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July 12 [Tue], 2011, 13:22
Hermes to make advanced early harness famous in Paris, and the launch of the bag, garment, silk scarves, perfume, enamel hermes massai red jewelry and household products,make the brand more comprehensive diversification.Founded in 1837, Hermes to make advanced harness, started from the beginning of the twentieth century begins on the clothing industry, senior in s up releasing perfume, suit, accessories for footwear, porcelain and other products, become the grade of the life across all representative.

Insist on self, not drift with the current ofhermes massai red DuoNian to always kept a contracted natural style, "pursue the real me, returning to the nature" Hermes is the purpose of the design, let all the products to fine to beauty,impeccable Hermes is the tenet. Hermes's official website brand all products are choose the best advanced materials, pay attention to craft adornment, detail exquisite, with its excellent quality to win a good reputation. Let all the products to fine to beauty, spotless, Hermes is the tenet. Hermes has 14 series products, including leather, bag, scarf, men and women clothing series, perfume, watch etc, most is manual elaborate, no wonder some called .

Hermes products as the ideological deep, grade noble and rich connotationand exquisite works of art. hermes massai red high-quality goods to the traditional elegant embrace. Return to Hermes brand image based on the consistent high-grade, high quality principles and unique style of French easily, and based on this, this is in popular factors for the cause of the attractive products. Keep the classic and high quality, the first-class craft will make,

durable practical performance and concise and easy and elegant elegant, and the combination of hermes massai red not but identity, status symbols, and is also known as to make you whole life will never fall behind fashion thing.
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Hermes lindy lychee orange intend to keep its price high?

July 11 [Mon], 2011, 18:18
According to the Ministry of Commerce, the statistics show, watches, bags, clothing, liquor, electronics products which five of 20 brands of hermes lindy lychee orange goods, the domestic price is higher than in Hong Kong 45%, 51% higher than the U.S., higher than France 72%. This led to our high-end consumer goods, more than half of the consumption of hermes lindy lychee orange goods overseas to complete. To give the parties dispute whether a hermes lindy lychee orange, high-end consumer tariff reduction on the occasion, into the major brands in July, they are invariably carried out price increases.

This is the second round of price increases. Early, LV, Chanel, Hermes and other hermes lindy lychee orange products, price increases had its part, explain the reasons for the raw material costs, labor costs, logistics costs due. However, market analysis, in general, product selling price = cost + production cost + reasonable profit exchange gains and losses brand premium. hermes lindy lychee orange pricing principles, and general consumer goods prices is different from "high-end hermes lindy lychee orange goods, rare, full of aesthetic and emotional factors, to maintain the spirit of high-priced hermes lindy lychee orange value, after tax cuts worry about 'cheapening', so first go up.

This is the last round of collective hermes lindy lychee orange main cause of price increases. "Alltech environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd. Hubei, Huang Jianhua, general manager says.
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