dentist (_ _) 

2005年08月09日(火) 0時17分
this is a good place for me to say:

It's normal to swallow a little bit of that sticky substance they put in your mouth at the dentist's office. I think I swallowed too much. (I had it on both sides of my mouth, so it was a lot!)

I have a stomach ache now, & not only my cheeks are numb, but so is my throat, FROM SWALLOWING IT. (;;-o-)


2005年08月03日(水) 15時32分
Yepyep! Here I am again〜

I'm getting tired of LJ so I'm entering here instead. AT FAA-KA CENTRAL. That's yaplog'snew name now. Umm; i didn't really do much today. I had a trip to the dentist; and we all know how those go. It turns out that where my teeth are hurting, I have two tiny cavities. ;o; So I'll be going back again next Monday to get a filling. The trip was really horrible, my mom threw a fit about blah blah cavities this that. D: THE ONLY REASON she's mad about it is because it means she'll have to take off work. Big deal, right? All summer she's complained about how she has to work, so now that she gets the opportunity to miss it she's upset? Parents are such hypocrites sometimes. ._.

Anyway; I should be the one who's sad, I have to get my teeth drilled. D: But I'm not really, it's not that big of a deal.

I woke up way late today, tomorrow I'm going to try & get up earlier. +3+; Because my friends should call; we're making plans for Thursday but I can't get a hold of
Yen. :o

I'll go bug people on AIM now. >u< baibai.


2005年08月02日(火) 15時49分
Fuzzurin & I got yaplogs! Now we're COOOOOOL just like Takumi. ★ But since I can only read about half of the japanese on here; I'm screwed. (*´д`*) SO I'm going to do this baton mail lol omg〜☆

1。How big is your music file on your computer?
ummmmmm toomuch.

2。The song you are listening to right now
蜉蝣 - 雨の海岸通り [Kagerou - Ame no Kaigandoori :0]

3。A CD you recently bought
can't remember.

4。5 songs you always listen to or that have sentimental value to you
Lately I always listen to:
Your mom, your mom, your mom, your mom, your mom-- *shot*

1. HISKAREA - 1/3の失情
2. Psycho le Cemu - 浪漫飛行 (blasting!!)
3. ∀ile≠de〔Σu〕 - Blue Moon〜蒼の旋律〜
4. PANIC☆ch - Pink Cherry
5. ヴィドール - マユラ↓↑ピサロト

(That's such a lie i just wanted to use as many odd characters as possible. D: *shot*)

5。5 people you will pass the baton to
fuzzurin (FAA-KA)
fuzzurin (FAA-KA)
fuzzurin (FAA-KA)
fuzzurin (FAA-KA)
takumi (PANIC☆ch) -- *bricked*

my cellphone! (≧∇≦;)

Okay I'm tired now. Good night〜 ♪

I'm tired. ☆ミ

Did I mention I'm tir-- *shot*
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