bye bye! 

2010年03月15日(月) 9時52分
byeeeeeeeee the trail ends here. too bad if you didn't get the link, i'm not gonna repeat.

limousine, champagne, bling bling, jewelry chain (??)

unripe peach 

2010年03月13日(土) 9時45分

missed the ombre ripe peach, which was expected since it's been almost a month while i was deciding whether to buy or not because i don't usually buy such pricey cosmetic (well it's pricey for someone who delights in a USD3 large tub of loose powder HAHAHA)... kinda upset about it so i bought the normal powder sheertone peach.
which i guess was.. unripe

and azalea blossom.. the color is so breathtakingly surreal.. it's like looking at an aurora!!

the cremesheen glass caught my eye before i made payment so i got one too. i hope the pink actually shows up on my lips. everytime i do nude lips with baby pink gloss it ends up looking like beige.

actually i don't know why i'm buying cosmetics again when i haven't been putting makeup for the past 2 weeks already...

anyway... AH MA! JEN! SER!!!! all of you have shades except me so today

can join you guys in taking emo selcas when i go back!

a simple pair from juicy couture~ broken heart series.


2010年03月13日(土) 0時35分
gs ah...
i can't meet you.....

village pancake 

2010年03月12日(金) 11時04分

his mom brought me to this pancake house last week for breakfast. lovely, pretty and cozy place with excellent homestyle food.

since 1600s.

i had eggs benedict on one morning and apple pancakes on another. so fluffy, so warmly comforting in the winter chill.

some photos of the house:

and of course, the media room which i spent most of my time in watching movies or playing assassin's creed 2

^these aren't all, they have 2 shelves of movie dvds and still counting

^spot the chipmunk? it's looking at me hehehe

pink i5 

2010年03月11日(木) 4時59分

^lupin. THIS IS MINE.

all i did was change the processor to i5, ram to 4gb, rom to 320gb (since i don't need that much) and cover to the pink from the spring collection.

^more than usd100 worth lol

^tried the new chocolate barks, which are disappointing (>.<)

^got these free

^the cheesecake truffle for spring is good though

wanted to blog more but oh well, internet doesn't let me post photos anymore so i'll end here. bleh.

end of spring break 

2010年03月09日(火) 1時03分
bahhhh i really don't have the mood to blog anymore but for my friends who want to know if i'm still alive or not i'll blog... basically what i did for the past week was
-watch alice in wonderland
-play assassins creed 2
-watch movies in the media room
-watch even more movies in the media room

surprisingly i only spent some usd65 the entire week on just one purchase. his mom bought me underwear from aerie HAHAHAHA and they were soooo pretty i went back and got more lol. i didn't buy anything else omgomgomgomgomg

anyway i'm back in boston already and i'm now in school library waiting for my next class which starts in half an hour.. i don't want to do my thesis on murakami takashi. i don't want to do my stupid corporate finance assignment.

i hate my CF lecturer. he is so boring i have never managed to take down any notes at all.

ahahahahahahaha i'm so bored. and so proud of mukuro samaaaaaaa

still livin' 

2010年03月02日(火) 4時08分
yaaaaa i'm still alive don' worry about me~ my laptop isn't here yet but i'm online cause i borrowed his lappie. this place is lovely and his parents are both great cooks. not only do the food taste awesome, even the presentation of the dishes were done so meticulously. mannn it's like fine dining everyday i feel so loved after being quite alone for 2 months in america

well i'm not gonna be mushy here so i'll just end here~ going to school to pick up his sister now~

Tired of Waiting 

2010年02月20日(土) 2時11分
my laptop died 2 days ago.

ordered a new laptop but it will be 2 more weeks before it arrives because i had it customized....

nope i didn't get a macbook pro which i've been eyeing. but i'm happier with my new choice ahahahahaha

so no updates until after spring break when i come back from philip's place
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