Ray Ban Active Lifestyle from ear to ear

May 13 [Tue], 2014, 20:41

"And after Ray Bans Sale you get married, you will be as a gift." Wang said, smiling, instant, Li Yushi shadow face turn red.

with Wang's departure, the auction started, the auctioneer took out all his level.

"boom ...... auction started, the first items, nine natural diamond, every moment is over 300 kt Diamond, less than 500 carats of rough diamonds. Look." Now there is next to dress dignified classical Nine girls would turn the color of the nine pieces of the size of the diamond shapes on the front desk. In the light of the shining, colorful and colorless crystal plus a total of nine black color, size or less of the original drilling, the presence of the Yao people's eyes are blind. Although see related pictures on the brochure, but how can we really and now in front of like-kind match. Diamond saw nine fist-sized pieces, in a transparent crystal Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet dish slowly rotating, slowly rotating, the brilliant luster sprinkling the entire auction.

"wow ......" Whether Ms. or some men are surprised Ray Ban Active Lifestyle from ear to ear. This is just the first auction items, would have been sufficient as most of the top auction items of the finale.

"tapping, now starting, the starting price of 300 million Ray Ban Aviator 3025 Chinese coins, each increase of not less than one million."

"3 亿!" auctioneer Carter, there is a crazy female voice sounded shrill high-pitched voice that shook the entire auction humming.

However, people still can keep sane, very quiet on their front electronic drawing board to write the words of 310 million. The moment, the auction will be in front of a huge screen, a "310 000 000" message, the font size of the full two meters square, across the hall, and see clearly. Of course, there is a place in the next show: 123 words United States, as well as the corresponding English, which means that a bid is American Gangster, the specific name is not shown, can be considered to protect the participants interests. After all, even if there is no amount of calculation Wang http://www.bricscad.info can not make direct personal calculations, as will be pushed to the sea move Industries antithesis of all, their enemies would die laughing.

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