four top Lord God chose purple rain fairy

January 04 [Fri], 2013, 16:32
Looked at his first followers, the square green book heart is with mixed feelings, he knew From that moment on, he himself is no longer that fancy bullying Green book, but was put on the addition of a hegemony of the road. However, a little experience the supernatural power consumption in the body, Fang Qing book or a little depressed, because he found that the mere conversion of a low-level gods of magic nuclei, he spent nearly half of the divine, even the finest Stone to help restore almost need day before recovery unabated. So doing, your day will also be able to transform a magic nucleus, relative to the number of one million, which is a drop in the bucket, light Think sufficient square green book head large. Luckily, square green book is just the beginning stage is more difficult when there are a large number of younger brother, divine can be directly extracted from them, and transformation nor must square green book yourself, as long as people have this divine start this Block magic, can be transformed. So, his little brother out, transforming the speed will be increased dramatically, Fang Qing book down not particularly anxious. The only trouble is magic resurrection of nuclear, there is no resurrection of the magic nucleus is not useful. In general, the resurrection of the gods may be, depending on its strength, the strength, the stronger, the resurrection of the slower, but still very slow in general, is a low-level gods, at least Senpachi centuries of Caixing. The square green book immortal soldiers successfully transferred, under normal circumstances, can be a few hundred years, the resurrection, of course, if there are a lot of divine instill immediately resurrection. Obviously, Fang Qing book is not so multi-redundant divine resurrection own men. So he can only be another way. Accelerate the the men land resurrection speed, and that is to create a large pool of resurrection. In fact, the resurrection of the gods. To put it plainly. Is to absorb enough energy to recast the body, but the gods need the body is very demanding, and so constitute the body's energy requirements are also higher, and generally requires very superb magic spar Caixing. The resurrection of the gods speed is also directly related to the efficiency and the amount and use of magic spar. Gods resurrection magic spar very scarce, the general Protoss opponent resurrection. Only provide barely enough land of his resurrection, and so they do not dare to waste, only slowly absorbed and therefore resurrection will be very slow. But if excess magic spar, excluding losses, the speed of their resurrection is also greatly recovery, but that case. It will cause a huge waste, so that even a few large Protoss not dare try. Fang Qing book did not care, anyway, he left great treasures of the truth of God can squander the beginning to a series of made three resurrection energy pool. Each pond can accommodate thousands of gods at the same time use, can be said to oversized handwriting, the angels family, he did not affluent. At the moment, the Fang Qing longer hesitated. Immediately the new transformation magic nuclear taken to the resurrection of the pond. And told him, do not have to care about the energy loss. As early out. Then, square green book then began to restore the divine, and to proceed with the conversion of the great cause. I was in the the square green book making determined efforts, the full development of their own when outside the spirit world is lively death. First, established eight Protoss seven, that is, removing the other angels Protoss Protoss unexpectedly unite announced, to join hands to crusade against the Galaxy the bug, Angel Protoss. And called on all the Milky Way ground Protoss to participate. With their seven Protoss take the lead, the spirit world, where those angels Protoss Protoss are bullied over land also sit tight ah? Have expressed their willingness to join a time, it is from those who gathered, the situation is even better than expected, was originally thought that 80% of the Protoss good can last count, number of enrollment ground Protoss, actually accounted for nine of the Milky Way Protoss percent or more, which can be seen angels Protoss is how unpopular. Hundreds Protoss unite forces is strong, and soon gathered a total of more than 20 million of the army. Angel Protoss heyday, the number of units, but also about seven million, happens in the offensive side of the green book, consecutive failed three times to take into the nearly one million troops, that is to say, they are just there more than 600 million people. The number of gap between the two sides of almost 5 to 1. Angel Protoss light from this point of view, the situation is very bad. In addition, in order to deal with the angel the Protoss remaining two top Lord God, guardian god of Gabriel and the god of the trial Raphael, seven Protoss final formal decision to send four top main God of War Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody, they are Maronite dragon Third Prince the Orc god of war, Necro family god of death and demons demon god. The fairy family Atlantis the Protoss and Titan Protoss did not send any the top Lord God played. The fairy family Atlantis Protoss and birds feast is not big enough, not worth it to go to war in order to this thing. Titan Protoss is okay because the relationship between the original and the Birdman Although forced by external pressures, had enemies and former allies, but really take the time, naturally not to make every effort. The formation of the joint army in fact, soon, anyway, the troops are ready, just pull the past will be able to go to war. But as Purple Rain Fairy matriculation, commander was fighting over almost every Protoss do not want to be assured of their own troops to others commanding. In general, in this case, certainly in accordance with the old rules, the composition the Commander of Parliament like something, with the command. But this time, things there are different, and that is some insight, firmly believe that this command mode, it is a flaw in the flaw, and I'm afraid does not want to delay the fighters impossible. That this battle is not to fight, lost more than half on the first command, in accordance with this command mode Timberland Mens Leather Boots. Therefore, they are firmly opposed to such a dry, others insist that they would prefer to opt-out. If such a person, others will not care, the problem is chosen this time to jump out of the people of insight, accounting for almost half, after all, the gods are not fool almost everyone they know so commanding not. They are also no other way, only so improvise. Eventually, following a serious dispute has alarmed the above, the top four played the gods each other a to discuss final choice to support the views of these people, that is no longer the high joint command, choosing instead a capable, prestige one command. In fact, they do these also, for caution's sake. These sophisticate mind is clear, the war is not a simple numbers game, do not look at the number of coalition forces five times more than the bird man, but the final winner will be really hard to say. History to win with fewer number of examples are countless bird man who is so well packed, they can not be so arrogant rampant in the Milky Way God many years. Since the the top Lord God of the top speaker, plus the Wal-Mart on the bird man did enough to shock people, so in the end everyone agreed to the proposals of the four top Lord God. However, the supreme commander of the candidates on them there appear huge differences. Originally, in accordance with the status of it, served as commander of one of the four top Lord God is more appropriate. But these four people, a more than an air of arrogance, refused to accept who everyone wanted to call them to obey the command of others, the possibility of completely zero! Themselves aware of the problem, in order to avoid the delay time for that matter, a dispute between four people, they simply announced to withdraw from the competition, and regardless of the usual fighting, just deal with Gabriel and Raphael. Thus, following the arrested people may struggle broke the first order of the commander of the name of the first fast, four top Lord God, I see, is not a thing ah? So simply they absolutely specify their own right, four of some deliberation, ultimately, one another all unexpected selected. This person is Purple Rain Fairy. In fact, the Purple Rain fairy does not immortal Emperor retrieval of the war, the the fairy family just sent another fairy war and hundreds of thousands of fairy. Cents family did not intend to snatch the commander's position, but in the end, four top Lord God chose purple rain fairy. And directly to the Emperor Xian dignitaries. They are given reason is simple, the commander must have the justice's credibility, the only way she can be different Protoss accept. The gods have such a reputation is not, I am afraid that there can only be selected from the Sin family and Atlantis Protoss, even the guy of the Dragon, but also self-knowledge. Purple Rain Fairy just in recent generous release of a group of alien gods siege Fang Qing book Timberland Leisure Cheap, but also help them to treatment. In accordance with the scene at the time, Purple Rain fairy can all of them silenced, and as a result, not only that no one will know Purple Rain fairy once indiscretions, but can also get these the gods hands of the artifact and God nuclear greatly hair on the sum of the war profiteers. The face of such a huge temptation, Purple Rain fairy but still insist on the promise, which makes her a sharp rise in other small and medium-sized Protoss prestige, is simply a time without even than the Lord God, the top-
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