Business relationship 

2009年07月09日(木) 16時54分
"U love it"
Who said i love a businees relationship between, when the only one who can earn money is u!
Of course, i m not forced to do it, but at least i m not borned to do the business for u! Esp. when i can't get any money & we hv to spent all our times to do this stuff without even saying anything about "us"!!!

U got so angry when i said u used me to do this and that! i know it will get u angry, b/c u dun accept u did something bad...Then, if u dun it's bad too, dun do it anymore!

And the last line u wrote to me is "Can u call canon for me?"
AHHHHHHHHH~is that what u only worry about? u dun even worry i m mad at u? or I m so angry with what u did? U said "I will do it for u for free"!!! of course! but at least i will say "Thank you" but not thinking it's a must that u hv to do it for me!!!

I m so stupid!!!!!!!
I m so stupid!!!!!!!

The saddest thing. 

2009年06月25日(木) 20時46分
I think the saddest thing i felt these days is not only b/c Morten didnt call me...
It is b/c....He can call me but he didnt.
A short msg like "How r u?" "How was today?" "I miss u" "I love u" would be so enough.....However....from someday....he stopped his love.
He doesnt msg me everyday....Even i sent him a hundred msg, he didnt reply....not even telling me if he has read it already. like yesterday and today...i sent him 3 or 4 msg....but....he didnt tell me if he read it or what does he think about my suggestion.

I didnt know if he really read all the msg i sent him. Maybe not....Maybe yes.....but i can never know.

Girl's UWAKI!? 

2009年06月25日(木) 1時01分
Morten told me that his girl-group friends all hv boyfriends, so i dun hv to worry....but....i m a girl, so i know what happens to girl.

Even a girl has a boyfriend, she will imagine how it will be with some other guys who r adorable for her. And it can be a long time....she can date with her bf for 1,2 years and thinking about cheating on her bf with other guys....

hehe~ does it sound very strange? no no's just natural, and happen to all the girls........what different between guys and girls is....guys cheat on their gfs for a short moment. But girls cheat on their men for a long time in secret or without doing anything....i will say it's a 'silent cheating'

And the other thing i m worrying sixth sense is too strong.....
I can feel who is liking who by my feeling! I like most of the friends of Morten....expect one! expect one i can smell something different!
But, of course i cant tell Morten, b/c he will only say "NO, u r wrong...there is nothing u hv to worry..."
hehe...of course i m not going to tell him what i can feel! b/c i wont let anything bad happen to Morten nor me.....Cheating can become the biggest mistake of a person's life........i m not going to let Morten to hv such a bad experience......(yea...even i m talking about his cheating chance.....i m still thinking of how to make him has a happy life) good to write this down........b/c Morten can never read this....

Morten is really stupid in loving....i really mean that! however, maybe it's good that this lower the chance he think about love with other girls.
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