lacks ambition here, but I am concerned that it might be based on what you guys had done before. I am not sure whether it is based on a realistic understanding of what it is that is gonna deliver that, is gonna achieve.

     That is my macro observation. Q2> jordan 4 cement Which parts should be improved and revised in the prospective leaders of Korea. An advice for us. A> I found so far, relatively limited conceptual and strategic thinking capability, in my business. And I find that everyone in my organization well educated, seriously, very well educated. A lot of people have been abroad, like you. Mostly in the US, a little shown in Europe.

     Well true blue 3s educated, theres no shortage of that. But the biggest gap I find is the ability to conceptualize, the ability to strategize, as opposed to just do, and do things with incredible ambitions and run. Thats not a wrong thing, nor a bad thing. But it seems to all be based on lets make stuff happen today, and if we do lots of stuff, something will work. As opposed to being a little bit more smart about it. What do we want to do in 5 years term, what do we want to do in 3 years.

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