Lin Hao Book 8 in 1 only 2 points and five assists thick eyebrows Top 13 + 8 escape rocket hornets

October 25 [Thu], 2012, 15:32

Beijing time on 25 October the battle NBA, Hornets moved to New Orleans and the fight against New Orleans after the game after the game, the Rockets to a 97-90 victory over New Orleans, received two pre-season winning streak. LinShuHao condition is not very good, 8 shots in 1 to 2 points and five assists, but there are two steals and two blocks, enter an item in an account, Parsons 18 points and five rebounds,Cheap Kobe 7 15 points and four Martin rebounds, three assists, 15 points 9 rebounds Jones, is seven points, 14 rebounds and 2 steals Bl bridges delfino 20 points. Hornets drop davies added 13 points and eight rebounds, 3 blocks, Gaskan Le 13 points and rebounds and assists, Anderson 23 points and eight rebounds.Hornets (tip-Summer At the beginning of the game as gas 2 + 1 introduction Lle, where a ball is hit, but justice scoring more gas, rockets and priests LinShuHao two goals for long P Must Martin dunk, the rockets binds to a 8-5 lead hornets. hornets Thomas The introduction dunk cases, rocket Jones as the color,Cheap Lebron 9 the two c the n next switch in the battle of the hornets Robertson with three points a homerun is 19-8, livingston in the last 3 seconds of two free throws, the Rockets shoot bite, but the last time Henry made the first free throw, the second part of sentence, hornets, No. 1 w Choose Davis quickly grabbed rebounds leads the G Residents , leading 19-16 with the Hornets rocket. began to stop heavy rockets hornets Rob collective offensive foul in the second quarter, two free throws, the Rockets rambo Smith and two led a wave of attacks hit 10-0 19 is a race be -8. Although Hornets are also a shaft 7 -2 attack, but a delfino recording a 3-pointer, and the rockets, the lead Hornets refuse to accept less admit, Anderson continues a 3-pointer and Davis also . G ste played the Hornets 8-2 19 -8 offensive Jones Delphi each objective function, but the Hornets Davis aspects and mode of gas are also very popular, starting with going peja even with penalty points, the Hornets played again a wave of 13 - 5 wave attack. LinShuHao introduction draping cases, Martin lift again for the last time in a balloon, but rockets still behind 43-45 Hornets. Martin 11 points rocket Penny Hardaway Shoes
27-8 wave of attacks, when the second H half began offensive missiles is very tough in Martin o, and is led by Pastor were under attack, and Hornets on the offensive end, it is very dark, they get almost 9 Minutes 8 and with Martin still MAO take three points, Jones also beat in a balloon rockets have a direct wave attack wave played Super 27-8, there are three points in 42 seconds, release the Hornets led 70-52. Mason and Henry are goals, Tez and rob peja, as each note, the Hornets in the last three points in 20 seconds against 2.8 hit attack to live just a little slower around, but they broke 61-72 with rockets. Martin in this section provides insane 11 points. Cheap Air Foamposite Onesingle section 14 points Delphi made the hornets After starting small parsons a picture of a 3-pointer and two Hornets Henry throws the ball back in after Smith rockets, missiles get 15 points. Kwame Brown Davis long 2 + 1 introduction lle also livingston color, hornets Replacement striker Anderson again in a performance ball is very good Delphi 3-pointer, but Anderson still two record a 3-pointer then gap down. delfino Although retaliation also a record three points and the New Orleans Hornets ma so long introduction cases both parties fired still hold around 11 points points difference. hornets Although since the gas in the direction of justice by trying to narrow gap, but ultimately still a rocket .. 97-90 victory over the New Orleans section only Delphi for 14 Points players Rockets: Martin, LinShuHao o, a terrence, - Jones, pastor Hornets: Gas justice LiuSi miller, Rockwell, peja starts, Davis - Thomas