Age Of Wushu Gold: Calamity cast and PvP point refines

June 19 [Wed], 2013, 14:58

Blizzard continues to clarify Age of WuShu Liang badge/emblem and PvP point systems in Cataclysm. Badges are traveling abroad in Cataclysm. Instead, aggregate will be point based for both PvE and PvP gear. There will be four types of credibility becoming (two PvE and two PvP):

Hero Points, Low bank PvE accessory Valor Points, Top bank PvE gear

Honor Points, Low bank PvP gear

Conquest Points, Top bank PvP gear

Hero credibility are like Age Of Wushu Gold accepted Emblems of Triumph. Valor Credibility are like Emblems of Frost, and accept a cap on how abounding you can get ceremony week. Honor Credibility are like Age Of Wushu Gold accepted Honor Points, and Accretion Credibility are like Age Of Wushu Gold accepted Arena Points. There will be best caps on ceremony sets of points.

Personal ratings will be removed from about all items, including weapons.The abounding statementofAge Of Wushu Gold amuse analysis Age Of Wushu Gold official website.