Industry: Who led the third generation of winter clothes

April 21 [Tue], 2015, 23:43

China winter clothes has gone through two phases, the first phase is padded, and the second stage is the stage down jacket, winter clothes and participate in the Chinese wool industry development seminar experts agree: winter clothes are lighter than wool and cotton jackets, warm good, strong resilience, windproof and breathable, mens suits sale will become the third generation of the cold products.

So, Yulin whether to become the third generation of winter clothes headed ones?

Participants believe that the problem is a core competence to do the industry leader must first be solved, how has the core competencies? First, the brand, the second is to have exclusive technology, third is to establish and improve industry standards. If there is no core competitiveness, the future is likely to be more advanced resources, mens suit jackets more capital-rich region to seize the initiative.

Garment Association executive vice president of Shaanxi Province Chen Kuaian made more specific feasibility analysis, he thought it should be led by the Yulin city government, filed in the Civil Affairs Bureau, founded in Yulin City Garment Industry Association or the Chamber of Commerce, to lead the development of industry standards, improve Yulin winter clothes industry in the country's influence.

Boss sheep wool winter clothes brand in the field with Bosideng down jacket industry status in the country fairly, therefore, sheep head boss Wang Fei speak at the forum is even more interesting. He concludes: Yulin City, wool winter clothes strong industrial advantages, the development of space, I hope that the Government will have to allocate resources to the sustainable development of competitive industries up. The boss of the development of Yulin sheep wool winter clothes as well as China's responsibility.

Currently, the Xisha Yulin City, covering about 178,700 square meters of Yulin textile industrial park has taken shape, joint venture and sheep boss Garments Co., covering 40,000 square meters, has been built four modern, standardized production building life, office buildings, with a total construction area of 35,000 square meters, mens suit jacket the formation of more than 20 garment production lines with an annual capacity of one million series winter clothes; seven sheep garment Co., Ltd. has built 11,000 square meters of standard factory buildings, office dormitory building, an annual series of winter clothes 1 million, "seven sheep" became three consecutive years CCTV brand, "Shaanxi Provincial Famous Brand"; Lanhuahua garment Co. plant construction has been completed, ongoing equipment commissioning and installation.

However, in order to have a breakdown of the industry leader, has only industrial base is not enough. Participants believe that the development of an industrial cluster is inseparable five basic elements: the industrial base, business platform, government support, leading enterprises, research and innovation capacity. Successful industrial clusters can be more than a few elements, but if one or more of the elements are less likely to lay hidden for future sustainable development of the cluster.