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May 14 [Tue], 2013, 14:40
> Group of Jianghuhaoke discuss these things from, is always very crisp, leaves it to say a few words, this meal eating Kung Fu "this thing has been finalized. WWW! QUAnbeN! Com "you go back and rectify martial disciples, and then just waiting for spring next year, the East will be the main one should be ready after a transaction regressing to the sea, exterminated Mojiao! "According to the meaning of Oriental B, to find no hurricane weather, winter and spring is the most appropriate" Right now it is autumn, the original too soon enter winter, when the sea this is just. But taking into account the head of the factions had to go back and straighten out some good account of camp affairs go to sea "will be long and short few months, that all arrangements. According to the wise of heart Jackson and Tianyi real meaning, the Yudong send this would not have people Yuqing child said: "Evil things relating to the common people of the world, I Yudong sent nothing big camp, Young go after no expert, but also willing to humble heart! "Taking into account their martial art does not the top combat power" the the Yuqing child simply sidewalk: "Evil there are a lot of fear, there will be a lot to teach the masses" Although you pregnant Jueyi, but not in the body of these trash waste of time, with some disciples, Ye Hao early destroy the Evil! "People see Yuqing child you do that, they will not repeat advised just praise the sentence of Yuqing live high justice, in order to common people all over the world, and even their own martial art can ignore Yudong camp we know very well" Yuqing sub- Seeing no long living head, and this is not how good he sent several disciples, if you insist to participate in the action, the presence of the people here think will die in the hands of the Evil human security are not allowed to give all such as the wise of heart Nhat Hanh and Tianyi live, wondering to see the time to keep Yudong send a pulse transmission, do not know that side Ye also discuss and Ru Xue Ning Road: "At that time broken down into smaller four, we will "Yudong send" can be considered to fulfill the original commitment Hu predecessors! "he think to Shushan all mostly Yudong camp should not to suffer much loss. course, if the enemy is strong Shushan everyone leg to stand on, that there is no other way. subsequent things and leaves the text does not matter much, many head have calculated that back to the mountains and then arranged with elite disciples, rushed the Dragon will Zongduo where how when days. Group of people, the only Tianshan Pai human from the more distant the time required for the longest, so everything only in accordance with the stroke of the Tianshan Pai of all to arrange not to mention "Zheng Ting, Li Xuan and Young are all masters, the less tyrannical help, this action will have a great impact. Master it! Natural is better or not will Ye to pull down the water. It is recognized the strength of the Ye Wai Sam Jackson and Tianyi live. There is another layer of meaning, he did not say two! That is, his two think this Evil of the disaster, it is difficult to completely level off, even if this time the Stuart family give all off, Paul allowed will continue to emerge the Sima "Sikong home like pick unfortunate incidents Ye are relatively young, let him earlier added to this circle, after rivers and lakes is not afraid of no successor in the right way! Even their own and others will die overseas had died of old age "or the" give the right path the arena leave a seed. totally do not know what became two old guys in need of protection in the eyes of Ye, still wondering overwhelmed go back to how it should be their own martial art! "CEASE Crisis Centre too young, overwhelmed by it without it ! Ning child has now grown up, not to mention we still have to pick me up to head of the mantle "This time you need to bring some exceedingly experience!" Left with several the other disciples touches, in addition to Liu Mu words themselves can not be accompanied by Chodo deployed together . Leeson and Purple Heart will not take up! "Ning Ru Xue Ye discuss for a while, and finally put forward their own proposals. The Leeson martial arts not die is the huge family business need him to RBI "Now he can not just from the mountains, not to mention Shushan the Palace Purple Heart is also a martial arts not to bring but a drag, and have actually better to stay in the mountains just do not know her temper will honestly stay in the mountains? mention the siege of Evil "Palace home have to run for, this girl really do not know will not be willing to stay. Nangong Huang touches outstanding talent and studious five years, Xu Yin effort to learn a lot to go "even that Shun Yeung supreme power training will in one hand and sword quite Xu Yin style,Jordan After Game Outlet, coupled with people long handsome, from time to time ran out stick huā provoke grass the past two years'd mess with many Merry bonds back, even East Carolina a small sects girl ran to the Shushan come Nangong Huang. Xu Yin also make fun of Emotional Road: "Is East girl is so hot temper it?" Said the Emotional Xiuyou angry, chosen students do not know how to refute. Suanlaisuanqu in fact it is so few people just basically overwhelmed brought up to the symposium a few disciples, but Ye did not think that the most important thing of this symposium is actually "Then how boring to boring days of meeting. Originally thought of Shushan suddenly been fixed seats things can cause a waves, there may even be some provocation which are not opening the eyes of the guy up. After all! Ye little side nod to Tianyi live glanced found that he and the wise of heart Jackson also looked at the intersection of the eyes, the old man turned red and smiled "like to understand what he wondering what. "Could these two old devil in advance and these sects through the air children?", They want the greater the likely Otherwise, it is difficult to imagine that the fame and fortune of the human arena so sit back and watch the Shushan floating get a others longing seats for a long time. To know generally this happens, even if these people know the enemy, will jump to display some means. Said their To help RBI reputation or, or pure heart, or disgusting, anyway, will not let you get comfortably seats. Such a scene today "really strange some" master "lychee" Ye are wondering, Chinese clothing will be recorded in a good the lychee handed leaves lips, there is no more wondering "mouth put that litchi bite to the mouth, by the way, also Chinese clothing pinching the litchi finger containing together into. bite mouth "seems a little too much stuff, tongue slightly shells, just that fingertips touched, Canada on such a behavior is really ambiguous enough hurriedly hand drew back to Ye turned around and glanced at the Chinese clothing, she was looked down upon her own fingers,Coach Outlet Bags, it is estimated Yewen Gang only action taken aback " Ye past few years no less advantage of her, but so blatant was the first time fair and square. Just at this point, leaves, I suddenly felt cold vest, a burst of murderous hit. "Murderous" turned his head and I saw Ning Ru snow Qiaolian containing the evil eyes slightly amused "faint Jian Qi contains the meantime" Ye Wenli moment to reach out and handed him a Recorded litchi: "no return, lychees! "......" Watching an innocent like brothers Ning Ru Xue and helpless, not to mention plain sight is not good and brothers quarrel, had obediently opened his mouth to bite the mouth that litchi, just be careful it will inevitably touch leaf fingers, they realized had just leaves the text that is intentional is preparing to ask such question Ye lychee when recorded, was surprised to find Ye took the the litchi finger sucking two think of that finger also had just touched his lips, the immediately Qiaolian contracted a bright red, bowed his head quietly taste lychees. Ye left to see the Chinese clothing head down still tinker with their fingers, right look a Ning Ru Xue blushing bow litchi, the heart can not help but extremely proud of: "This is a good start, Well Well Ha! "Which think to enjoy the affection has been unexciting symposium suddenly make waves, had been sitting in their own place play sculpture Li Xuan suddenly leapt to the ring and said:" This year the General Assembly boring ah, leaf head not on stay with Lee how to play a few hands? "the subsequent disdain glanced under excited Qunhao arena:" By the way, also known as the hero in the world look the Shushan head of the means! "His remark had been no sound Ersan Liu martial art shouted in unison a good long look the Shushan not pleasing to the eye, and also because the the Tianyi reality and the wise of heart Jackson commanded, unable to Shushan challenges. But they did not know that this is just thousands of operators million "I did not realize this because Shushan also joined the ranks of the siege of Evil, the wise of heart Zen afraid Shushan so crippled that time and then it would be more trouble to point slip. Li Xuan suddenly to such a "took the jump to and Ye test of this is the case, might as well call those little sects and Shushan naughty while at least these people only got hurt Shushan sent some of his disciples," but not necessarily hit the Ye Wen. Ye even spend some strength, want to come can not affect the cultivation of months! And Li Xuan fight a ... Tianyi live and the wise of heart Jackson looked at each other for a find each other are frowning eyes revealed some frustration. Li Xuan martial arts, hath he likes to not by common sense card guy, they are also powerless Ye surprised a moment, "I did not expect Li Xuan suddenly such a saw the Tianshan head standing in the ring above, bear hands distant looked at his face still wearing a slight smile. Italy, in his eyes, but with a bit of disdain. stood up, leap, the subsequent ring floating in the fall, leaves, slightly arch start with, neither haughty nor humble said the sentence: "Since Lee head sincerity phase invited, since when Yemou to fight! The "Li Xuan Hey loudly:" Ye head really Goushuang front! "Ye do not answer, but listened attentively alert ago his eye over the recipe before and nine Sword, learned of these rivers and lakes in the top of the master exactly what level, He says that he now is definitely not Lixuan opponents, but he did not think Li Xuan, want to Qutaxingming the the "Otherwise, why should this under the watchful eyes hands? And such a time? Should Li Xuan really killer this time, it is estimated that the wise of heart Jackson and Tianyi live not sit idly by fishes. Are wondering, just listen to Li Xuan said: "Gentlemen Mo tension, Lee and the leaf head did not have anything to do dispute" over the years feud, and this up, but wants to make this symposium a little lively Fan, so the array only contest ideas too! The words being said, Ye stranger this the Li Xuanming significant not a like sacrifice themselves and entertain the public, look at his usual demeanor behavior should be conceited pride to the extreme talent of Li Xuan subsequently Road : only leaves head the San Shizhao "leaf head think?" "very good!" would not understand, they simply do not want to Ye Wen nodded down, and then gracefully from the gesture: Please! "Li Xuan, raising his hand, under the Tianshan Pai disciples put their carry-sword thrown out, that sword scabbard after just a casual fling, it did not specifically to throw to the hands of Li Xuan, Li Xuan the wrist a turn some The palms had claws potential that sword like what attracted n samples went straight to the hands of Li Xuan. "effort similar Qinlong function like? "Ye see to know that this Purple Luo Yu was very different and their own, complete with interior strength, rich, things abruptly sucked hands. Only the hand, showing Li Xuan skill deep ...... Li Xuan sword start, assumed a posture, Tianyi live and the wise of heart Zen master while eyes are doubts mouth gently, "Hey, a cry. At that moment "Lixuan left hand sword lift, said the sentence:" This is just their experience, Lee will be to the left hand sword to experience the head of the sword leaves! Ye a, understand each other turned out to be deliberately not good at the hand grips and myself, want to come indeed just want to test of some implicit than the sword, that would be bad Jian Qi Kung Fu and human hit. "Or" right hand to prove safety in conjunction Nabing his sword X in position in front of a sudden burst of the next sword methotrexate clatter from the sheath out into the air suddenly a turn, to fly directly Ye hand inside. The art of sword in this hand he practiced very chic "still not the enemy, but used to Zhuangku Shuashuai is still appropriate under the warlords, many people have not been to the last session of the symposium" have just heard about the the Shushan Prince of taro per Ye know the Sword of the surgery, we still do not believe, but the eyes can see, but beyond the control of the people do not believe. "This is the Sword surgery ah? Has not martial arts, right?" "Hey! Reason or another is not martial arts? Forget arena today the first nine Sword is best at the art of sword what?" "This is how to count martial arts? should be counted Xianshu fishes! but the leaves why not head to the Sword surgery enemy?" another person scratched his head: "This is not know! leaves may head Sword surgery did not they got home? "do not want to remark a striking retort:" do not know Bite your tongue, leaves the head of the most good effort but a set of unarmed cast Jian Qi secret, swordsmanship naturally less than that Sword surgery! had just seen leaf head came to power, did not take a sword it? only said Lee head than the sword, leaves head before the sword to take. ", would also doubts to everyone face wash natural: "So!" they stood still distant relative, Ye was about to make moves, but do not want that Li Xuan has suddenly leaped forward, sword in hand a turn, Tianshan Pai Holy Spirit 20 sword hand out of that sword Chi Chi sound, but not the Jian Qi gushing out, Ye only road is really a test of it, but suddenly saw this sword turned straight to take their own who many vital. "Hey! That is not the way they like to be a test! "Ye heart startled, think this burst estimated what tricky than fighting, sword in hand is a turn, readily resorted to the most familiar of all real sword to the enemy. This is all true sword though unexciting" but cautiously, as long as the effort is enough to make out even if not hurt the enemy, the enemy easily not hurt him very anxious the leaves text,Air Jordan 5, see Lixuan, attack, will be the first to the true sword cover your whole body, and then wondering next. Only to hear the banging sound burst of chaos "the two sword perfusion infuriating, this burst of cross-strike, and even without any damage, but a clash Jian Qi, Li Xuan sword hidden like to find catharsis the outbreak of the hole, crashed out a leaf caught off guard almost Blade erupted the Jian Qi sweep. loss about leaving the sword of the mind "Although there is no reminder shipped Jian Qi Ye, but also Ningzhu a very thick infuriating, Jian Qi outbreak but all-round, Jian Qi ran Lixuan himself away. The same caught off guard "that Lixuan shoulder, should be Jian Qi scraped off a little! Far away from others could not see, but leaves the text from so close, natural look crystal clear, the heart is all the more strange up. "Lixuan effort is not so bad, right? , Whether it is to see a few years ago, or yesterday's meet extremely expert Li Xuan performance out of tolerance and the momentum is unfathomable, noticing this, but only one played against almost hung up the color? May Lixuan to this so famous for decades of expert is less likely to turn to dust, not to mention Li Xuan Wal-Mart is entirely their own to break out, it will not have any more water, but this thing is really strange, does Lixuan deliberately such a performance? another Figure? they pondered a while so that Li Xuan hand sword burst of anxious dance, Jian Shi, a change so that Que Shibi Holy Spirit the more advanced 20 sword the Haotian Storm sword only see Li Xuan left-handed sword Jian Shi rain, without a break, sympathetic strains overbearing, the faint chill revealing blade, the entire shank sword turned into a dark blue. "I rub his secrets to make this, too, learn? This is obviously your sister is trying to kill me! "Ye hands to cope with the sudden see Li Xuan contraction of the right palm, palm to pour out of a white frost, and then shot to go out into their own side, palm yet to the chill that Speranskia already called him scared endless dark lining if called this beat making real, an estimated half of the body will immediately turn into ice. leaves, hand over the pages, the the〗 〖body congenital Purple burst Sharp, which left palm turned out to show a purple faucet, making It is one of the the dragon 18 zhangs the move. saw a bunch of Ye left palm, just hit the Li Xuan right palm shoot, leaf, just feel a cool palm which knew the power of cold ice crystal cold than their expected strong, but the dragon 18 zhangs Tough overbearing matchless, each palm shoot are best. Li Xuan beat distracted shoot "is intended to interfere with the fundamental not done its best, now in the the Dragon Ye palm Zhang Jin beat, cold fresh palm immediately by Dragon palm Zhang Li Zhen retrogression back, while one cruel and impulsive immediately Subsequently, rushed into own meridians them. Amazed at Zhang Li Ye is so stiff, and choked back pain meridians, stature suddenly a turn, had just resorted to find the correspondence has suddenly changed, only the transfer under a change, Li Xuan even went to the Ye behind, but had just hidden but have not put to find the correspondence broke off, straight behind Ye key. But unexpectedly Ye beat finished, but followed to make a move, Dragon Tail "seems to be long expected that he went behind their own. Under Lixuan surprised even forgot reaction" plus two from so close, Ye reflexive beat ado, the hit in the chest. Li Xuan is this beat hit just feel startled, finally fighting back under a fierce blood sprayed out and flew back at the same time the whole person, the hands Nabing sword is no longer Naniebuzhu to Qiangliang soon dropped to the ground. Ye a move succeeded, turned and looked down to the ground, Li Xuan simply said: "You're not Lixuan! Who are you in the end? ..................!! .. <
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