She pulled me down and

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> (90) surprise to hear Li Nan, I very silent, and now I'm starting to wonder Nan's family is doing it. Www, QUAnben, CoM how, let me also pay attention to safety? To be honest, from small to large, although experienced many unexpected death in the face, but this artificial Hai is not seen. And now, more and more like a joke. "Nannan, you can say clearly? In the end how is it?" "I ...... That day I was not on TV yet? Results, my family found me a few days ago to find me." "A few days ago ? "" Yes ah, I think there is nothing, at most, is my own thing, but they know you exist. "" Then how can it? "My heart flipped a few times, I wonder, I have What is wrong with you? "Anyway, you be careful." She hesitantly. "There will be life-threatening,Coach Classic Sale, right?" I asked. Now my heart is really within the tumbling numerous times, which could there Nan gangster's daughter? "No, but there will be some strange things happen in your ......" "ah? What strange things?" "Anyway, you pay attention enough." "Tell me make it clear to you?" I Zuifan half of this comes, then stopped, and Nan gave me this phone, that she was very concerned about me, at least ...... do at least a reminder, the heart can not help but warm. She hung up the phone. I did not sleep that night after. The next morning, I decided immediately to change hotels. However, the next three days, I kept visiting customers, meanwhile, do not go out at night, it comes in a hotel restaurant for dinner. In the meantime, I have to call Li Nan, Nan was not saying anything, just tell me sweet, it seems, even the usual kind of grudge with me are gone. A few days later, I successfully finishing things, bought a return ticket. When Beijing again set foot on the ground, I felt like coming home. Give the mother made a call at a safe, then give Nan a call. "I go to Beijing." "You're back? Did not encounter anything right?" "No." Of course, I will encounter these days do not say things Jia Shen Nick. "That's good." She laughs. "Really? Did you feel anything about my trip got to do?" "That would not, I'm worried about you." "That's what you said before? Yes, your home is Guangxi, where?" "Guilin . "" Then I would not be to your home, you do not give me introduce the next. "My word being said, but in fact I do not want to see. In the absence of Li Nan, accompanied me to the other side would take the initiative to what the situation is? "Well, my family had a falling out, I do not want to go back yet." "Where are you now do?" "I am now in Tianjin!" She replied. "Oh, so close?" "Ah, we run around. Hehe." "Come back, right?" I asked. "Ah." "But I want to see you, you do not know for so long, I quite like you." Is that right? What do you want me to come looking for me ah. "Nan laughed." Oh, you are in what position? "" I texted a moment to tell you, Feifei, you will see me do? "" Oh, I look at the time. "I did not say for certain, but my heart is actually a very wanted to see her, because for so long, I found her thoughts unabated, as if the heart is unable to see her heal the hurt. "cut, forget it. "She looks a little upset." I'm just back from his trip, how to pack and let me look at it? "I said." Oh. You be careful, I hung up, and tasks. "However, the phone hung up, my heart is a soft, especially next to the subway, I was supposed to sit Jianguomen direction, but can not help but get on the subway to Chongwenmen. Then a turn away went to the Beijing South Railway Station. speaking, is now Beijing's subway is really easy, if before, I went to a South Station need to spend more than an hour and now, with the metro, very fast and I bought a smooth The ticket to Tianjin, I asked about the conductor, said the other time soon, half an hour to get to Tianjin. I shook my head, I found That a few years time, it felt so short a distance, I remember just debut, I need two hours to Tianjin, then and now, half an hour can go to a really fast enough ...... just under the car, I wanted to find a taxi immediately Nan's. was involuntary thought mother's words, my mom said that the woman is like a romantic, while the last mother let me give Nan with flowers, I do not, now I think about it, I found myself rolling up, so I went to the shop to buy a inside bouquet of flowers, but according to the language of flowers to buy 21. "Nannan, where are you then? "I bought flowers, a florist, give Nan call." My in Tianjin ah! "" In the Tianjin which place? "" I TIANCHEN area, what do you mean? "She did not react." Oh, all right, I'll ask. "Having said that,Coach Kristin Clearance, I put the phone to hang up and I suddenly felt why should I give her a call it? Now this time, it should be a sudden surprise, and not idle." Then you do not bother me! Others practice it! "She makes me look bitterly smiled, I knew if I beside her, she must be my body to fight and I hung up the phone gave big play later, directly asked the address, hit car Go there and I soon came to an entrance of the theater where I do not often come, but in front of the door man prodded, I still smoothly into the door go in, I heard a woman rehearsal hall with high heels sounds I put together your own clothes, pushed open the door to enter, they found a scene so I was very surprised. throughout more than one hundred levels inside the house, in the middle is a T-station. T-units above me go forward come not a woman, nor even a model, but a big one, I looked on the next big one, big one is seen wearing a pair of high heels, where writhing, both sides in the T station, surrounded by a cluster of female models, one by one are looking forward to big one big one saw me coming, before the kick, kicked off after the kick feet high heels. "Nan! High flew! "" Goofy? "Fine eyes came, I found, Nan is also looking forward to a model where." What are you doing? "She said as she walked to me and now, I was the hands behind the." Nannan, I is not like you do? "I also went forward." Do you want me la! Did not bring me a gift! "She pulled me down and said:" re good to me, I want to bask in the sudden happiness. "" That's certain! "I thought a move, you know that this little girl's vanity added," Nannan, to give you! "I took up the flowers, handed to the Nan, but found safflower did not, and some just took pole! Nan and I are together almost staring eyes." This ...... you give me what ah? "" Rose ... my mind a bit made of wood, I obviously buy roses, how the case? So I tried to look around in my flower. Touch of red quickly appeared in my field of vision. That roses at this time being a nine-year-old little girl in his hand Wen ah smell. I have not shipped enough gas, Nan laughed, she laughed Yinya full display, laugh a stomach ache. "What are you laughing?" "I laugh at you flowers!" Nan looked at my hand flower shot, laughing stooped tears laughed. "I went to get back to my flowers." "To what should! Do not bully people little girl!" "Zhang CEASE! Uncle you get to spend doing!" Big one came over, but did not imagine the voice harsh, but is lazy, seems to be quite happy. "Dad, he's spent so nice, I took came." The girl with a sweet smile, then hands conjure up a small pair of scissors, needless to say, she just took my flowers is to use this tool. "This is your child? So big?" Although I am with big been friends for years, but I still have not seen his daughter, even his wife Huang Yiyi have not seen before. "Yes ah, how?" Big one raised an eyebrow, "This is not work it out? I can not let the children see the world not seen,Oakley Juliet, I'll close at hand, and how, my kids pretty long, right?" "very cute." I do not want to be held, after all, a big man with a little girl ** YY Whatever next, more so if counting seniority, I was her uncle. "That is, people girl more beautiful ah, do not bully people. Come CEASE, I'll play with you, ignore them!" Nan said, in the past pulled the girl's hand, play it. I am here to have petrified, I came all the way, to see her, so she snubbed me ah, can I come over so sincere, not as a little girl? "How come you do today?" Big one took my hand. "You are not rhetorical do? I do not want to see Nan? You have too long a time in this business, I want to see her again is immune." "Oh, you know, our line of business so. Busy no head . "" You see you this much when the boss is good, no matter how busy, the children have brought around, which are home where we do not become you take my Nannan away, we are like a family of similar The. "" Cut, Is not this to work it? "" There is no subsidy? "I asked. All in all, I also have a long period with no big meet, the two of us talked, or was that kind of strength. "Grants a bird, I drank enough for food for ah! Rest assured, I will not ill-treat you Nannan's!" "Then you have not considered for our family Nan rose up wages ah?" I laughed. I'm asking of course, is considered a long time, so I think it must first test the big one later. The reaction made me big hearts of a move. "Into the ah, brother, quite interesting, ah, how, want to Nan's agent, earn money matter?" Just enter the chapter will be able to see the contents released the latest chapter timely updates <
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