July 22 [Fri], 2005, 23:59

Hi !!! Welcome to my Blog. I have never do something which very hard like
this before. It's very hard to do.All the website is Japanese and
I don't understand it quite well. I just can guess what it means but not sure
actually But Finally I did it !!!

I have finished my mid term test but I'm sure that I'll have a good scores
coz' I can't do it !!! It was very difficult. Actually I had prepared before
test but I still can't do it. I must be killed if My score isn't good.
Death Time !!!!! I'm very nervous about it ! huhuhu Forget it ! It all passed
don't have to care about it anymore !!!


July 28 [Thu], 2005, 21:21
Hi !! こんにちは 。みんなさん おげんきですか。しゅくだいがたくさんありますから,私は とても いそがしいです。

My test has just passed but i have a lot of works to do. OH JESUS!! I knew some of my scores. My japanese score is 96. No one get 100 this time. It was very hard. Actually my mid-term test this time really shocked me.

This Saturday i will go to hang out with my friends at Siam. I will relax myself as much as i can. Wooooow !!!!!!!

Actually i don't know what to write hahaha i just want to update my blog anyway

So c ya next time !!!!


August 07 [Sun], 2005, 18:50
Hi there !! how u all doing?? Haven't updated this diary for a long time Gomenna. Recently i went out with my friend becoz at Siam square we had a MBK j - life street fectival. It was so funny. I walked all day and it rained all day too. Fortunately it not so hard. At this festival we had a cosplay contest and cover performance.
These are the picture of cosplay . I like these 2 girls most. Kawaii desho.

They are awesome !! huh !! The right one is the winner . I have no surprise with that haha

After that i went to write the letter to w-inds . I met a lot of people . So funny Then my sister took me to Karaoke. What such a happy day I have !!!!

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