It's all your mind 

2005年08月15日(月) 22時06分
Good things and bad things does happen during a day...
Make positive thinking would make life different.
Anyway, I own lots of things that other people hardly to get...
think different and be happy...

Wedding Crashers 

2005年08月13日(土) 22時30分
HaHa... How a funny movie it is...
Two Playboys can get every girl they want...
One day they meet two special girls, full in love with them and finally change their behaviour then get their true love...Happy ending > <"
Oh...Warren...calm down !! It is just a movie...

"Wedding Crashers "
Funny movie, but I don't like it!

Cold >m<" 

2005年08月12日(金) 18時16分
Today is cold ....
I was stayed on my bed ...
listened to music and read novel ...
and a day pass ...
Did nothing and complain why it is so cold today ....
So..I decided to take a shower and go straight to bed at 8pm...

Father's day 

2005年08月09日(火) 19時16分
8th of August is Father's day in Taiwan.
two 8 been together which sounds likes ba ba,
it's similar as father's pronunciation in Taiwan.
Therefor,it becomes a special day for children to say thanks to their father.
......I used to ignore this day,
But, when I am in Australia, and just can go back to Taiwan once a year.
I have to do something in this day, or I can't have time to be with my father.
So...I called my mon, and asked her to say to my father Happy father's day.
OK...I admit that I am so shy to say happy father's day driectly to him...

The island アイランド 

2005年08月08日(月) 10時34分
Let me tell you something...
Don't ever trust people you meet.
The thing I can tell you is....
People will do anything to survive.

Those speaking above appear in the movie The island.
Some thoughts in this movie is terrifying.
But that is real true...
How ever, this is a excellence movie for you to see.

Make soy milk 

2005年08月07日(日) 20時47分
I have bought some soy beans few days ago...
One of my friend, he has made soy milk by himself before
and I was really interesting in it.
Besause I like soy milk and it's quite expensive in Brisbane.
It's easy to make soy milk if you have been tought.
And then, I made about 3 liters and put it into 2 coke's bottles.
It's really tasty to made me so proud of myself
even it's so easy to make...

My new blog 

2005年08月06日(土) 2時59分
I made my new blog...
It's easier to make a blog here.
And it looks very pretty

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