time, please take me away

April 10 [Thu], 2014, 11:21
The sky with drizzling rain, the spring breeze blowing the wheat crop call, hit the front of Eucommia ulmoides shake and crumble.
In the dream, leaves float to me, with my thoughts smug...... Like a mirror bright, constantly flashing my childhood love DIY storage.
See also, time.

Ruqierzhi is the row of Li of Eucommia ulmoides, accompanied by the fragrance of the soft wind blowing, picking the leaves, as if to see childhood want to touch the height. Suddenly, the chill wind took my hand leaves. Turning to look back into the mountains, leaves, shoots you. A new blind my eyes, my mind flashed a variety of memory, I attempt to identify, but do not...... I suddenly felt very sad, time go for so long, I have some fuzzy. The role of a stay in our mottled time, where were you, whether also know that there are people in the miss this place.
I can't remember when is the first flowers, only remember the flowers open, spread everywhere beautiful, breathtaking. I am like a butterfly, fly to the wild flower, flower field lost. Out of body over the flower flower, any sound laugh, feel warm warm wind, yang. The other side of the hill, the sun hanging in the trees with has not cleared the fog, mountain rises continuously smoke from kitchen chimneys hazy wake up the sleeping earth. Side walkmans, smoke with the children's laughter echoed in the circle, even mountain birds also wake up, immediately began to dance, I play more than the roof, refused to leave. Listen, the gurgling water holding breeze flapped the stream of rock, with little water, in the bright morning light is very dazzling shiny, not willing to. Next to the tree also take this show off yourself, graceful posture in the ups and downs of the stream, is envy fish to swim, enjoy.
TV Mobile Stand Childhood, the very young me, looked at the end of the road, back into the bag, in the wind, waiting for the sun. Happy childhood, why? Childhood ignorance and naive, no intrigues, nature will not be so much trouble. Time flies, however, in the medium to be sound broken rain. The crowd often filled with hypocrisy and numb, not to see the blue sky, couldn't see the real you, would rather use the endless busy time for the so-called life, do not want to see supporting the sky sunset. The mad chase of worldly fame, forget the sky, they accused me of living does not exist in his imaginary world. They only know the wind tangled hair, but I do not know with flowers.
Listen to the footsteps, the stream...... The very naive I, forgot to the foot of the road, toward the fragrance of flowers, waiting in the rain for flowers, and so I come back again. Looking back at the mirror, was so very different. Dishonesty, distortion. Who is fickle, capricious or time, I have not clear.
Turning back to look at, very sigh.
Time is willing to return, take me away wine tasting......
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