Boosting Air Conditioner & Ventilation System Efficiency

August 18 [Fri], 2017, 11:17
Change the air filter:
Air filters perform the important function of removing particulates from the air circulating through your cooling system. When filters get clogged or dirty with accumulated particles, the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner drops significantly. Check the air filter at least monthly, or more often when you use the system more, if you have pets, or if you live in a very dusty environment. Replace the air filter as soon as it gets dirty.

Use fans to improve air circulation and cooling:
Install ceiling fans to increase the air circulation and cooling in particular rooms. You will be able to increase temperature settings on the thermostat by about four degrees and still retain excellent comfort with ceiling fan use. With the more comfortable temperatures in our area, there are days when the fans alone can bring ac motor suppliers sufficient cooling. By using ceiling fans, and relying less on the HVAC system, you will be able to reduce energy consumption and save more.

Reduce overall AC use:
When the outdoor air is cool enough or ventilation is adequate, shut off the air conditioner and enjoy the natural cooling. Consider installing a zoning system that lets you cool only those rooms and areas that are occupied. Ensure that doors and windows are closed when the air conditioner is in operation. Install a programmable thermostat that will let you control the function of the AC. Programmable models allow you to automatically reduce indoor cooling, for example, when you are not at home.

Schedule regular preventive maintenance:
Professional maintenance is the best way to ensure a long functional life and high levels of performance from your air conditioner. The technician will inspect the entire HVAC system and ductwork, make minor repairs, and adjust air cooler supplier the system and its controls as necessary. The visit will also include a complete cleaning of the system to remove any clogs, dirt or debris. Preventive maintenance should be performed at least annually. If you rely extensively on your HVAC system throughout the year, or live in an area that where winters are harsh and summers bring very high temperatures, consider getting maintenance every six months, or sometime during fall and spring. Contact your trusted, local HVAC specialist for a maintenance appointment.
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