David lee courageously rob and rebounds pressure Mayo dirk absence Dallas negative warriors

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 11:05

Beijing time on February 1, dirk nowitzki because of a thigh adductor injury, missed the game today. In a 97-100 loss to the mavericks warriors, encounter two straight. David lee the had 15 points and rebounds and nine assists and steals, force pressure Mayo, help the team to win. The third quarter to ten points 51 Nike Air Max 2011 Mensseconds, after David Thompson LiChuanQiu, face to face seal has the defensive player of the year, easy shots, the ball into the air. He this section made next three goals. Including a shooting also caused opponents foul 3. From this several ball can see, he has all the qualities: pitchers need stable mentality, shooting fast, radian is high, feel is good. "Thompson the young man, let a person see the shadow of reggie miller. He shot firmly, shot speed quickly, and can also shoot a basket. He is Steven database under the background of absence, very good play the role of savior, he today is the leading role. American television commentator comment on Thompson said. Thompson small material: Thompson on February 8, 1990 a stranger, he is 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm), 2011 by warriors to 11th selected, Nike Air Max 2011 Womenshe and Cleveland Carey - Michael Owen is born with the. This season, he averaged 16.5 points and four rebounds, 2.4 assists, shooting 41.2%, three point shooting as high as 39%.Steven garage today continue to truce, Carl landry (micro bo), Andrew bogut, harrison - Barnes back. Thompson start well, he has had seven points and help warrior 16 - and start. Mayo suspended after scored four points, carter also hit a 3-pointer to Dallas stayed around. The first quarter end, warriors and lead - 23. The Dallas mavericks in the second quarter Mayo and Marion led started chasing points. This section to 5 minutes and seconds, in an Marion scored, Nike Air Max 90the mavericks to 41-42 impending score. At this time, David lee shoot a basket, Thompson also singles complete offensive. A mighty steady condition. After both sides in dogfight. The mavericks with carter buzzer attack, half in 53-55 seized the score. Warriors of the third quarter momentum is good, they are David lee finish 2 + 1, Carl landry dunk, after scoring 73-64 to expand points difference. Both sides after a dogfight, points difference to remain in about ten points. This section to 2 points, 11 seconds, the mighty leading 10 points. The mavericks at outside a three points offensive, carter, Mayo and rodrigo - than especially boyce hit three-pointers, they help the mavericks third quarter to a 79-80 impending score. The mavericks fourth preganglionic 3 minutes are not scoring. Warriors Richard - Jefferson did well, he has to Cheap Nike Air Max 90get 5 points, to help the team a 12-0 attack wave. Warriors will points again sent expand to more than ten points. The mavericks request after a timeout, Mayo and carter to atone, they help the mavericks also his opponent a 13-0 small high tide. The two sides agreed on 92 flat. Critical moment, David lee grabbed offensive rebounds, and assists jack long shot hit, it is better to play drawing fouls, the mighty get 5 points. Dallas again after the points difference approach to 1 minute, but Mayo 2 penalty 1, they eventually lost 97-100.The third quarter to 6 points, 11 seconds, David lee on the right side of the basket back after playing for a wide range of transfer, the ball to the left three points line 45 degrees of jack. Jack concentration, failed to catch a pass. "Sprout god" garage in western dress and leather shoes sitting on the sidelines, he was very discontent, shaking her head shouted, "what are you doing?" . Jack clearly hear, he soon signal is bad. According to another news, garage right ankle injury, he is now unknown. Warriors coach mark Jackson said, garage return for life.