do not know when asleep

July 08 [Mon], 2013, 15:45
> However, Jiang Feng repeatedly adjust the atmosphere, and the language has also repeatedly SONG Xin good show, you can still oppressive, Song Xin language drank two glasses of wine, I feel very embarrassed, excuse something in advance left. Www, quanBEn, cOM Jiang Feng with people got up and gave her a bit, turn around and sit down, do not mention, and Liang Yong warm conversation. Through the exchange, there is greater understanding of each other, Liang Yong originally Spring City Hospital surgeon, this is to accompany a friend over, friends are white longwan couple to play, in order to give them some free couple space, Liang Yong That act alone to savor Korean specialties. Jiang Xun Mei Feng and listened to his self-introduction, down no particular reaction. Suman is lit up, smiling raise a glass and said: "Spring City, the first knife face, how do I have to separate a toast." Toast against Liang Yong, a dry. Liang Yong apparently did not think there are still three men know, a little moment, then exposed hearty smile, happy to drink a toast, he simply said, "Thank you, when can not afford ah." Suman see Jiang Feng , Xun Mei to look puzzled, then explained: "Good doctors surgery, but the top spot in Spring City, a scalpel saved countless lives, had been praised as the Riverside first knife, which was well-deserved reputation, well known in the Spring ah. "Jiang Feng could not help awe, laughing:" good brother turned out to be a famous doctor, but added a sorry. "Liang Yong faint smile, said:" What doctors are not doctors, but was saved by a few people only, with the brothers The self-sacrifice than it is not worth mentioning. brothers gifted a chivalrous Rouchang, that is the envy ah Barbara. "eating drinkin few people talk very well, especially the ginger maple and good Yong, the two talk about particular speculation, each has the feeling of Brief Encounter, drink and a laugh, half unwittingly drank two bottles of liquor. Suman see both met tipsy, and hurried to the store owner told the cold. Jiang Feng and Liang Yong splinters drunk in a bowl of cold noodles soon you'll feel. What estimate did not taste the flavors, just think a lot of discomfort. Suman, Xun Mei is savoring this famous snack Korean noodles, intuition just have soft noodles, soup cold refreshing, unique flavor, sweet and spicy and refreshing. Fresh and not greasy, especially delicious, can not help but secretly amazed. Jiang Feng, although met with tipsy, but still did not forget to checkout, a line of four out of the small restaurants. Jiang Feng, Liang Yong former arms around, Renqing informal, talk, Suman, Xun Mei two women holding hands. In the latter follow, from time to time to smile. Far from the understanding of Jiang Feng, Suman, Xun Mei two women had never seen such a ginger maple indulge their emotions, people always say confidant hard to find, it is no wonder he is so indulge informal, fully liberalized himself. Liang Yong and Jiang Feng Meet in the hotel lobby loudly together again in the period, then Liangyong staggering, swaying back to the first floor of the room. Suman, Xun Mei quickly stepped forward to hold the crumbling Jiang Feng, helped him to the third floor, walked all the way Jiang Feng Liang Yong constantly boast hearty man of temper compatibility. Said turning over a few words on it, met friends, and happy ah. Finally get him back to the room. Put him to bed and sit down, he was booing, drunk and fell down asleep. Suman, Xun Mei tractors then finally pulled his whole person to get in bed, Suman said he wanted to wipe him undress himself, Xun Mei heard, and quickly hid in the bathroom shower excuse. Etc. Xun Mei washing out. Suman also put ginger maple top and bottom pack agile. Family man these days. Siyangbacha lying on bed in the center, if it is Suman covered him with a sheet. I'm afraid its shape certainly make Xun Mei shame to head into it. Suman too busy sweating, and quickly went into the bathroom to shower. Xun Mei looked beds and bed Jiang Feng, really embarrassed up, had to sit on a bamboo chair, casually turned the TV. Suman refreshing wash out and saw Xun Mei embarrassed look, smiled, walked over to tea cups and handed Xun Mei cup, also on a bamboo chair to sit down, drink some tea leisurely , look to the TV, softly asked: "What good programs do?" Xun Mei to tea on the coffee table, absently said: "nothing good." Suman also put down the cup, care of looked at her, softly said: "there is something?" Xun Mei embarrassed glance lying in bed Jiang Feng, a small blushed, look back, look Suman, embarrassed smiles: "He lay improperly errors, and we can how sleep ah? "Suman also look to the bed, I saw Jiang Feng, kicking down the sheets, strong build slender body wearing only a pair of shorts, Siyangbacha lying in the middle of a large bed, heart chuckle, looking at the Xun Mei, suddenly asked softly: "Ada, do you love him?" Xun Mei Qiao blushed and dropped his eyes, slightly nodding, ah to be the sound. Suman looked Xun Mei shy flirtatious look, can not help but smile, reminding us of scenes blossom, revealing a crescent white as pearl shell series, said softly: "From now know him, that he had never forced or rebelling against me and Xiao Ru wish it and he is very jealous of their loved ones, travel white longwan from today, you can catch a glimpse of, he can think,Louis Vuitton Bags, are well-prepared, and if his heart is not a loved one, why would prepared so carefully considerate it, they believe you should have the feeling it. "Xun Mei looked Qiaolian, graceful dancing Meimou few Xucan Hui, dream-like manner Mouguang scattered bubbling, white teeth biting his lips , nod, and quickly lowered eyes. Suman smiled,Christian Louboutin Men's Flats Factory, step by step, said: "a treasure to men, naturally bring us very strong sense of security, you think, ah, give you a sense of security men, why would they do against your wishes things? If you have no confidence in him, it shows that you do not really love him, the way to our identity, knowledge, family, there should not have that kind of false love places possible, because we did not need to try from seek him what naturally need not wronged ourselves and if you have confidence in him, then lying on his side, what can worry do? "Suman said the truth, Xun Mei true that it is not clear out, allowing Suman in front of her face, so lying Jiang Feng's arms, however she also Mabu Kai face of this. Glistening eyes drooping, is silent. - Suman have teeth exquisite heart, smiled, laughed softly: "Otherwise, I'm out shopping night tonight?" Xun Mei Qiao Lian crimson, Suman a spoiled stare, sweetly: "Sister, what you say it, people can there be too oh you mean, people ... people ...... "They did not tell people for a long time how, eyes and hanging down, ears are flush. Suman know she is willing, just yet Mabu Kai face, chuckle loudly, elegant stood up, smiled and said: "I can be sleepy, sleep for." Then went to bed on the other side, sideways on the bed, The side wall shut, close to Jiang Feng, lie down, not a long time to spread the even breathing. Xun Mei Jiao Chen has Sleeping fall asleep looking at Suman, embarrassed glanced Jiang Feng a, nibble pink lips, shut off the TV, hesitated for a moment, face flushed crimson, the bed, closed wall, standing darkness, panting, a bite Yinya, partial body of the bed, carefully lie down, to avoid bumped ginger maple body, huddled with Jiaoqu posted on the bed, heart pounding, long time is difficult to sleep. Suman hear the lights and went to the movement, the sound anhu, "Little ancestors, you had better kill me up." To Jiang Feng, who posted a paste, and soon, Tian Ran dream. Heard turning movement, Xun Mei subconscious to bed by the by, almost did not go up roll, and had to shrink the shrink slightly inside the body, cranky middle, do not know when asleep. ...... The morning sun coming through the window, gently falling on the bed, Jiang Feng slowly slowly waking up from deep sweet. Eyes open line, stimulated by the sun was about to re-closed eyes, and felt vaguely like the left and right arms holding a person can not help but open my eyes and looked around, the left is Suman, she firmly attached to his body , reveals a sweet little face warm. That right? Xun Mei really is, I saw her like a Sleeping kitten-like submissive attached to his arms, face on the pillow in arms quiet and soft, even breathing, drift with bursts of sweet girl, a Oujie like mellow white, creamy show long Fenbi resting on his body, while his hands are also bluntly holding her an abundance of breasts. Jiang Feng just feel heart pounding, almost did not come out of the nosebleed, his eyes are looking straight. Glimpses, Xun Macon sleep his side, probably related with their drunken night, and it was determined to grow flowers do not open, unintentional positive outcomes, no matter, he quickly closed his eyes,Oakley Radar clearance, enjoying the beauty in the heart pregnant feminine charming. <
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