2007.01.14 [Sun] 19:00

yesterday I went to the my favorite rock band's gig.
it was really cooooooool!
I really recomend this is HERCIGAR.
in my opinion HERCIGAR is fabulous,brilliant,mysterious...and beautiful.
song & world always help should listen to HERCIGAR.
HERCIGAR has a really unique mind world and beautiful word.
I tink HERCIGAR is French literature and the Japanese sentence
study are of their music like uniting.
are you understand? sorry...what can I say....?no idea...
but HERCIGAR is really nice!I want to just recommend!

I was depressed last week for one week.
but now is fine...because I felt music.

I listen to music and I thought "Where is my mind and sky..."

I want to believe my future and .....

happy new year!
2007.01.05 [Fri] 00:53 are you?

I went to a Shirne today.This is called "HATSUMOUDE",
the year's first visit to a shrine or temple.
It is an annual ritual followed by almost every japanese
on New year's day or the first three days of the year.
shrine is crowdwd with visitors
during the first three days of the new year.
Some visitors are dressed in KIMONO and all the visitors
pray for good health and happiness for family,friends and myself for the new year.
alomost japanese doesn't have a religion,
but japanese people usually go to shrine or temple on new year.
it's very important for japanese.
go to shrine or temple and wish and fortune slip.

sorry I fogot to took a pictures about HATSUMOUDE

Wishing you the very best for the 2007!

2006.12.28 [Thu] 01:49

I went to the "kazuya yoshii" rock concert
27.28 of december in japan budoukan with my best friend.
it was really lovely so exciting!
he is my really really really really best favorite artist.

his song is always staying my heart and mind.
like a my's amazing mucis.

what can I say...I don't know....but I really recomend...
when I was a high school student I met him and received a big influence.
I think that it was man different my life without his music.

if you want to listen to his music please tell me!

2006.12.24 [Sun] 09:05

today is christmas eve and my mother's birthday.
what will you do today?
I'm cooking for my mother and dinner with parents.
japanease usually christmas is staying with boy friend(girl friend) I'll stay with my parents.
but I'm really happy.this year's christmas is really special for us.

have a great christmas!

2006.12.23 [Sat] 22:35

I came back to Japan from Melbourne!yeah!!!
now Japan is cold....
today I went to hair salon and met my grand father.

2006.12.20 [Wed] 04:28

I'm going to go back to Japan 21 of dec.
thank you always.I really happy meet yours

2006.12.15 [Fri] 03:15

I graduated from the school in 1 of december,
and I said good bye,two friends are seen off in the airport .

today when I working the city,suddenly I remember "4000 tears love stories"song.
it's really beautiful song.
How many tears will the person throw through life?
it will more than tears of 4000? what do you think?

but I'm really happy,come to australia.great time for me!

thank you

love's flower
2006.11.26 [Sun] 06:10

I really like The song of "Flower of love" by kazuya yoshii

It is a flower of love. why love is blooms?Why do you tremble your mind?
Flower of love.
Loving, and having given birth are wonderful.

I want to have a strong and beautiful flower mind.

last week
2006.11.20 [Mon] 23:00

I had a holiday 5days,because my parents was coming to Melbourne last week.
we went to the Great was good time but very cold...
and strong was really trouble...for us.

Melbourne cup
2006.11.07 [Tue] 00:22

today was Melbourne cup.
soooooo exciting! japanese horses won!!!!!
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