April 14 [Sat], 2007, 1:23
I realized today IS the 13th...
and even Friday the 13th
BUT, lots of extremely happy things are happening today
so so so so so happy
that I couldn't even conceive

again, more excitment
thank you so much

later, more classes
more good comments
and more thanks


April 13 [Fri], 2007, 3:06
so happy today
maybe it's more like tonight
everything feels like resolved already
everything feels so clear
guess I am in the ups
... the downs are everywhere...
enjoy it while I still can

and yes, I bought you happiness too
thank you
thanks for listening and keeping your promise
thank you
now, please take everything from me
it's all up to you now
love you so so so much

11/04/07 (b) 

April 11 [Wed], 2007, 17:23
a second half
which happens a lot
finally I got the call
now I know what to do
for our future
everything will be ok
because YOU are watching us
from the beginning...
... until the end

teaching... teaching different things
but most important is what's meant by you
what's the focus, my own focus
... and not waste anymore time about nonsense stuff
I have the energy now
I know what I should do now
until the goal is reached
thank you

11/04/07 (a) 

April 11 [Wed], 2007, 16:24
another day
can't believe I have not done anything still

even though I tried to call
still no answer
what's going to happen to me this Saturday?
please let me know asap
cos there's plenty more waiting for me to do
a whole lot more
not just for myself

everytime when I feel like I need to wake up, be part of the society, I need to go out,
as a mean of recognition, which is not true, unreal. I know that, but can't help, cos I am human
hope no one would find this, no one would even spend the time to read this, for it's not for anyone else. chunk of words might help, chunk of it. sleep more and more, wish somebody could sleep more and more too, everyday, not everytime... though it's so hard to resist, what a nice way to escape... to forget and start all over
tomorrow is Thur, hope to find something new ... Fri magazine would bring some surprises, hope so. often wonder how much can this page hold... the number of words? or the length of articles?
either way, as long as it would let me write and save the space on my computer
everyone is throwing their personal lives into the internet, posting them up, letting the whole world know about them... and say I exist! I am here, in this corner of the world! look what I did...
yeah... but I wish the opposite... is that a true statement too?
honestly, writing on a computer does feel different than writing on paper, with pen and paper
I enjoy looking at the words coming out of the tip of the pen so much... as if it is magic...
some thoughts and words ARE COMING OUT! how amazing! the most personal statements and thoughts... the preciousness of everyone just like that, flow out from the pen...
and the line keep on getting longer... as if that was all there is to the "process"... the act is to simply make the line continue, make it non-stop, and make my thoughts non-stop
that's about it for today
you shouldn't think about the feedback, cos that's not the purpose of it
you know the purpose, and where your words should be directed to
someone is always listening, if you could acknowledge the truth
next time I better write in short lines, no more of this chunky thing anymore


April 11 [Wed], 2007, 2:09
thought this is a new and exciting thing
but because of the news, can't even think

somehow everyone knows it's not always made by us
it is you
it has always been you
please take us to the place
please don't leave us
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