space excision can be cut off

July 01 [Mon], 2013, 10:56
> Weird sound pass out from among the chilly wind. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Shortly after, the entire underground chilly wind all disappear in the forest in front of Weakness. Yin King of Ghosts reveal his figure, sitting on the throne in the bones of the dead, condescending Lin looked Weakness. Like the cat saw the mouse in general, his face showing a poetic drama look. "It seems they want may not be so easy." Lin Hyeonpung secretly scared of each other's power, not just this Guiwu see the forest Hyeonpung, also saw the forest Hyeonpung next three souls Yecha Wang and Soul Boy, did not reveal the slightest panic of color, of course, also possible that the other party did not know macrophages What is the soul of the boy, after all, although there are waves Eater lad spiritual pressure fluctuation comes out, but it is only the strength of the spirit of end baby pressure. "Ha ha ha, your soul quite powerful. Wooden physique and even monks or days. So rich wood aura, it became the first king of a tonic it!" Yin Ghosts laughed loudly, from the bones of the Throne stand up. A grasping claw down the void. Suddenly, ten to swarthy light, cross-shaped cross towards the forest to cut Hyeonpung here. Ding ding, Lin Hyeonpung not move, however, is: Soul Yecha Wang filed Fork greeted each other withstood the first wave of attacks, but this deficiency Ghosts just a random attack, has made three souls Yecha Wang suddenly feel pressure swells, quite one kind of struggling with it, showing that although the strength to drop on abandoned, but still quite powerful. "Well, a little ashamed puppets, dared to trespass in the presence of the king!" King of Ghosts Leng Heng Yin, and no soul will be three Yecha Wang on eyesight, after all, whether it is his original strength, or strength now Yecha Wang powerful than the three souls. A Unit of gray mist from the deficiency in the body of the King of Ghosts gush, dazed into a loud noise, huge Kito, again lunged toward the forest Hyeonpung fiercely, this power and influence, much stronger than earlier, although not and the body, but the forest was able to clearly feel Hyeonpung which implied that the forces of terror, enough to destroy everything. But in this case, however, stood at the feet of ten Hyeonpung "Soul Eater lad. Was also a mouth. Respective spit out a black glow, then moving air that huge Kito was greeted as snow ablation in general, Kito one exposed to these black glow, emitting a buzzing sound it while being in contact places black Rays into nothingness. "What is this? "Yin King of Ghosts calmly face the color disappeared, and he felt his own ghosts spell seems to be broken, no, should be directly destroyed, just trick, even ordinary. Monks come mid soul not necessarily be able to easily withstand down, but has now been destroyed, while Yin King of Ghosts is naturally alarmed them. "lightning operation." Lin Hyeonpung but did not answer directly next killer, a shot is the greatest harm on Guizu Ray surgery to repair his now cast by "lightning operation" No matter how powerful this deficiency Ghosts, just being hit, would certainly be not a light injury, this forest Weakness pretty sure. "Damn! "Yin King of Ghosts face cold. Faintly showing a hint of color grim,oakley for cheap, gray robes who no wind automatically, fluttering sound. Suddenly made an enormous momentum out of his head, actually had a mission radius Shuzhang clouds, lightning came down just in the moment formation, such as child arm thick lightning falling from the sky, just playing in this dark cloud above the clouds suddenly a violent roll, suddenly was broken up more than half, becomes thin, However, this move puts Lin Hyeonpung block down. "Well, the king imposing a King of Ghosts, aspect millennia, how could you be a little knot of monks hit infants, ridiculous ridiculous." But nevertheless, said Yin but as the King of Ghosts imaginary lightning quick pinch a general method formula, in their own body to form a thick layer of protective cover, protective cover on the outside, there is a front and rear sides of the bones shield flying. King of Ghosts in the air that huge At this time, just to be completely destroyed Eater lad to the enemy, then the air that ten black rays will swept away toward the King of Ghosts deficiency. bang! These black Rays first hit in the outermost shield that both sides of the bones of the above , even as long as a moment of time, it will appear on both sides of the extraordinary bones defense shield to completely destroyed, and then I rushed into the potential unabated shield, with the rays of one into the black, yin body Ghosts seemingly thick protective cover under attack even in the glow began to tremble slightly, so that living in one of the King of Ghosts deficiency ugly face suddenly a few minutes, but this deficiency Ghosts shield protection capability at least into the first three rows of the moves but now it seems kind of feeling vulnerable. Did the strength of the king declined so much? Yin Ghosts some doubts himself up, but time is pressing, and Yin shield in front of the King of Ghosts had almost to be broken edge of it. a black corrugated road suddenly appeared outside the hood, these closing Qiu two moving downstream. very flexible, very natural to Eater Tong Xia afternoon to withstand a few meters, then pregnant with iodine is slightly disadvantage, can but really withstood, Ming virtual Ghosts stature actually staggered, and seemed to play this trick on his burden is quite large. Damn, if strength in the peak period, just a moment, it can be all of us here Off to kill, even down so much strength now. cast such a move are so strength, Yin King of Ghosts frowning secretly thought, which allows forest Hyeonpung face slightly changed, after all, he has the greatest confidence in relying so that bite Soul Boy Guiwu powerful restraint on, but now it seems, "Laugh it! Three souls Yecha Wang solve just that ten black light, immediately rushed up again. Fork piercing hands fiercely protective cast Yin King of Ghosts, like ostrich Luo crushed the last straw, shields finally overwhelmed. Such as egg shell broken off in general, but. Fork it also happens to run into the front of a Road King of Ghosts Yin black ripples, as papered in general, this turned out to be comparable to the magic of the fork cut into a section, and then disappeared in the air so. Seen in the hands of just under smoked only one measure. Three souls Yecha Wang turned again and again to the back, it seems that round after round black corrugated kind of inexplicable fear. But, after all, can be considered a powerful Guizu. The fear and then the next moment, and then began to play the ghosts of the surgery. "Lightning operation!" Lin Hyeonpung can be whatever other ripples in the end this is what the hell, once again performed "lightning operation" the other side of the protective cover has been broken. Has also been head of the clouds dissipated, if not dodge it, would certainly be no light injuries. However, Lin Yin Hyeonpung but just to capture the King of Ghosts face that veiled sarcastic smile, he was thinking why the other way, such as when children fall again lightning arm thickness, but let Lin Hyeonpung shocked that this is actually lightning also hit the this round after round black corrugated above, and these black corrugated slight fluctuations up and down while they put lightning to cut fragmented, totally did not hurt any. "This is what tricks?" Lin Hyeonpung secretly surprised, just three souls Yecha Wang that fork is cut into pieces he did not find it strange that, after all, is the real thing, but thunder, lightning is what it turns out to be completely cut the This move too much. "Lin Xiaozi, you have to be careful, this is a magic ghost clan Guizu Guiwu only trick is only" Space cutting technique "powerful enough to cut space, if you are hit, then you are lucky, maybe transferred to an unknown space, but bad luck, then, will be space for a direct cut powder, very powerful. "but at this time, MassMutual ancestors seem to remember something. Immediately opening reminds us. "Space can cut? So much!" Lin under Hyeonpung one could not help but speechless with admiration. But he was not worried that this round after round black corrugated although powerful, that they have to hit the job. Eater lad now withstood black glow, but it is not how dangerous, not to mention. Lin Hyeonpung do not believe, so powerful a trick, the other party can sustain for a long time, especially in the other left behind thousands of years,Oakley Inmate Sunglasses, once the turnaround, but extremely weak state. Able to successfully cast out is not easy Kobayashi Hyeonpung squint think. If the King of Ghosts in the heyday of this, even if there Eater lad, I'm certainly Hyeonpung sheered, after all, the King of Ghosts heyday in fact, solve their own probably would not take long. But now, in a state where the King of Ghosts so weak, this is an excellent opportunity, if not certainty, may not necessarily have such a good second chance. "Lightning operation! Lightning operation! Lightning operation!" Lin Hyeonpung almost without mana cost in the crazy cast lightning operation, even if the other "space excision can be cut off lightning, it is certainly also the consumption of each other's strength, Competition consumption, Lin Hyeonpung is not afraid of. Besides, the three souls Yecha Wang also play one after another of the ghosts of the surgery, a road is equally powerful black light rushed towards Yin King of Ghosts. "ah ah ah! Junior, the king to let you die without burial! "Yin King of Ghosts were engaged depressed, let him endless angry, especially all this is just a knot of junior infants huh,Oakley M FRAME Outlet, let the King of Ghosts deficiency is suddenly angry several minutes, while the other ones, such as baby-like imp even spell their own all restraint, so that alone is a deficiency of the King of Ghosts Babel skill, even no place to display. Moreover Lin Hyeonpung also indefatigable cast landed lightning operation, this power, although strong, but the consumption of great magic, unusual monk , probably up to ten times cast, mana will be depleted, but at least dozens of forest Hyeonpung cast, or ruddy, flavor chaos, seems to still state there is a great extra play, which in turn is to Yin King of Ghosts can not figure out where. <
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