According to the rules, hill this season's salary is $3.56 million

January 14 [Mon], 2013, 17:16
According to the rules, hill this season's salary is $3.56 million, the lakers can apply for the salary of half the amount of injury, special is $1.78 million, the team can use this contract signed a free agent. Library general comment, as much as to say the lakers in the near future will sign the couple. Then sign? Nash injured before, the lakers contacted DE lang's - west, but did not lay their hands on. Now Nash regression, and Chris DuHong [micro bo] and I have good performance, Steve Blake still keep the point guard position, obviously not added. Inside, it is very likely is the special case where injuries were supplemented. This will need to Nike Air Max TN Mens submit an expense account hill couple, despite the clark sprung up, and then to sign a veteran inside is one size fits all. Needless to say, pau gasol now precarious position. Kenyon Martin is the more appropriate, but also really came news, the lakers could very well use special injuries get the former no. 1 pick. Sign new players only small improvements, big deal really the undercurrent. The latest exposure is Rudy gay and terry g - Evans, pau gasol is undoubtedly top chip, CiShiPing [micro bo] also may be involved with. To say the gasol trade rumors, this season really listening to too much, the legendary target Leon - Anderson, josh Smith, small, now become the guy. Obviously, the lakers want to use pau gasol for better athletic ability, the offensive end can adapt to high speed running boom, the defensive end and can accelerate the speed of rotation. But pau gasol in Nike Air Max TN Womens the lakers' performance this season, it let the other team is difficult to accept. Before the wolves and the Toronto raptors have expressed a willingness to trade, but pelosi's families, such bargnani chip, and let the lakers feel cheated. If the lakers this season. Anthony must be the idea of the implementation, then pau gasol is not really, I'm afraid to be traded fate, because the German handsome really don't know how to use pau gasol, the Spanish people really don't know how to adapt to the German handsome system. Clark of this a few field performance proved that a can run can jump the flank players, even if he level is very low, also can become the. Anthony life-saving straw. Special injury sign Kenyon Martin, clark continue performance, pau gasol + so-and-so for gay and Evans, perhaps this is the lakers' wishful thinking. Can be? The past few years frequency Ken Griffey Max of god kupchak, test the ability of his time again. We start from the season on Monday. "Mike. Anthony still seem to have no wrong, the Los Angeles lakers [micro bo] looks really into the state, they hit the Cleveland cavaliers at the end of the straight nightmare. But for the lakers, this is just the first step towards the long march, because early too much debt, they want to the rest of the season for at least 32 - to have more promotion to the playoffs. Six straight let the lakers fell to the bottom, but there was no one to know when they can bounce back. Even if opponents this season knight only nine wins and negative, but they at home this season has won the lakers. When the boss before. Anthony said" our season now began to ", many people just to hear it. The lakers in the performance by the team manager, if they are in the first world war and knight played really and did not, pay more attention to get the ball in to attack inside, this is a very gratifying changes. And on the offensive they no longer ask too fast, Ken Griffey Max 1 it also can see is DE handsome make adjustment. Dwight Howard regression but their first step, then if pau gasol regression, DE handsome have said will make the Spanish people more to play inside, Nash [micro bo] also said efforts to help Howard, pau gasol will find the feeling, these things in the today show at the beginning of the beginning.
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