oh my NY! 

2007年10月07日(日) 23時45分
I went to NY this weekend. I stayed my friend's apartment.

My friend and I went to Carnegie Hall on Friday. The sound was nice. We felt very comfortable.

Program Details
Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Conductor and Pianist

MOZART Piano Concerto No. 13 in C Major, K. 415
HAYDN Symphony No. 102
BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No. 2

David and Tamara's house 

2007年03月23日(金) 23時39分
My husband and I visited David's house with our friends. David was my husband's ESL teacher.We went to an elementary school before we went to his house. We played frisbee in the playground. It was so fan! A elementary school boy came to us and he looked at our playing. My husband asked to him, "Do you play it together?" He said, "Yes!" He was so cute and was a better player than us.

happy st. patrick's day! 

2007年03月18日(日) 19時47分
It's freezing cold today! My husband and I went to St. patrick's day parade.

my husband's recital 

2007年03月09日(金) 23時45分
Today was my husband's recital.

I was nervous. Because my husband had a recital for the first time in Berklee. My husband was nervous, too! But band members supported him. Their sound was very beautiful.

vietnamese cooking 

2007年02月25日(日) 21時25分
It's a beautiful day! My friend and I took a Vietnamese cooking class at North Quincy today. Our teacher was a Vietnamese woman. Her house was located by the sea. Her house was big and cute. The house has a convenient kitchen. I envy her. She taught us how to cook pho and raw spring roll. I thought that was not that hard. Because she taught us carefully. I will cook those for my husband. I enjoyed it very much and ate a lot.


my husband's birthday! 

2007年02月23日(金) 23時55分
Today is my husband's birthday. My husband's friends gave him a birthday cake bought from cheese cake factory. It was so big! We were surprised.

Regina Carter quintet 

2007年01月27日(土) 23時30分
It's freezing cold today!! My husband and I went to Regina Carter quintet's live at Sanders theatre tonight. We went to Regina's live 6 years ago in N.Y. Regina was slim then. But today, she has gotten fat! I was shocked...but her performance was nice. I enjoyed it very much.


Laura's CD release party! 

2006年11月28日(火) 23時45分
It's freezing cold today. My husband and I went to Laura's CD release party at Johnny D's Uptown with my friends tonight. Laura is a singer, and she is my ESL teacher.

It was a cute display of Christmas lights.

beantown jazz festival '06 

2006年09月30日(土) 22時11分
My husband and I went to Beantown Jazz Festival today. There were 3 stages and shops of various foods, T-shirts, accessories and more!

WGBH ice cream funfest! 

2006年09月16日(土) 22時47分
My husband and I went to ice cream funfest. Our friends Nori and Kana invited us. There were about 10 ice cream shops in the funfest.
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