Stand up!-break away- 

August 28 [Sun], 2005, 21:37
I went to karaoke with my friend yesterday.
We sang Kimeru's songs first.
A new tune was transmitted.
Of course we sang it, but I hadn't listened to the CD yet.
We only watched promotion video.
Promotion video was very special, because CG is being used
for the first time.

We sang many songs.
We sang of Ayumi Hamasaki, BUMP OF CHICKEN, Chihiro
Onitsuka, Cocco.
I could get rid of stress.
Lunch was sandwich that bought in convenience store.
My friend ate spaghetti.

I bought Kimeru's new CD today.
A CD had a poster.
I listened to CD.
"Answer will come" is the tune written about the rip current
of the love.
"Stand up!-break away-" is boost song for the fans.
I was impressed by his feeling deeply.

Stand up! Don't deny what you feel inside.
Make a wish and don't ever let go!
All that ties you down. Break away!

These are the parts of the words of "Stand up!-break away-".
I got courage from these words.

I love these tunes and himself very much.

Answer will come 

August 24 [Wed], 2005, 20:39
Today is the sales day of the Kimeru's CD.
I booked for the CD, but I haven't bought it yet,
because it's fully booked up.
He sells a new CD on 2 November.
I look forward to it very much.
He comes Niigata for live show on 22 January.
I go absolutely.

I went to shopping with my friend yesterday.
We did many various talks.
I bought bracelet and sandal.
Sandal was 1500 yen.
It was very cheap.
I did good shopping.

We ate lunch at LOTTERIA.
I ate Italian sandwich and darank milk tea.
We will go for the karaoke next time.


August 19 [Fri], 2005, 15:19
It is fine every day and hot, but sometimes rain.
I don't like summer, because I'm poor at being hot.

I'm in practice at guitar lately.
A guitar is difficult, because my hand is small and
a finger doesn't reach.
A chord isn't hold if a finger doesn't reach.

I want to play many tunes and compose music.
I respect Motoo Fujiwara.
He is the vocal of BUMP OF CHICKEN.
I want to compose wonderful music like him.
For that reason I practice guitar little by little.

Now, I practice the "Diamond" of BUMP OF CHICKEN.
As for this tune, both the words and music are wonderful.
I borrow a guitar now.
I will save money, and I will buy my guitar.

The guitar which I'm using.


August 11 [Thu], 2005, 23:10
I went to shopping in Nagaoka with my friend.
We rendezvoused at Nagaoka station.
Though it was a summer vacation, there were
a lot of people who wore a uniform at a station.

We went to Ito-Yokado.
I bought a lot of clothes in there.
Clothes were very cheap because a closing a shop sale.

We ate lunch in a family restaurant.
I ate an omelet containing fried ride.
It was delicious.
We bought a coffee at "STARBUCKS COFFEE" for dessert.
The store was very crowded and very popular.
While we were drinking coffee, we talked.
We talked about homework, club activities, game etc.

I had a very good time.


August 04 [Thu], 2005, 14:11

I went to fireworks display yesterday with my friend.
We got on a train to Nagaoka, but train was very crowd.
Many people had already been in the station.

The fireworks display began at 7:25.
Fireworks was very beautiful and powerful.
Many kinds of firework were shot off.
The fireworks were burning bright in the sky.
We ate a shaved ice with strawberry syrup on the top.
We promised to see a firework together next year, too.

A return train was crowdm, too.
We got tired because we walked very much.
I tired, but I had a pleasant time with my best friend.
I will go to fireworks display next year, too.

K's Ark 2005...Live! 

August 01 [Mon], 2005, 9:53
August begins today.
It is hot every day.

A Kimeru's DVD was received the day before yesterday.
The DVD go on sale at 3rd August, but it obtained me
early because I was reserving that.
DVD title is "K's Ark 2005...Live!".
The meaning to say "sail".
It was the first hall live show for him.

DVD is very wonderful.
He sang 16 songs.
They are both I and he enjoyed live show.
I wanted to go live show, but I don't have a money.
I will surely participate in his live show someday.
I am happy when I watching his DVD and
listening to his songs.
I will be his fan ever since.

He release new single CD at 24th August.
Of course I will buy it.


July 25 [Mon], 2005, 22:33
new album "ageha"


green pen light
I got on the bus, and went to Niigata to participate in the live
show of w-inds.
It took no less than forty minutes by bus.
A live show was held in the inhabitants of a prefecture hall.
I went there with four friends.
Many peopel have already been there.
"w-inds" is very popular.

The members of w-inds are Ryuichi, Keita, and Ryohei.
The fans of Ryuichi had green pen light.
The fans of Keita had yellow pen light.
The fans of Ryohei had blue pen light.
I took green pen light, but I love three people all.

Their live show was very wonderful and pleasant.
Their talk was interesting, and a song was wonderful, too.
They are very good at the dance as well.
They gave a beautiful time for us.

Many live goods sold there.
I bought their new alubum CD and pamphlet.
I don't forget this day.


July 12 [Tue], 2005, 22:00
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