HobbyAnt - Cheerson CX-10 RC Quadcopter

December 06 [Tue], 2016, 14:58
Cheerson CX-10 is actually a remote control aircraft,its size is very small,the weight is very light,and the aircraft itself is only the size of the palm of the hand.The most important is its price is cheap only $12.59,grass root is very suitable for me not sufficient funds and also love to play.

Cheerson CX-10 RC Quadcopter 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control,Suitable for age:Above 14 years old。
Package Contents:
1 * Copter
1 * Remote Control
4 * Fan Blades
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Cable
Accessories are quite comprehensive.

Cheerson CX-10 in addition to the remote control handle two control rod routine, design direction, lifting, throttle, aileron trim, game player playing according to the tilt of the fuselage of the aircraft targeted fine-tuning of the aircraft, in order to achieve the best balance.