My Weekend 

October 22 [Mon], 2007, 2:07
OMG, this weekend was soo adorable!!

At Saturday I slept till 11 a.m. *__*
I make everything ready and took the bus to Worms~
There I should help a friend of mine with his moving!

On the way to Worms I met old friends of mine and we talked
a bit |D~
After my arriving I went to the city in an asian shop with soo cute accessoires!!
there i bought a super sweet diary for myself and lots of mobile accessoires for my friends.

I was suprised because the owner of this little shop knew our Musical Group Yume *__* I was so pride.
She said that she was a cosplayer too and loved our performance this year

After that I was sitting in front oh the train station for 1 and a half our
because my friend forgot me? Noo we just couldn't communicate xDD

So we three (his brother, he and I) went to a shpping centre to buy a few lamps for his flat.
It was soo funny |D~
after that we went to his flat (2-rooms) and helped him.
I cleaned up the bathroom it was sooo dirty ~__~

After his brother left we went to MC Donalds and I found a new love....
MC CAFE *__* soo sweet and so many cake |D~

The night was very funny. We played Final Fantasy XII while listening to a very crazy fanfiction about the Unending Story *rofl*
OMG the authour has to be mad xD
Basti-chan xD~
omg... for all german : READ THIS~ it's on

So at 12:30 a.m. we start watching the Movie Scary Movie 3.5~
after that we watched Charly and the chocolate-fabric |D
I love that movie so much.

At 3 a.m. we finally went to bed |D he is such a could heating~

We stand up at 12:16 a.m xDD~
It was great |D~
Thank you for that funny weekend!!

Tommorrow schools starts TT___TT
don't want to go~
and on Tuesday we've the photograph at school~ mäh~
bye bye


October 20 [Sat], 2007, 3:43
Yeah the start of my own yaplog ^o^

So at first -
my name is Akari (nickname )
and I'm a german teenage girl~ Yay
I'm cosplayer, cat lover, Japanese fashion fan (my addiction goes to Decorer style~) and a bit crazy
I'm member of an german Sailor Moon Musical Group called Yume.
We present the SeraMyu musicals in an own german variation~ I'm Sailor Saturn!

In three days my school begins again ~
the autumn holidays are over so back to work ~__~
We write 2 tests in two weeks. English and German~
ohh I hate german at the moment
We read the book "The pain of the young Werther" from Goethe.

Halloween is soon and i have nothing to do T__T
on this weekend we'd have our Photoshoot for Yume
for thew year 2005/2006 and 2006/2007
for the Musicals "Kaguya Shima" and "Eien Densetsu : Visions"~
I wasn't part of Kaguya Shima so I use that time to learn for
my tests~

So I decorate my School bag now |D~
see ya late

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