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April 30 [Tue], 2013, 1:21
I was in the house of my friend Jim, one day. It was a fairly regular, nothing out of the ordinary working day. Jim and I did the usual things, shooting the shit, playing video games, television, all that.
After about an hour or so, Jim rose and went to bed. He raised one of his mattress and pulled out a few magazines. After closer inspection, I realized they were porn magazines.
Whoa, cool, he said.
Yes, I found my father 's office, he said.
I asked if her father knew that he took, and he said he doubted it.
, because they have a whole collection of these things, it seems, are missing.
We look through them for a while, flirting mirrors side by side, the hot girl when I was Jim 's hand down his pants.
What the hell, man? What are you doing? I asked in shock.
Sorry, I feel great. And, I mean, it's great that we're both guys here.
Well... I think you're right. I looked down at the passing of Jim.. I had not noticed before, but it seemed like I was in some important equipment is
Say, man, Jim said, nervously, a few minutes later : Do you mind if I look like? I mean, you know, it's just hard to do with him in the pants
Uh... I think not. Go for it.
The truth was that I wanted out of it. After realizing it, I was curious how big it was his own.
got up, looked to his belt for a moment and then pulled down his jeans. I could see the outlines of the huge presses lightly against shorts. My God, I thought, must be damn huge.
The moment of truth, he put his hands on his shorts and slipped.
I thoroughly impressed. It was absolutely monstrous! It was not only time, but it was thicker than my wrist, at the moment. And it was still soft! God must have been at least eight or nine inches longer, and who knows how many around. It was a lstrong. It looked perfect. New ideas began to bubble in my head when I saw it. My God, I could smell his masculine scent here.
I went out the window. Reject
ツソ I can, uh touch? I asked.
Uh... I think so. Jim said.
I have in my knees and slid forward until his schlong intimidating front of me. The heat was crazy. It was overwhelming. I stretched my hand and pushed slowly. It felt soft and spongy, and when I touched, jumped a little and shook his balls. Damn, I grabbed her hand.
I can not even fit my hand around it. Not at all! And it's still soft.
that is the wildest I've done in my life, and started rubbing my hand and down his giant cock, little by little straws. I looked up he did not know how you intend to stop, so I continued. His cock began to grow, ten inches, eleven inches, twelve inches. My God, thirteen inchesIT! Seemed to have finally reached its maximum size. His cock was almost too big for two hands to fit around it, but it just did. It is thicker than a soda can.
I took my two hands up and down his huge dong my time to enjoy every moment. After a few minutes of it, I grabbed one of his huge balls and massaged it in his hand and sat down at his massive member to go with my other hand. A small moan escaped his lips.
After a few minutes, a new side of Jim was revealed. He grabbed me by the back of the head and opened my mouth on his big cock. I wrapped my lips around it as best I could, and tried his beautiful tail. His jaw hurt so much I stretch, but it was worth taking this sucker in me out for a moment, and spit on them in this difficult task a little easier. Then I went for it, I head bounced up and down in the first inch or two of her great body, and sometimesstopped to lick up and down that beautiful wave, and even his heavy balls. I spent much time in these monsters ball. They were so big, and it smelled so musk. Incredibly attracted me to them. Groaned powerful, if I manage to fit one in your mouth. My jaw sore for several days because of this.
When I brought my head to tail, did something unexpected. He grabbed my head again and shoved his cock in my throat so hard that I gagged. He began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth with force. I tried to brake, but lost control. I panicked. I could not stop his attack. Every time his cock hit the back of my throat I gagged violently. I thought for a moment, and finally, the best porn free I could to relax the throat and breathing through the nose as well as I could. He was obviously too far to let this stop, and ended up far from. With each thrust of his monstrous meat went further in my mouth. Finally, was againached steadily and was about ten centimeters hit by his cock in my throat.
A few minutes later, he bowed his head up, and before him, he realized, pushing his cock in my mouth all the tired, stretched to insane action, and through my throat. He started pumping again, never more than four or five inches to the left of the instrument of my throat. His balls hit her chin every time he had gotten his schlong all the way. Spit started drooling from the side of my mouth, my face bloody violence continued. I tried to stop at several places, but only half. It was too much for me, and basically a part of me enjoyed it.
After 15 minutes, as it seemed from his cock in my throat, tears, turned to me and sat down behind his attack. His balls were now slapping done in my nose and my eyes, and his thick cock penetration. Suddenly I saw the ball hit and grabbed me by theSide of the face. Oh God, I knew what was coming.
with a final blow, thrust his cock in her neck and held it there. Groaned loud, and I could feel his balls seemed empty gallons of sperm in her throat. I did my best to have it all, but filled with a lot, and my throat and mouth with sperm. Finally, he took out his penis and I thought it must be done by cumming now, but I was wrong. He shot a huge load on my face, followed by several more giant cumshots. If it had happened in reality, my face was completely covered in hot milk.
Nothing was said for a few minutes, Jim finally broke the ice.
I'm sorry, man. I just... lost control.
I thought about it for a while and then said : All right... I really liked, in a strange way.
Jim and my relationship has changed since then, and there were many more occasions like this that followed.
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