sugar sugar

January 17 [Sat], 2009, 22:32
waitin fpr 26th`
waitin to see my babe asap

`went to ktv yesterday`
finished at 11, but everyone was like fightin for taxis
so cindy and i went to maccas..
and ended up goin home at 12...

^new shoes^

umm` ‰ä¥ˆ¢›H带¬›wŽq逛ŠX·



right now. i miss u like crazy

19th of jan.

it's u the one who pulled me out of the endless crowd.

and held on tight. never wanted to let me fall.

united. 10th of jan

never felt so loved . never loved so easeful.

i want our love to be immortal.

grand 5 days

January 14 [Wed], 2009, 23:44
err,,,gettin sick of this blog,,will move bak to xanga as soon as im bak to melb. and,,i guess .it. will offcially be over for now. its been 3 n half yrs, but it only started 5 days ago . adam came to visit me on dat day i waited for him until 10pm...,,and i was nearly forced to kiss dat man-0- dinnered at V“V’n·CCstone grill 2009”NÅfunny“Iˆê‹å话F 这‘®˜°¼Ž` watched Ô•Ç @VIP class wif him on the nxt day. haha. and dat night...this 40-year-old-man, said he likes me,,and asked me out wat a mtf BBBBB been meetin up with ppl`,,all the ones cindy baby and i got the same phone` the red sharp 903 she is and my lovely cousin issachuang is bak to sh bought,~!the chanel necklace todayy mee meetin up with shirley baby tmr` aaaaaaaaaaa havnt seen u for agesssssssssss er..sometimes,,i reali wish...i neva went to aus. and so i could finish high school+uni with u` and lastly. my dearest has became my dearest dearest` its sweet as i feel sweetened .

nearly friday.^

January 08 [Thu], 2009, 1:39
ive been out ...quite a lot...

on the 7th...
a veli veli windy, rainy, freezin day.
went out with angela baby``~
had dinner AT 9...with danny...dan..pool..
havnt been takin a lot of photos...cos im waitin to buy my red sharp 903!
....but yeh...haha...
angel and i, went to pikapika
and used this machine, dat can make our skin look tanned...and
this is the the two fairest girls .::

8th..cindy ><~
bought fancy bras with her!#@!#@!...



my arrival❤

January 04 [Sun], 2009, 1:00
arrived at shanghai`
quite cold de su ne~
moving from to this site.
im livin on the 22th floor!..This is just way too high for me..
but. This place is lovely as. will take more pics later`
i felt bad today...for my ugliness.

i got myself some lashes @melb airport

she knows me well .. and got these ready

i miss u two...

and of course my mammy too`


%!@#!whos the lovely one??


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