why it hurts...

February 17 [Thu], 2011, 0:07

I writen about the opinion to stay here one year longer. Actually I`m not sure if I can use this one...
I totally don`t want to leave japan rightnow! Heres the one person I really care about and I don`t want, or can leave behind! My heart get so heavy and I`m scared when I`m only thinking about going back to Germany. It`s the first time I found something precous like that for me....why can love hurt us so much?

just be friends

January 26 [Wed], 2011, 2:35

It`s really been a while that I writen here... actually I`m just to lassy to write that stuff in japanes *laugh*
The last blogentry was about the last days in germany...now I had live for more than 9 month here in Tokyo and I really enjoy every day! Today I found a way to stay still a year longer (^.~)
You see, I really like it here.
Even it`s not everytime so simpel to live here. I`m still far away from speeking japanese fluently, but I`m working day by day hard for it. Rightnow more than bevore...
I meet here a lot of old friends and get a few new ones. One of the reasons I`m so happy here.
Actually I play in a seshion band the guitar...hope I will find this year a band I want fully join in. <3

Thats far not all but....theres one thing I`m really sad about it.
I feeled it bevore but it seems it gets stronger an stronger. Why is it pulling us so far appart?
Or is it uns who has desidet to go a different way? I don`t get the impression, that she push me more and more away, out of my head...
To be honest, I`m disappointed in the way she is seeing our friendship. How fast she throwing it to the side...
I`m tired of trying it again and again...

I found here so much, but I guess...I lost my best friend.


May 24 [Mon], 2010, 14:09
So, I'm moving from here...
maybe I will continue writing here sometimes, but my actuell Blog is now~



April 04 [Sun], 2010, 8:16
last day in germany....woah that's sounds realy scary (@o@)
since tomorow I will be living a year in japan...
just don't get it till yet *laugh*
and it sucks that I won't see my friends so long~
but I just think that I will get a good time on the other side of the world.
Sometimes it will be not easy, absolutly not in the beginning, but I will god damn get through all that shit and rock there!
I'm a dickhead and I fight for that what I want!

So, good night everyone!


February 27 [Sat], 2010, 1:09
I have it!!!(o≧∇≦)o
Got my working holiday Visum for Japan today!

Let's rock Japan!!!
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