Sunday accumplishment 

2007年02月11日(日) 23時38分
There were so many things which had been waiting for me. However, I could finish some of them yesterday, and I am happy about it. I finished my Italian homework for tomorrow, the resume for the NGO, and the application for the Travel Grand, which can be used for the African Arts Summer Program in Ghana. I just need to add a little more to them this week. Permeria and I wanted to go to Athens Mall, but we could not find a transportation to get there. There was not bus on Sunday, and the taxi was too expensive. Plus, the mall was until 6pm, and we had just one hour and a half to get there. However, it might have been good that we could not go there because I could finish these things.

If people can change, world can change 

2007年02月11日(日) 14時02分
It is Saturday: January 10th 2007. It was women's day. I had a performance in the New Baker Center. This is second time I performed there. Fist time was for the Arabic Night that was January 26th, and it was in the ball room. This time, it was for the OU African Ensemble. When we were practicing in our classroom before the performance, we were nervous because it was like audition. However, we could have fun in the performance. There were a lot of people, and they were looking at us from each floor. Some of our classmates came and join us for the last piece, Gota. The small lady danced with our professor Z, and she danced so beautifully. She is an African fairly. We also could see some other performances before and after ours. I especially liked the women chorus. The pianist was a Japanese girl, and her piano was so sensitive and touchy. I would like to know more about her. After we finished our performance, we ate pizza. We also went back to the classroom to bring back some drums. It was sunny, and all snow in Athens was shinning. When I came back home, I cooked salmon with tomato. I ate it with white rice. I realized that the branch on the table had slowly started to bloom. They were not completely bloomed yet, but they were beautiful yellow flowerers. The branch was from the Lady Pangaea. After I studied a little bit of Italian, I was listening to Vanessa William’s songs, and I could not move from the chair. I took shower, still listing to the music, and I decided to watch a romantic comedy afterwards. I found a video, “Two Weeks Notice,” that I had watched many years ago. I liked one of the scripts: “If people can change, world can change. You can change because…see? I am eating the soy cake that I do not like.”

'Because I said so' and Olion Stars 

2007年02月09日(金) 23時30分
Today, I woke up later than I was planning. I started this quarter being very punctual, but I guess because it is a half way over for this winter quarter, my body started to realize that it is harder to be an early riser as the beginning. Anyhow, I could wake up one hour earlier that my class to do my homework. Since last Wednesday, I have sore on my body because of the practice of African dance. I did not have this pain for a long time since I have already get use to the warm-up. It was first time that I participated in Azaguno practice since I became part of it. It was wonderfully fun! Actually, I liked the feeling of this muscle ache that I did not have for a while. On Friday, I just have one class: the Italian 112. It is so fun to be in the Italian class. My classmates and I learned the past tense of Italian. After the class, I went to the the Wal-mart by bus. It took just one hour, and I was happy about it. I bought some grocery and one more bucket of green. Now, my room has more oxision and fresh air. I cleaned my room and the living room right after I come back. I also chat with Plumeria. After while, we decided to watch a movie at Athena Grand. We called some people to come with us, but people seem to have other plans for today because we called them late. However, we ended up having very good company, and we enjoyed the movie very much. Plumeria, BK, and his friend: Water World, and I went to see ‘Because I said so’. They came our apartment to pick us up and went to Casa to eat some snacks before the movie. We had the Irish coffee and a dish like Tomuyankun. The Irish coffee was with very strong alcohol that I could just try little, but it was good. Water World has a big yellow pick-up car. Plumeria and I heard from BK that Water World helps BK for the new idea of his business: the green garden. We liked the movie, and nothing but it was good time!

Valentain is coming? 

2007年02月08日(木) 23時03分
Wow….it has been so long since I wrote the last page of dairy. Actually one yeas has passed. I wrote the last one in February 2006, and now it is February 2007. Today, I finished two of my exams, and I was ready to relax. I cooked rice in a pot, and fried it with fish and vegetable. It is the way my Georgian roommate, ”Plumeria” does. I have great influence from Georgian and Italian dishes. Because I spent whole summer with Teddy Bear and his family, I learned some Italian dishes too. Anyhow, I ate this rice with my Omani roommate, “Calla”, and Plumeria. Afterwards, Plumeria and I put Egyptian tea, and talked about some romances. Calla went to study in her room since she has an exam tomorrow. We tried this tea last Sunday in Aura’s pot lock, and we just loved it so much. Afterwhile, Plumeria, Calla, and I watched “Friends”. We love this time: watching TBS dramas all together in our living room. We were also discussing about last year of the Valentine’s Day. Last year, Plumeria wanted to see BK at the day and visited his shop, but it was close. It was before their romances start. We also remembered that some men sent her flowers at the day. At the time, it was common for us to find flowers for her on the door. Plumeria also told me the origin of this day. I remembered that St. Valentine is the key and it is originally Christian, but nothing else. She said that it is Catholic, and St. Valentine made local marriage legal also for people who do not have the permission of court nobles. After we watched Friends, I went my room and put candle that Debbie gave me on my birthday. I also drew MANDARA. I named it “Today is special.”


2006年02月14日(火) 15時56分


2006年02月13日(月) 11時08分
はい、私の頭の中は、昔から推論でいっぱいです。でも、それって素敵なことだと思います。世界には、沢山面白いことが転がっています。どんな宗教でも、生きるということは、神という英知に少しでも近づくために魂を清めて、人生のすべてを教材に自分の魂に様々なことを学ばせるということですが、人間はどうしても、魂の世界を、損得のある「社会」というものと切り離して考えてしまう時があります。例えば、私はイタリアという地に体を置いて、そこで二年ほど勉強したり、気分転換をしたいのです。ですが、私の頭の中では、ここOhio Universityで後二年頑張って、卒業してから、イタリアに向かうのが一番良いことだと考えているのです。最終的には、どちらの夢も叶られるのですから(支えてくださる私の家族に沢山の感謝です)自分が本当にしたいことをすれば良いのですが、卒業とイタリア行きの順番を悩んださえ、社会に生きる自分と、愛だとか魂の成長を大切にする私とが、交互にアドバイスするのです。社会と魂の世界は繋がっているのは、確信しています。でも、その二つが私の中で分かれようとする時、信号が黄色に変わった時です。でも、広い世界を単位に身を置いている私にとって、二つを両立して生活するのは難しいものです。両親や親戚は日本に、自分はアメリカに、親友はグルジアに、恋人はイタリアに、そして、「社会」には、「お金」や「仕事」というものがあります。将来の家族を描いても、やはり、「お金」や「仕事」を切り離して考えることはできません。でも、きっと、自分を大切にして、他人を大切にして、目の前のことを頑張っていれば何とかなります。今は、悩んでいても、それを解決している日は必ず来るのですから。そして、私達は守られているのですから

Confused But Ok Let's have a great afternoon 

2006年02月09日(木) 4時40分


2006年02月08日(水) 9時19分

Indian Bell-ceremony! 

2006年01月30日(月) 15時50分


2006年01月29日(日) 13時22分
毎日は、学びと発見の連続です。そして、それを楽しめるようになるのが、Pointのような気がします。私は、昨日、インドダンスのパフォーマンスの練習をしていて、あることに気づいたのです。前にも、そういうことはあったのですが、自然に同じことを繰り返していたんですね。昨日のリハーサルで、先生が、突然に私を振り付けのセンターに置いたと同時に、私は他のダンサーの視線を感じ、そして、自分が嬉しさに舞い上がらず自分らしく踊れるように、「謙虚」でいようと試みたのです。私は、嬉しさを隠し、自分で自分に「Ok, this is not something special. she put me in this center because I am not good at steps that the corner dancers should deal with」と言い聞かせて、謙虚でいよういようとした訳です。ま、両サイドのダンサーが行う高度なステップについては、本当の話です。ダンサーがどこが得意かを見抜いて、先生は、うまく配置した訳ですが、私は、謙虚でいるために、必要以上にそれを自分に言い聞かせたのです。そこで、「謙虚でいる」というものの、バウンドが来た訳です。
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