2007年04月21日(土) 20時04分
I came to Blenheim with Kana who was working at RONGO BP.

At first, Blenheim is too big for us.
Especially for Kana.
She stayed in Karamea for 2 month.
So when we went to the super market, she got a shock.
When she bought a flower it was $4 in Karamea, but in here, it is $1-.

Kana wanted to get a job in Blenheim, but most of Vineyard doesn’t have any jobs in coming 2 weeks.
So she decided to go to Motueka with me.

I came to Blenheim to see my friend Becky(although her name is Becky, she is Japanese.)
This is 4th time to see her.
She was also working in Alexandra, and we met in Queenstown in my birthday.
And, beginning of April I went to Kaikoura to see her.
Then today.
I like her, don’t I?
I do,,,

She came to Blenheim 1 week ago and she got a job.
She is really lucky.
But she is worry about how long she can work at there.
It might finish soon.
Getting job is difficult!

Oparara Basin 

2007年04月18日(水) 15時36分
I went to Oparara Basin with Tomo and Seiko they came Rongo Backpackers last night.

I had to drive gravel road 12 km.
But we saw amazing place.

The first, the color of river was brown.

It is because of the tree.
I can’t explain.

We went to Oparara arch.

Can you imagine how big this is?
I can’t take a picture all of this.

Next, we went to Mirror tarn.

It’s like a mirror, isn’t it?
When I went to Mirror Lake in Te Anau, it was just lake, not mirror.
So I am very happy I can look this.

Then, we went to Moria Gate Arch.
It is not so big as Oparara Arch.
But I can go into the Arch.
It was a lot of fun.
I thought we are like an expedition

When I told Werner that I go to Karamea, he said “Where is Karamea?”
I don’t know Carolyn knows this place or not.
You had better to go, I think.

Heaphy Track 

2007年04月16日(月) 19時59分
It was beautiful day.

I went for walking!

There is Heaphy Track from Karamea to Kollingwood.
That is 4 nights track.
So I and Kana she is working in Rongo Backpackers walked few hours in Heaphy track.

It was like a Jungle and the scenery was amazing.

I was scared when I cross a bridge, but we did

We walked 6 hours.
It was a log way, wasn’t it?
I was really tired.
But I was happy I could walk that track.

Tomorrow, I must get muscular pain,,,

Heaphy Track 

2007年04月16日(月) 15時17分
I’m in Karamea.

I think Karamea is not well known but, there are a lot of beautiful places.
I walked a part of Heaphy track.
I went to first shelter it took 6 hours return.
It was a long way, wasn’t it?
But the scenery was beautiful and it was beautiful day.


2007年04月14日(土) 18時39分
I’m just waiting.
I’m waiting the sun.
I came to Karamea for walking.
But it was rainy since I came here.
I’ll wait the sun is coming.

Today our backpacker had music gig.
Karen Hunter she is from Auckland played music.
I liked her voice.
So I bought a CD.
It was good opportunity to know the NZ musician.
I like listen to the music.
Especially live music.
I was really happy to see the live music.


2007年04月12日(木) 13時41分
Greymouth has Monteith’s factory.
I love Monteith’s beer.
So of course I went to there to take a photo.
I didn’t join the tour.

Today’s destination is Karamea.

On the way to Karamea, I went to Pancake rocks.

Karamea is secluded district.
But there are many courses to walk.
And I must see a beautiful sun set!
I hope・・・
I wish・・・


2007年04月11日(水) 13時25分
I came to Greymouth by my car.

The beginning of the way was good weather.

but after few minutes・・・
It was heavy rain.
Just a tough driving.
I was really tired.

On the way to here, I was thinking about Carolyn’s wedding.
These few days were like a dream.
They were too happy for me.
Actually, I feel really sad now.
I can’t believe that I can’t see her in NZ.
I should have talked with her and Werner more.
It is too late now.
I know・・・

It is a kind of good my aim.
I’d try to improve my English until I see them next time.

Anyway, my new travel is starting.
It must be fun.
I have to work

Carolyn and Werner’s wedding. 

2007年04月08日(日) 13時13分
At last, this day came.
Carolyn and Werner’s wedding.

They were teacher at ABC-Plus which is English conversation school in Nagoya.
Carolyn was my teacher and we became a good friend!
They lived in Japan for 5 years and came back to NZ in Feb.

I was really nervous.
Why me?
I don’t know.
But I always cry at wedding party.
Especially when the bride come into with her parent’s.
Her beautiful looking and happy smile moves me.

With Mariko she was classmate at ABC-Plus.
Hiromi her daughter was Werner’s student.
I had a really good time today.
And I feel sad a little bit because they are going to go to Australia.
It isn’t honeymoon.
They live in Australia.
I can’t see them in NZ.
So I decided to go to Australia
It’s easy

Carolyn's Hens party 

2007年04月06日(金) 13時06分
I joined Hen’s party.
There were about 20 people in that party.
Carolyn’s mother, Werner’s mother, her grandmother, aunt, and friends.

I though・・・
I can’t marry in NZ.
Because of Hen’s party.
It is tough for me.
I want to praise Carolyn.

We had a sane game and insane game in the beautiful park.

We learned Paul dance at strip bar.
It was really hard and difficult.
I got muscular pain.
Then we went to Thai restaurant.

It was a lot of fun for me.
But I think it was a little bit tough for Carolyn.
Just a little bit.

Because she had to do many orders.
・Singing the werner song.
・kissing with a man.
・Impressing kiss mark on a man.
・Making a man take off his pants and take a photo.

She is New Zealander, so she can do that.

Hooker Valley Track 

2007年03月04日(日) 13時04分
We walked Hooker Valley Track.
It was such a beautiful track.
Finally we saw some glacier.
I am addicted walking after all.
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