S. Korea defenseless against N. Korean electronic attack

September 21 [Wed], 2011, 10:59

S. Korea defenseless against N. Korean electronic attack

Major military facilities in South Korea including the defense ministry, are defenseless against potential North Korean electronic attacks reports showed Tuesday.According to the Agency for Defense Development and the Defense Acquisition Program Administration no technology exists in South Korea that can fend off electromagnetic pulse bombs from North Korea. The two agencies submitted reports to Grand National Party lawmaker Chung Mee-kyung during the annual parliamentary audit into defense agencies.

EMP bombs are known to jam and damage high-tech defense systems such as radars and communication networks.The defense ministry and the new headquarters for the Joint Chiefs of Staff currently under construction are supposed to be protected from EMP attacks but reports said they can only defend less-damaging electromagnetic interference

The ADD and DAPA said they will try to develop core defense technologies for key military facilities against EMP bombs over the next four years.Earlier this month in a separate report to the parliament the defense ministry had said the North could soon be developing EMP bombs given the rate of the Norths development of new electronic devices and EMP development in other countries.One interesting door hanger design we saw, was a door hanger that was shaped like underwear cheap clothes hangersAccording to Chung a local construction company had initially signed a billion won deal with the defense ministry to install EMP protection facilities at the new JCS headquarters, but the company further subcontracted to a smaller firm at billion won.

And the defense ministry didnt confirm the subcontractors capabilities to defend against EMP attacks Chung added.the advantage of printing simple black and white door hangers is the cost and the numbers that you can print cheap wooden coat hangerMajor military facilities which will be used as a wartime command center for the president the defense minister and other key officials will be helpless against North Korean electronic offensives Chung said. We have to prepare measures so that our defense against EMPs at the new JCS headquarters and other places can meet higher global standards.Exercising is an additional way that you can begin having rapid best weight loss. You need to recognize, though Weight loss capsule