allocation of investment currency

January 28 [Mon], 2013, 11:31
therefore, developed countries, with secondary distribution means and auxiliary three means of distribution (discourse about the the three allocated definition, four assigned, see "printing money consumption" Part III, Part IV) the country into the ranks of developed countries, the investment currency and consumer currency greater imbalance. Because of the different qualities of each country's economy, the economic policy pursued different and absolutely different investment currency and the equilibrium level of consumption currency is resolved by the countries with the means of distribution, quadratic, cubic, which also determine a country's economic developed degree level. However, regardless of level height, this imbalance will definitely happen, which is determined by the capitalist system. Although some countries, the occurrence of point high point occurred in some countrie Nike Air Max 90 Mens Shoes s will be relatively low.

When a country is in the secondary distribution, after the exhaustion of the three means of distribution, the continuation of the investment currency and consumer currency uneven how to do? Some people would say, anyway, the State has developed and wealthy people, you can not go to hell! Those who only know how to corporate accounting, personal finance and investment, or stand on their own individual point of view the problem will be in unison says (take a look at those comments flooded the media size hot famous speeches, all crusade against government bonds ). Not really do not have to control it?

Macroeconomics there is a basic principle of the uneven distribution of investment currency and consumer currency, the the final consumption currency allocation is less than the allocation of investment currency, it will generate the corresponding part of the social goods can not be bought out, the next round social reproduction are correspondingly reduced, the economy goes into the shrinking cycle (the principle of this theory, see "Currency puzzle" Chapter 7, Chapter VIII), the performance of the different forms, but it will eventually economic crisis out (performance of economic crisis, it is usually be Nike Air Max Mens Shoes Sale cause of the economy, there are some other cycle laws at work, such as the boom bust cycles, which led to the intensification of contradictions).

Capable of nothing? Obviously can not be both. So yes, how? Under the pressure of the economic downturn, the democratically elected governments usually choose the way of the national debt. Is also on borrowing by the state to borrow money to pay for the people welfare to supplement this part of the consumer money distribution. Under conditions of excess capacity, increase the excess part of the consumer means that the increase in production, the amount of production is determined by demand (the principles of economics, see "the curren Nike Air Max 95 Womens Shoes cy puzzle", "printing money consumption ").