PlayStation 3 game 'Beyond' reveals touc

August 24 [Sat], 2013, 22:18
In "Beyond: Two Souls," the PlayStation 3 game starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, you'll be able to control your character using an iOS or Android device.

Creative director David Cage of Parisian studio Quantic Dream was on hand at the Gamescom expo to explain that the touch feature was designed for people more comfortable with smartphones than with gamepads.

Activate it, and the game adapts accordingly, dialling its difficulty level down to compensate, reported .

A cooperative multiplayer is on the way as well, whereby one player can control main character Jodie (played by Ellen Page) and the other assumes the identity of Aiden, a supernatural entity that has ties to some of Jodie's more unusual abilities.

The finished game is due on PlayStation 3 this October, launching in North America on the 8th, in Australia on the 9th, and in European and PAL regions on the 11th.

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