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June 22 [Sat], 2013, 17:41
> Six sets out from the mouth of God, evil words. wWw! quaNBEn! coM Li Lin terms can be said for quite a force ... A just one thing, this chaotic nature of the product itself, there is no discipline, and no team spirit and the so-called confidentiality obligations. Anything other than their own individual existence is impossible to remain loyal, or that sin of God's brain is simply not the so-called "friends" and "loyalty" is defined fishes. In fact, after the discovery that he was deceived by the God of justice, God and his sin had been completely severed ties, after the battle with Li Lin is more like a desperate one stroke the face of enemies only. Of course, even so do not expect God to sin are able to complete the narrative Li Lin everything. After all, such a thing even chaotic nature of the narrative when it is difficult to grasp the key points, their words into a sentence, but at times they are connected contradictory. Even though on the surface it sounds without any problem but if you carefully go but could not understand, even with the relevance of the action looks as good nonsense will not even guess the motive to distort its original purpose, which is why even the Archangel Long eventually stunned why. But as a sin against God has a deep understanding of arcane mage, which is obviously not a problem in terms of Li Lin. In the organization after the words of God sin. Li Lin finally got the information they want. This is an invasion of evil god upper planes of the god of war and justice met, although each of God evil invading ultimate goal is to destroy the planes. But it was due to their chaotic nature of God, sin every reason to destroy planes and means are also different, so they took just this evil god, it in order to destroy the upper planes, actually trying to become a god, and it become the real purpose of the gods, is precisely in order to destroy this plane. This looks illogically unimaginable ways actually can appear, we can see that the chaotic nature of God, sin arrived exactly what proportions. Of course, although both belong to confusion, every god evil nature of the way their performance varies with the kind of desperate madness of telling anyone to kill monsters, there are also the same as the God of evil look has a very clear purpose and means, but motives are confusion of the product. But the god of justice apparently for no special knowledge, and in fact, when God evil invading the upper planes, the first one that arrived was his domain of God. However. Come face to fight evil god, the god of justice, not only did not use force, on the contrary. He actually asked the purpose of evil come from God, in that his thoughts after the god of justice actually agreed to help him, but he also made the conditions. That is God evil must use his power for his upper planes destroy other gods, and the gods do not know for what evil thoughts may be just simply a whim, actually agreed to the proposal of the god of justice. Thus, the two sides will form the alliance. God, the power of sin, though strong, but the same can not be a small glimpse of the gods, because its possession is negative energy. Therefore the righteous God will let it go destroy some of the bits are evil gods camp, and captured their strength. Of course. God in the face of high war, the god of justice will be shot himself, once he cast out of that. The so-called "talent" then no matter how powerful the gods will become frail. Although God is not no doubt that this sin, but did not pay more attention. As most concerned that Li Lin. Problem, God could not say what they were evil, after all, it has been active in the upper faces, and magic Downfall, or after the destruction it was learned from the justice of God, so God for justice, whether used what means was eliminated Arcane Mage, God himself is evil did not elaborate. However, according to information obtained by its terms, the god of justice had indeed empire at war against magic inserted through the hand, but what exactly is the way, but there is no one knows it. Although not the most important thing to gain something, but Li Lin sidelines striking out but still some doubts point. For example, the destruction of the decade in the magic empire before the god of justice, and he suddenly disappeared. If not, he is still the domain of God, God, sin and even thought he was killed by other gods. In over to the Material Plane to count five years after the god of justice This again returned to his domain of God, and to God wantonly destroy evil magic empire brag about the feat. Of course, God does not believe that he was evil words. To know Arcane Mage in the Material Plane, but sin to kill God run the floor, although he is a god, but it alone can not destroy an empire. But this is not God care about evil part. He is still the most wanted to become gods, and destroy the entire bit-plane this is how there is no logical reason, the god of justice he promised himself to make him become a God of justice, of course, the gods did not know his motive, and God sin also took a fancy to the god of justice that is completely different from other gods talent, he teamed up with before choosing. So, he does not care about the main substance faces, even in the evil heart of God at an angle, he even considered the god of justice was lying, after all, evil in God's heart of hearts, magic Empire and Arcane Mage is almost impossible overcome. And for those five decades, the god of justice gone. God, sin does not have a clear view. But Li Lin was quickly grasped the point, that is, when God the God of justice iniquity recalled back to their domain of God, the time has passed for so long was shocked, fortunately at that time, most of the gods have been eliminated him, otherwise, he's definitely the domain of God wherever he went somewhere, where is certainly a bit with the upper surface of the passage of time is completely different locations. This is Li Lin firmly in the heart. However, this is more than doubtful place. According to God, sin argument. The god of justice attack the way is quite strange gods, in his encounter with the God of justice, although I do not know at that time that God has wiped out just a few of the gods, but he is still only moderately God, but God, sin met shortly after He actually three gods directly to the supreme challenge, and destroy them. Although I do not know is what is the purpose of the God head, but according to God, evil memories, in the eradication of the Most High God, after three. This became the god of justice higher gods. But he apparently does not seem to be satisfied with it, so that makes the other gods challenged and attacked. And for those who live in the upper planes of the gods is. They apparently did not anticipate a moderate God can actually destroy high three gods. This allows those gods also have poured a big surprise under the mold. The attack magic Empire, it was after this thing. Although not clear the purpose of the God of justice, but from this period of analysis, it is clear to the supreme god of justice, three gods challenge is to achieve a purpose, and that purpose is not achieved, he will turn their attention to the other gods, and the final. He turned to magic empire. But exactly why the righteous God to destroy the magic empire? Because the big book of the law? Li Lin shook his head, he has been tempted by sin to God through language, in fact, the god of justice does not really know the value of a large book of the law, but he is in a battle with the god of storms bring this up liking each other This book, then only got the idea of ​​it from the temple of God, supreme three to find out, and kept under safe custody. God had no idea big sin Torah and the relationship between the arcane mage. According to the god of light, who previously provided intelligence point of view, the god of justice do not seem aware of this. The reason why he wants to eliminate the reasons for the magic empire, for Li Lin is still a mystery. Later, however, the word of God sin, let Li Lin big frown. It considered the god of justice is likely to go astral. As the Outer Planes. Meanwhile life has been the target of "destroying all life and planes. God sin, they are bit-plane trip itself is a master of the god of justice in that mysteriously disappeared but came back, although he has been to focus on elimination of other gods, but the gods when they were almost eliminated when he started missing again, and each time there will be several decades disappeared, but as a bit-plane travel experienced God, sin, which found that the natural Some weird. And this is for Li Lin, it is not "some, a little wacky levels. Astral is a magical place, but also the fate of the gods who died, who unfortunately died in the Battle of the upper planes of the gods, although their Divine and clergy may be recorded wins. But their personality is still there, the difference is, the loss of the maintenance of the clergy,Oakley Dispatch, personality will naturally completely lost the power of its activities, after which the corpses of these gods will drift toward the astral, where live the eternal and hopeless Shen sleep, even the goddess of fortune came, and they can not come out alive from that again. As for the gods, the astral nature is that they do not want to go to one of the places most, even Li Lin astral conference room, in addition to formal meetings, the gods who never take the initiative to show up. After all. Stay in a floating everywhere, their friends and enemies corpses cemetery feeling and feel good. The god of justice ran astral doing? Li Lin also did not figured out the problem, but perhaps he does not intend to think about. Because God sin can offer clues only these, but also to get what he calls himself in a mess after the integration of information out of the product, and God knows whether there will be bias. "Thank you for your assistance in identifying any missing after he did not, Li Lin finally showing a hint of a smile. And this, let God sin more and more tense." Although I am very clear. As long as you put in here. Then you will go back to the upper planes. And justice of God to make a pitch darkness, although in theory, the dogfight is I am saying hi, Li Lin stretched out his right hand, magic glowing in the back of his hand flashing magic runes emergent. "As I said, I do not believe you these chaotic nature of the waste, and who knows you will not go back again, and after he teamed up? Unpredictable I do not like to control things, do not like and your fellow test met Then, Li Lin raised his right hand and then he quickly raised his little head, alert look to the sky and he noticed the flow of energy seems to be erratic, although this normally does not cause Li Lin's attention, but at the moment, but the battlefield, Any hint of negligence are likely to lead to failure. exactly what he's cautious saved Li Lin's life, because the rise in the moment Li Lin, a bright spot in the sky, and then, it tore the heavy clouds, outbreak and the next, showing unprecedented strength. a huge and terrible beam down from the sky, straight toward the ground, and enveloped in Parliament Square was originally a temporary lock has not yet come two fans, it was easy bombers into pieces, but apparently did not leave well bundle it quickly went down bombers, Li Lin's body to direct the face of this sudden attack, Li Lin decisively abandoned the idea of ​​resistance, protection at the moment five consecutive Flashing from his body, and then move along with the space magic effects, Li Lin subsequently becomes illusory figure, in this huge beam boom broken his fourth lap of defense. Li Lin has been moving through space. timely transfer out while accompanied by the destruction of the temporary fans lock, which had been suppressed with the power of God, the first sin broke Li Lin magic tied it roared holding hands, like a real negative energy started it gathered in the hands of condensation, but God does not sin it was time to show a strong ability to comparable gods, that road has been a huge boom beam wears its body, and then, along with the white death, the torrent of phagocytosis, God, evil figure which just disappears, never out of sight, until then, only the sound of roaring down from the air outbreaks, as if late attendant in general, with a violent whirlwind straight into the ground. roaring,Oakley Sunglasses Garage Rock, deafening roar But then he outbreaks out. sufficient airflow swept everything to spread around, and even Li Lin have felt like living in Eye of the Storm general. simply can not maintain a sense of balance. Could it be the righteous God?! With Spell timely transfer Li Lin secretly scared that if he did not happen to feel weak in his head the energy gathering, perhaps just enough to make their own guns which bargained While relying on spell forcible transfer of space dodged the blow. But Li Lin body protective spells and thus destroyed 7788, he returned to this world from far, this is the first time Li Lin under attack by the enemy in a torn so many defensive line. Fortunately Fortunately, Qing Qing return, Li Lin did not relax the police fear that he himself quickly replenished protection. then watching the sky police fear while feeling the energy fluctuations, so that Li Lin some doubts that such attacks only just come once, and then they no longer a movement. And from his earlier induction of, but also imperceptible what this is a collection of forces, even Yiyi Er bombardment, it was pure magic collection But just this channel beam bombardment. yet they belong not magic, the same does not belong to god it seems to be just a simple power, but what is not yet aware of the power. whether the attack from who? If it is the god of justice , then when he has such a powerful weapon? If not, then who is wanted for their attacks? Li Lin vigilant watching four weeks if the new enemy, then he was able to get very close themselves found not to be yourself, and even an evil god spike hit single from this force can not be underestimated in absolute terms, although an evil god hit spike Li Lin also can be done, but it was lost in the establishment of a temporary lock, a large magnitude of force to suppress the other case. Otherwise, you want to eliminate negative energy in one fell swoop at the core of God, sin, then only with Yiyi Er shelling before they can do magic. Who? Li Lin to wait for a long time. too but not the second attack occurred, perhaps this is a Charge of attack? has a time limit? or the other because of a strike is not found she had left the alert? Could it be that God is a righteous God found sin has betrayed him, so I plan to take this opportunity to kill the witness? Or he would have used the name of God, sin to attract attention to themselves, which is good from the back under the knife means? another one. possibilities emerge from Li Lin's brain, but consider a long time, Li Lin did not answer. Nevertheless, he turned slowly and cautiously walked towards Parliament Square. Parliament Square at the moment, has no longer just the appearance, although in the previous battle, Lee forest and God has let the battle between evil become unrecognizable here, but it's all far less than that terrible bombardment in that huge energy under the impact of the earth leaving only a small bottomless The big hole in the dark, while the surrounding original tile debris also already been subsequently hit turbulence to scour clean, invisible. actually turned into a time where the most clean and tidy place small addition to that shocking big hole outside, not even half a stone left. entire federal central area of ​​the city has been completely moved to the ground, as if to sweep clean too general,Oakley Juliet Clearance, even on the ground Bansi invisible dust because they have been the role of high temperature for some more hard and shiny presence in the air is filled with hot breath, almost suffocating. In fact, in this level of power under bombardment, hardly anything can survive down and enjoy the "choking" treatment. Though Li Lin has applied several layers to their own protection, but still there is a feeling of standing on the crater while the evil god, unfortunately, looks really is not even the residue left second half of the film on the ashes. walk them, Li Lin slowly patrol four weeks, and then his eyes rest on a big hole in the side of a black point, then he widened his eyes in surprise, while at this time, also will be a voice sounded. "That damn man, he would not be able to do the normal thing? ! "., literary enthusiasts homes, we provide all kinds of free online reading the novel. (Full novel network <
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