the seat of the injury

July 26 [Fri], 2013, 17:30
> Suzaku with two attendants walking in the street, my heart burst of river fish annoyed and puzzled. An Imperial secretaries industry only, then it is physically very weak Vincent, in accordance with that heralds Wearing Lang's statement that it has even uneven DU is a seven-year-old old man a dying old man. Is this old man, he also needs to river fish such a super master master master to kill it? Of course, the wind smiled their heads are not in the eight camps Chang'an City, and now are on duty, but spent so many players battalion headquarters, grab an old man, is always more than enough to strike? "I toil river fish is really a life, I just want to kick back a fortune, when a small provision of bullying very satisfied, how there are always things to me so much trouble to do it? A division of industry, even if he practiced some Confucian qigong cultivation, but also what the repair? honed that day the old man how bad do not go out to kill him? staggering is that I run for? provoke me who I? "outraged all the way to the river fish muttering curses, and he misses the TV drama from the treasure house of the Church of Sanfeng come a few exotic materials, he also prepare to materials and one thousand chopper smelted together, to build a long knife out of it himself, but did not now That leisure to bother it. Heart Biequ river fish could not help it rude manners up, long wave his hands around, it will be flashed in front of a road open to pedestrians. This Suzaku pedestrian street exchanges, mostly those wealthy man wealthy businessman, also took one guard thugs wandering the streets in this Changan first. Unexpected rough fish by the river open, and one of these traders also want to find a fair mind wrath, but they saw the river fish whitebait waist bags √ jade dragon and the body of the round arms Guanpao, immediately turn his angry eyes, his face showing a Jisi soft smile. Are walking, sight seeing Miyagi walls, river fish was about to turn toward the direction to go spend battalion headquarters, two very majestic Kunlun Nu suddenly flashed out from the side of the street, stopped in front of a river fish. This two Kunlun Nu dark skin, bald red with rage jump, only half a head shorter than the river fish, river fish stout than many. Wearing only a bare their belts upon a block of solid-developed muscles, holding pure gold machete, stopped in front of the fish in the river. One of Kunlun Nu stuttered with Mandarin shouted: "You, tall, stood still, our house owner, to your past." "Lord I get out to fish!" What the owner to act so rude? River fish may never face any person to sell, he never felt he needed to give anyone face this pride or from prehistoric Mochizuki a proud heritage in a unique and arrogant, has been deeply imprinted in the river fish heart. Who has seen a high flying eagle in the sky, will take the initiative to stop at the foot of mankind together beef flattering request it? Sneer, shoulders forward a river fish rely on a 'bear by' hit talk that Kunlun Nu chest, will it at least three hundred pounds of body weight Kunlun Nu a shoulder Zhuangfei twenty feet away, lying on the ground a long time could not move . Golden flash, in addition to the hands of machete toward that Kunlun Nu river fish lead pixia. Again sneer, river fish whispered: "'beasts Fist', Spike hit." His right hand into the water hyacinth fist, middle finger joints highlights a big slice, like lightning fast, then simply do not see Kunlun Nu Qingjiang fish action, that the joints have been gently point on the Kunlun Nu Adam's apple. Sound stuffy roar, which Kunlun Nu holding the neck and fell to the ground, rolled and groaned. River fish do not kill, but this big black guy, at least have a month to recuperate properly healed. Repulsed two sudden Kunlun Nu boulders, river fish contemptuous laugh a few times, too lazy to say what kind of scenario, then led two followers to leave. Front silhouette sudden flash, six wearing kN Wei Leather, waist girded with a brawny street knife out from the street, stopped in front of the fish in the river. Pledge that KN Wei prepare themselves right virtual Elam, unconsciously looking Taiqiyanpi river fish, and then shocked to discover Taiqiyanpi enough, he could only lift its head Lao Gao, river fish that looked higher than their own for almost three foot head down Lengsu shouted: "Jiang adults, this way please. My master said, you see her in the past, please!" the last word, which kN Wei prepare themselves deliberately shipped point infuriating inside. Lazy shrug, river fish feel pleased to take advantage of their height, condescending overlooking this six kN Wei, laughing: "Oh? Your home owner is very amazing, around thugs are KN Wei ah ? But, you know do not know, our house two generals said, do not give you flower camp kN Wei face, what happened, he was magnanimous with it? "said here, river fish loud shout 'Ya Ya ... ~ fight ', to see his body pulling to jump, right leg swung out an arc, the one person that six foot kicked Han Zhang Xu Yuan. His feet are deliberately transported the point infuriating inside, played six kN Wei cheek swelling, half could not move. River fish sigh, whispered shouted: "I told you sound so big, gratuitous shook the Lord's ears hurt fish." Two Kunlun Nu, six kN Wei fierce eyes lying on the ground looking at the river fish, They can not figure out, Changan town on how there are so exhausted and overbearing barbaric people do? Who does not know, not wealthy or nobility family business magnates, who can afford Kunlun Nu? Not the nobility of the most loved by the emperor favoritism man, how will kN Wei for his driving? This river fish knows its own great masters backing, so do not actually have to face, does he really did not know what a little ways of the world? "Hee hee, it really is a strip heroes." Street sounded soft and gentle, like a spring in the brewing of wine alcohol is so sweet voice. Twelve kN Wei jade inlay surrounded by a gilded carriage from Suzaku a straight up out of the street, and that wagons in addition to two officers, and two maids, and more obtrusive is wearing a jade white robes, shiny scalp shaven monk. That did not bother carriage river fish, most of his attention on the monk's body. What a neat upstanding young monk, less than three years old age, skin color is the kind of secretive white jade, carved like a pale cream from dripping out, apparently he's a freak attend within the home exercises. Jade white robes, jade white skin, with that delicate pink lips, with a little watery big eyes lust Mei meaning, if it is to see his Adam's apple, most people will think this is a handsome little nun. This monk's waist, girded with only half a scabbard Jiedao edged, large half blade exposed on the outside, shiny gloss like waves. This monk smiling, with his hands clasped in that carriage side, the body breath Ruoyouruowu, yet if if false, Ruoxu if magic, ordinary people see him, only to find this man a little erratic, like winds can blown away, but the master of martial arts can be found, once their spiritual knowledge want to lock this monk, the monk is a burst of air around the body naturally fluctuate, so you do not even catch his breath. Monk face with a modest smile, talking, but he intentionally or unintentionally, will melt in their own environment at any time move the fish in the river seems that the behavior is not that great in desperately shouting: " Take a look to see which, innate level large master ah, into the innate level threshold large master ah, and further that the threshold into the monastic master ah! Come see Come ah, give me common arena master Which get out! "saw that the monk a cold, river fish suddenly verbal irony:" Monk, you practice meditation? "Monk smile, clasped together salute and said:" also-ran, Pinseng meditation. "" Mahayana meditation or Theravada Changong ah? "river fish a little slovenly looking monk. And yet not resentful anger, face with a natural smile again salute and said: "Pinseng repair of Mahayana Buddhism, the emphasis is on salvation, made immortal accumulation supreme merit." "I see." Jiang Yu nodded, holding hands and bad smiles: "So Yeah, you murder, arson monk salvation, it is hard, hard, there are workers, there are workers." He glanced at the waist Jiedao monk, frowned: "knife, weapon, monk you carry knives, apparently heart is always with the knife. monk hearts knife, killing yourself what? "river fish hear the first sentence, the monk's looking slightly changed, but the first to hear river fish two words, the monk eyes light up slightly, smiled and said: "Kill not, shall not kill, and other functions into fruit, Pinseng natural cited knife to kill himself, it completely clean." His watery eyes squint up , looked up and down the river fish half a day, and my heart surprised and said: This is the middle of the river that first sentence, does have meaning? But his second sentence, but the sentence is playing machine front, fear is no meaning! Spot enigmatic ah. He can not find my behavior stop? "Well, well, what is murder, arson, river fish, you're not a monk, playing what machine front ah? Gratuitous lost the people's interest." That several more laughter was heard inside the carriage, the curtains of a challenge, a tender little face exposed. Itchy nose, a river fish suddenly, almost a big sneeze played out beauty, absolute beauty, Yangzhou City, hundreds of large and small, not a brothel Red girl catch the best beauty ah, a rare still so young, but already putting style. It looks like the woman in the carriage, but eleven-year-old age, but has come out plump flesh, especially the chest bump two groups, so that river fish seen is blinking. A low-cut Palace Tang dress to wear on this girl's body, pink shoulders and chest as well as a large shining white half ** are exposed in the air, as if feeling the river fish that look like blades, which Women's skin plays a little goose bumps. And her face, even more so there is a river fish kill presence eighteen kN Wei, two Kunlun Nu, two eunuchs, two maid Takeout a monk, these women rush home somewhere on the pressure in the a strong impulse to Dhamma. It was an innocent delicate face, it looks pretty fine, so river fish reminds Linfu accepting bribes in a superb suet jade carving into beautiful children. So innocent faces in diameter, but encompassed a son extremely charming mature style, wavefront flow, it is like there is a trace of all things warm wine warm waves spraying out, dragging people fall into that endless pit inside. The skin of her face, it is as if it had just a little bit of red peaches, but also with a thin layer of yellow fluff, obviously this woman is still at the child's body, but do not know where she was coming from this kind of boundless style. "Finished his ***, which is fall, but I made a spring, which is someone's daughter? Robbed to, ah, to ah robbed." River fish hearts lament, they finally like that mountain of Tigers in general, find yourself interested in the female creature. His sinking heart naturally sparkling clear tell him that he does not love this woman. But then, he wanted this woman, plainly, and he just wanted this woman to a period or two or even several paragraphs detached friendship but never mixed very clean and pure love without any sequelae ** relationship. Cough, went to the window side of river fish, will not hesitate to go that monks pushed to the side, relying on their own that car stood up, smiled maiden said: "Do not fight the machine front, do not fight the machine front This machine front only monks brought something to fool people,Oakley Probation Sunglasses, it seems unfathomable that they and I said little girl, you are Which girl? Baba river fish came to me to do what? "followed by the monk body moves, river fish immediately a rotating body, tightly stuck in front of the monk, the monk is not to close this window. Girls 'giggle' laugh, laugh for a while, this squint at river fish pointing and said: "Which of you tube I was, I just come to you Mile these days you hear my brother said martial arts is very amazing, today met with, really good. just do not know you and the next machine masters than up, which is a little more powerful? "girl shot coming from the window in the exploration and patted the head of river fish, so River fish bent neck, and then pointing to the rear face calm, but the eyes faint hint of exasperation monk said: "This is the next machine guru, I asked him to teach me Buddhist classics, a martial arts is to priori realm, you have him much what? "quite a bit the neck, so that his face fiercely in the maiden's palm rub a bit, feeling a point that temperatures on the palms and fragrant creamy, doing all river fish said: "contest, I'm not his opponent. hard, I can cut within ten strokes his head. monk, you admit it?" Jiang fish slanting sweep of the Ming monk a machine, the body suddenly revealing a Share violent atmosphere. In the heart of manipulating the body's natural flavor, river fish can be arbitrary change gives the feeling their breath. Now he is driven to see him in a few head of the Kunlun Mountains Tigers fight each other to the sentiment 'gas war tiger', an imposing extremely overbearing, full of wild beholder. And he controls his breath realm, to clear feeling is that this machine is in the innate and acquired tall on the threshold, no entry miles. Ming machine monk smiled, his face revealing a kind, talking again Chu Chen smile, he looked confident river fish, laughing: "monks, not with people casually Sidou. Buddhist martial arts, only used to maintain Buddhism . "He was very restrained glanced river fish, river fish will no longer be looked down on. Even the murderous fish the river again heavy, evil spirits and then deep, innate level as long as he is not a master, it can not cause any threat to him. Or even strength repair river fish also surpassed him, as long as he did not realize one of the first out of heaven of heaven, it will not be his next opponent machine. Up Up, Ming opportunities consuming hands and feet, a little extra time only. Girls sigh, wavefront machine a turn toward the Ming Ming machine quickly folded bow, his face put on humility ingratiating smile. Girls and looked toward the river fish, river fish shrugged, his eyes flashing with deep SG, watching girls moderate, said: "If the girl you want it, I'm Comin fish Lord put this Bald how to hack? big Jionji man named Bao Xuan monk disappeared a long time, and that this monk Ming Bao Xuan machine must have colluded monk is one thing the world. "Ming Machine pale with anger, his ferocious stare at a river fish, two palms have been put on a layer of dead air filled with the pale, as if that good wanzai empty green color. A lump from his fingers the slightest gap in the faint smell, a ray of spiritual knowledge has already locked the river after the fish heart. Girl smiled, looked towards the next machine, mild fish Jiang said: "Ming machine guru monks White Horse Temple in Luoyang, how understanding the mysterious treasure that Yaoseng? River fish, I'm free to walk your family more walking, my brother would also like to know you Mile. "She suddenly stuck his head out from the window, leans river fish fine with that ear can not hear the voice of low laughs:" Sanfeng Church took over all trading is what you ? made no money to buy the Princess Charm Beneath it. my brother wanted me to tell you, all trading bonus sambong Church, you pay up five achievements into, understand it? "fierce Dailiaoyixia, river fish watching This prettily girl, from a layer of faint heart wary, he frowned and asked: "Are you? your big brother?" girl proud of a chest, laughing: "This house is suitable for all ages princess, the Palace Big Brother is naturally slightly Shou Wang Li Mao, you how stupid, which have guessed it? "She looked a little strange looking fish Jiang said:" Well, your brother is our people, we are their own people, triplet Church on your hands to take care of those industries, than on those three fools who is good. "skill patted river fish cheeks, suitable for all ages princess smiled and said:" You work, we are assured The. Seeing to the New Year, this year's bonus, you are ready to look at strike. "Jiao laughter, suitable for all ages princess hand gently swinging a little, toward the carriage suddenly Linlin Miyagi OK in the past. Phenamine machine monk fish through the river, when one looked deep river fish, the eyes are kind of superior beings do not overlook the arrogant indifference to worldly things, one kind of our hands can dominate all pride, and that species of river fish do not want to close their prey warning. River fish is very familiar with this look, he meditated in the Kunlun excellent shape and when he flew over his head golden-winged birds of different Dapeng, is so arrogant pride. "Ah bah!" One sputum spit on the ground, river fish whispered shouted: "You are also equipped with gold-winged Dapeng to compare? Gaozi his grandmother a smelly salted fish, and surrounded by spies ah brother, or how they Church of the industry will know Sanfeng was I to secretly taken away? does not necessarily ah, maybe there is to spend their man camp? after all, is a prince, placement spend several staff into camp, the total is easy to strike? "wondering for a while, river fish suddenly sneer, dangling body to go to go out into the flower battalion headquarters, he walked as he whispered curse: "Shou Wang? suitable for all ages princess? better not be what? half of the bonus? robbery ah you ? getting mad fish Lord I, Lord I give you a fish to a white arrow Son into Red Arrows sub out, so do not know how you're dead dead. dare Net street from my mouth and snatch the tiger? "expect fierce Department Jiang fish nabing quirky wooden bow severe beating for a moment, an extremely hoarse breath flows over the river fish body, so that the whole body up and down river fish cool Qinqin ever been. Just a moment of effort, infuriating his body seems polished a lot, even he dalian fire inside that small snake, are also comfortable too 'hissing' drone. At this time, like a boulder suddenly rises in that calm lake, river fish that all inclusive nature of the mind, it is a calm waters surging from the sudden appearance of some kind of round after round of ripples. Consternation go back and see a river fish topped Aoki wearing, wearing a pale green robe, silver and white long beard floating in the chest, skinny body like a big pine stand on Huangshan old man, Positive hands behind, slowly walking in the Suzaku street. This curious old man on the street in front of stop shop, smiling and watching a few scantily clad Orchid, where writhing youthful body, gradually, the old man Fu Zhang laughed. Although he laughed, like a sidewalk but did not see him, as in this old body Monday Zhangwai Luo Yi OK too, as if everything is a matter of course in general. Suzaku crowded streets, on this side of the old man within ten feet without a pedestrian, and this bizarre scene, but is so natural, as if all the world to fit the general manager. That river fish, like rain, thick waves of spiritual knowledge unceremoniously entangled in a man's body, his heart burst, looked up innate horror culmination of the realm, river fish today than even vigorous body infuriating number times the strength for the repair, and that state of mind for Heaven deep moral insight. This old man is already the world at the absolute pinnacle standing master, if he put down some obsession, can immediately Xiu Yuan Ying Taoism soul, into the Golden Dan Road, the starting point of the river fish than now ten times more to profound above. Today Shenlong general character, river fish hearts for his identity is already ready to come Datang Ranger children nearly twenty million people, including a master-class more than six thousand, nine hundred extremely expert, however, can be calculated a priori expert hands more clearly, and stood on the peak position, the name of a master, was a mere three. And look at this strange old man described it, obviously he is the master of the three most famous 'pines Yunhe' Sudao Yuan, during the period of fame in Taizong generation master. "This old monster, fear is displaying his martial arts moves, has a lower channel power of the law of the strike?" Jiang fish face muscles while jitter, no where is that while the heart of the curse: "You walk away and head done guys, what to say Lord I fish difficult to uncontested in the world, so strong Zensheng ridiculously 'Mo' people are running out? you go to the land of the Western barbarians very happy and leave it a few unintelligible so, Lord I can be your fish bitter pit miles. such a strong man came to Chang'an, called Lord how I feel at ease fared fish go? "" Fortunately, fortunately I Mochizuki a law is a shameless tactic home, the fish god My spiritual knowledge, is that the Sudao Yuan life and death can not be found, a variety of hiding the key to acting but also home, beat the old monster, escape is always possible. desperate fish god, shoot him stab in the back behind the pharaoh eight Gaozi. "ferocious curse a few, river fish looked deep Sudao Yuan good glances, this took two attendants, hastily ran to the flower battalion headquarters. That barbarian tavern doorway stood a look Orchid dancing Sudao Yuan suddenly frowned, looked at the sky and the sky blue Xu Xu, alarmed and said: "It's strange, it seems that someone has just sub to me? Was my illusion? Will not, If someone secretly spy on spiritual knowledge, even ... it is impossible to avoid my induction Yeah. "waved his big sleeves, Sudao Yuan shook his head, smiled and said:" I'm afraid is suspicious of the strike That Happening Lo killed, His fear is that the brothers would come out to make trouble, this has to look Happening Romania, breaking ground network, the two brothers behind, in the end is not their mischief. "gently laughing, Sudao Yuan body gently a bomb, has disappeared in the Suzaku end of the street, and instantly invisible. Flowers battalion headquarters, the lazy river fish like a dead fish, like lying in front of Hu Li Tianba stool, cried his eyes bent to hit day: "My two generals miles, you old jade teeth personally Chrysostom Give us said, we can have a fake miles. hardly managed to pair the fish statue will help me God, a group of three peaks Church bastard rein, and now about to hit the net street signs to Tiger, you have to send me to the elderly out of tolerance , it is too unreasonable a strike? "Lee Tianba leisurely polished with a barking deer fur with his hammer originally Youguangshuihua Zijin. Thin friction sound for a while, Lee Tianba This looked up, watching the river fish with the kind of 'I was intentional, you show me how' tone, said: "fish ah, you come Chang there are two or three months, you see, now is troubled ah. Bao mysterious monk Jian Yin nine little children, Happening hiding in the Greater Grace Temple Lo, Lo Happening killed, Bao Xuan, Yin nine has disappeared, This is a. Carpenter for monitoring privately Happening Lo subordinates to create a thirty-six handle sword, fixes Happening Lo scary that piece armor, armor, but has not been found, this is another one, then, is the double statue help, triplet Church activities, originally thought it was an extra one thing, but to trace the final, but found a few things are in together scrape. "Lee Tianba a glance, river fish whines a cry, In that Hu bench rolled over and sneered: "You slowly flicker, ah! that Imperial's Secretary for Industry, a bad old man, anyway, not running far, over three to five days we go to catch him , but did not even errors. "Yin Xiao soon, Li Tianba gentle rubbing together your own Zijin hammer, whispered sighed:" ah, that the generals will continue to slowly say? double statue is the background to help Today Prince Li Ying, he did not do anything too wicked thing, this is not down to his report, double statue was to help you win, and no one saying. however, that several Duozhu Sanfeng Church, but was found that they have colluded and Du uneven. flowers battalion deploy staff Vanuatu arrest uneven, but. "" but how? were slaughtered? "Jiang fish mocking laugh, straightened up, river fish heave a deep sigh and said:" generation as generation ah, a seven-year-old bad old man. "Lee stared river fish a Tempo, purple face full of dismay and resentment:" six Purple Peony 'eight white peony, sword cut was uneven Vanuatu Kill. "" ah? "river fish which may really dumbfounded, he looked blankly Lee Tianba, frowning:" No strike? such a large master hiding in the Imperial Academy, but also, and lakes in contact privately gang How could spend camp was not caught out? Well, how you found his head go? "" Your brother is underpinned by two famous Ruthless, one of which is called Kat temperature seconded by us, tortured that sambong several important Duozhu Church from their innermost come. "Lee Tianba looked a little ugly:" Those three peaks Church man, it really is a hero, in my flower under torture camp obstinately silent. But Naji Wen came just half an hour, he asked out of the statement, it is that he *** Because of this statement, so we lost two dozen staff, which this pension! "dare to experience the river fish Lee Tianba complain, he quickly jumped up and asked: "What, you disturb DU uneven, they watched him slip away not?" Jiang fish knew that this guitar warm up the trial, for fear that extract confessions, and this statement Why, it would have commanded Linfu fear is good. But, how do you know that Du Li Linfu uneven body ghosts? The blame of the policy is really pretty good time, no wonder Linfu not worried triplet thing involves Shou Wang Church's head. Lie face suddenly became purple Tianba Nu Sheng said: "Nature is not. Know uneven Vanuatu is a rare top players, the generals sent off sharpening elderly and Heilv led three hundred people after him . Heilv lives off the donkey is seen as Vanuatu uneven sword to kill, black shit off crying like his father and mother died in general. Results injuries robbed two old devil while back, just spit uneven Vanuatu of one blood,Outlet Coach Bags, fear is also long uneven Vanuatu entered the realm of birth, and repair the elderly and Heilv than sharpening a chip off even higher. "master class is innate. Chang'an,Louis Vuitton Bags, ah, do not wolf Canglongwohu boundary, that master class are innate conspire here to make a living of fragmentation? River fish swear my heart burst, asked: "Well, now what the?" Lee Tianba black with a face, Yin Cece watching river fish, Yin Cece hum: "Three hundred Wearing Lang handheld Strongbow hard crossbow, bolt on both wiped hemp, trapped in the uneven Vanuatu sixty miles away Cuihuashan a forest within a radius of a hundred miles or so. sent the generals did not dare to go to die, but you Well , small fish, you're not bragging about what you are good at tracking people? "Lee Tianba Meng Ding's not jump the river in front of the fish, river fish pinched neck scolded:" I promised you that the key to track what people time to pay out? give you enough manpower, give me that old guy caught Du uneven, pry open his mouth, to see him in the end is what antecedents. "kick the river fish from their own office chamber kicked out, Lee Tianba shouted: "You bane, river fish, you *** he is a bane to see you come Chang'an only a few months, I spent a large battalion encountered cases even than the previous three years more you enter this ass bastard, you ate a batch of red cargo Stealing from Thieves, this case I have to think of ways to give your backside Mile! "pointing Baotoushucuan river fish, Lee Tianba Nusheng Howl said: "That DU injustice, must grasp live! which bear the blame, counting on him to come back up!" Cuihuashan everywhere because of the formation of strata movement and landslides cliffs, steep cliff and the sudden subsidence of the lake. Here this is an offshoot Zhongnanshan, secluded terrain and Ley rhyme odd length between peaks and mountains that are everywhere dense forests, mountains and sometimes animals can be heard crowing, looming large beast ran and boundless vitality. Cuihuashan depths, a result of a landslide and the formation of cracks in the mountain, over the age of seventy grizzled hair and beard but a little uneven DU hands clasped branching pink edged sword, that is curled up in the deepest crevice Department mumbled, whispered greetings with flowers all up and down camp thirty-six generation ancestors. At this point, he is where there is the Imperial Academy when preaching Tuition FAQ Q Daru demeanor, his eyes revealing two aquamarine weird light, pulsing with a people who perverted swing shake quirky atmosphere, suddenly whispered curse: "The Happening Luo know they can not big into these junior! own meteorite body also fills provoke people to spend four poaching camp **, how will the identity of the seat also checked out?" severely The beat sweep in the side of the cliff, silent, the feminine Zhang Li will be a large cliff into ashes, this old man's hair with ruthless teeth: "several hard years of operation, from Wu that old temptress, until now, seeing the court in Kansas that several students can come in a little handy, how to spend camp will be eyeing? impossible ah? impossible for someone to doubt my identity that way? This For decades, the seat honestly, Little Heart, except for the occasional fist fight a set of self-cultivation, who knew the seat was pregnant with martial arts? "curse a few words, Du uneven touched his chest was Heilv donkey kicks off place his foot, greeting Heilv mother ten passengers a few; has been sharpening elderly Daoqi touched his concussion Xinmaitong site, it is the sharpening elderly woman down for generations have scolded one by one one pass, with great difficulty did not stop mouth, suddenly pointing to the crevice at the Sky throats: "Lee Tempo, you bastard, had the seat should be a crush you! good generals do not, you do not have to go spend camps scattered official Mile? gas evil I have to spend on bolt camp Zensheng so perishable, have cast a Ma? "somewhat angry stroking himself was shot with a small hole in the buttocks, Du increasingly face the difficult look uneven. "Happening Lo, ye a little brawn and no brains bastard, was the seat of several junior bitter pit your friends. Had also glad you start killing the three six Plough magic star, which know all your bad luck contamination in the body of the seat? hateful hateful ah, ye a man, you can not give us this Weapon less trouble it? if not of the same family, has long petitioned the ruler would you be exterminated. "Du uneven in Here Mamalielie when river fish has been leisurely into the mountains. Behind him, carrying a large iron bow waist girded with Lianghu Tiejian, one hand holding a stack of steel to build a two-edged one thousand street sword, nor with a subordinate, so like ghosts in the same slipped into Cuihuashan . One into the mountains, river fish suddenly whole body relaxed, the body Qimai roll, like the people are and which brings together the mountains, infuriating the speed of operation and attract Reiki speeds have increased far more than tenfold. He Maozhao Yao small step in the dense woods around, but he has been comparable to the full in the mountains outside rush speed. Not the slightest sound, the river fish's body has been turned into a hazy shadow illusion, in that twinkling mountains ahead, each flash of that figure is baizhang away in the distance. Nature's heart full launch, river fish like the most gentle spiritual knowledge wave, as most sweet dreams filled out. Heart crystal clear lake, river fish clear grasp of the surrounding everything. Where there is a male tiger is very deep lying beneath a tree, trouble with dinner is to eat a deer or a wild goat; a boar pig with a few wild rice ground in a mess arch, 'Well hum rip rip 'is seeking only to eat and drink; a fat body fat was almost droop mountain bear, are distressed in their hollow outer circle, it is too fat to eat these days, has been a little difficult drilling comfort of your own nest went inside ... A little further away, a few shouts woodchuck burrow in a beating, they were hiding in a crevice of an atrocious two-legged monsters occupy the ground, they prepared for winter storage All foods are still there crevice miles. River fish wisp spiritual knowledge Ruoyouruowu follow the smell of blood in the air to chase it down. He squinted, in front of several strains of wild lilac trees on the stick a little mud, apparently, Du uneven injured, already reach Taxuewuhen realm, his boots bottom mud, has been dipped in the treetops. And then a little in front, a big thorn thorns, hung a short trace very fine cotton thread; thorns in the vicinity of the root that has a small drop of blood. Subsequently, the river came the spiritual knowledge of fish signals crevice in the front, one can not perfectly into the natural, but forced and natural Unicom together, the fish in the river of spiritual knowledge it seems, it is like the moon in the night sky like bright living, right in front. "Damn, it was a great master of innate class! Fortunately injured, the fish god I do not have too much effort spent Mile." "Woman, I want a woman. If there is a child in this, the seat of the injury, as long as half a hour can be cured. "lying in a crevice, Du uneven moaned feebly:" A woman ah, damn it, in order to install a good sir, how many years the seat does not look the other way a woman? "subtle whisper sound , along the wind reached the river fish that have sensitive ears of metamorphosis, river fish hehe smile, wondering: "The feelings are scary practice exercises, Chang'an city's ghosts and goblins, it is too much some of this old fool hiding at Imperial College, but it is going to do? "softly touched that crevice near the entrance, river fish stood the body, gently coughed:" Mr. Du Lao, but please strike out the students always respect their teachers emphasis on education, and most prefer to study science, however, that Three Character Classic, the students have read over and over again a dozen times, and also please Mr. Du Lao pointing twelve miles. "lying in a crevice in the DU uneven anger erupted almost a blood , Bi blinks his eyes, Nu Sheng shouted: "Where this nonsense kid dare? Know Master of my identity, District Three Character Classic, but also dare to say that in front of the Master 'pointing' word it?" one time <
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