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November 21 [Tue], 2006, 0:10
Hi there!

At the beginning of the second note in a history of this very lame journal, I want to say hi to my bestest friend ever, Julita ^^

Today was such a boring day, especially at school. It was cloudy outside so you actually felt like you didn't want to do anything, you just wanted to lay down on your bed, not caring about anything. I hate days like those.

Right now I'm listening to the song 'Shindera Shoukougun' by the band SIN. I like this song a lot. I listen to Jrock for a long time, about 5 years. I also listen to some Jpop, like Johnny's Entertainment ^^ When I listen to NewS, it's ok. When I start to watch NewS PVs, I usually end up laughing. I'm dying while watching NewS Nippon. They have quite funny music videos. Why? Hm... Maybe it's the choreography, maybe the clothes... I really have no idea why I always laugh when I watch NewS music videos. Tegoshi is cute, that's a fact! He's just so adorable! Those 'chubby' cheeks, I just want to poke them!

My transfer speed is dead, only 20 kB/s. It's so slow! I'm trying to download 'Alice Nine - NUMBER SIX. The Movie' but of course I can't because of my slow transfer speed! Besides, only one person seeds it. Do you know any good torrent sites? It doesn't need to be only with Jrock, it can be with anything (related to Japan, teehee).

To do list:
- I need to buy 40 DVDs and 20 cds. I need to burn Dir en grey concerts for my friends and stuff so I need many disks.
- I have to do my homework, even though I definitely don't want to.
- First, I will watch TV, then I'll start to do my precious homework, which I love with my whole life.
- After doing my homework I will lay down on my bed and I will stare at the ceiling because I'm usually exhausted after the whole homework session.
- Then I will wait till it's the right time to sleep and I will go to the bed.

My 'To do list' is wonderful >.< Short, yet full-filled. This is exactly what my everyday is like.

Oh, it's so early and I'm already back from school ^^ Well, it's kind of early here. It's 4:15 pm (still 20th of November). Today I came back at 1:50 pm. Usually I'm back from my school at 5 pm or even later... I'm off to do my homework, the sooner the better, right? Bye bye!

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November 20 [Mon], 2006, 1:54
Hi there everyone!

I decided to create this journal. I won't type anything in japanese because I can't speak japanese quite well... Actually I can't speak japanese language at all. Although I am a japanese girl but I live in Poland for many years now. My parents decided to go to Poland because they have found some nice jobs. I wish that someday I will be able to go back home, to Japan. I am 18 as well so I guess there won't be many problems with it. I am going to try to learn japanese language. Here, I actually didn't have any chance to learn it. My parents speak polish at home, I go to polish school and polish language is actually the one I listen to everyday...

Was it snowing in Japan already? All I know that there wasn't much of a snow in Poland... I love when it's snowing, when it's cold outside. Right now my hands are so cold, even though I sit at home all day. I can barely write on keyboard because I can't feel my fingertips! Oh well... I can live with that anyway ^^

Have you ever been to any concert? I'm just thinking because I've been to two concerts already. Those were Jrock bands. I was really in a big shock when I found out about those two Jrock bands coming to Poland to play the concert. It was a huge, wonderful suprise. Both concerts were amazing. If I could I'd go plenty times more, definitely. I had many bruises but I don't regret this at all. I've read reviews from polish fans about those concerts and I was really amazed. They loved it. It was really nice to read all those reviews from polish fans, asking the band to come back to Poland again.

I have to go now. I have a lot of homework to do. This is just what I love the most...

Well... Bye bye then. Have a nice day or evening or even night, referring to the place you live in ^^

P.S. I wanted to apologize all of you for my english language skills... My english language is not well >.<
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